TetsuAKA vs. Tat Guy:Vote. .



Gonna do it by post votes. . .and give reasons as to why you choose the one you did. . .not just cause it’s the best thing. . .

i vote tetsu

bcuz it lookz really clean and the color’z appeal to me and i like how u made ur own lil hadouken lol

tat guy-it lookz really blury to me and the sprite looks wierd?

[COLOR=“Cyan”]testuAKA gets my vote. His is more clearer, controlled and the effects collaborate with the sprite. tetsuAKA’s sprite and effects cooperate well with each other while with Tat guy, the effect clashes with the sprite and overpowers it. tetsuAKA’s shows most of the sprite and it actually looks like Akuma is creating the energy in his hands while Tat guy’s is mainly a floating torso. Also, tesuAKA’s color choices are more attracting to my eye (:rofl: my good one)… dood.[/COLOR]

tetsu ftw. nice sprite selection, great background, effects work very well with the sprite. expected nothing less from tets.

tat - could have used a different background imo. and too much glow on the legs and fists.

Should’ve gone with a different sprite. . .lol. .



tat guy ur stuff would look alot better if u didnt enlarge ur brushes bcuz it makes it look hella blury

Tetsu, cause the purple energy drawing to akuma looks nice, and he spelled hahdoekin right.

how many votes we going too btw?

i like the charlie tag. brolly tag is really messy the blurs dont fit with the upper torso of him at all.
but both have litte direction :(.
you have skills but put more time into it. you need to think about what your focal point is before just throwing shit on there and trying to make it look good. you deff. know how to choose your colors but not at the appropriate points.
my advice is: get your idea, work on it black and white, once your shit is looking like what you want, orginize colors/contrast/depth/direction. and bam there ya go.

Tat, you still don’t have a clue as to what you’re doing when you just throw sprites and renders together man.

Tetsu’s is fantastic. Good shit.

i gotta vote testu. his looks clean and sharp, the colors go well together, and akuma looks like he’s creating his own denjin.

tat, everything is just blurry. it looks like broly’s legs have been blasted off and now there’s this aura emanating from where his legs used to be.


Eh you won any ways. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . however. . . . . for some people. . . . . don’t assume you know what I do to make a sig. . . . cause those of you who do are at the most only 40% correct. . . . that being said Tetsu . . . .if you wouldn’t mind could we redo this with me using a better sprite. . . the Nightmare rip was trash. . . .you could do another one as well and have more time to work on it. . . . . .

i never siad i know what you do, i stated thats how it looks to me.
its just how it appeared to me, you should consider that what i was going for was cunstructive crit, i have no means of being mean towards your work. im an artist and i respect all artists. i just try to help thats all… ive seen lots of your work, your very talented i never siad otherwise.
id like you to teach me some shit to be honest… your color masking is great on alot of your work, im not to great with colors at all. :sad:

if you wanna have another tag battle thats straight, but im not gonna battle to have beef between us, ill battle to have fun and see what sexieness eachother can come up with. maybe we could collab on some shit just to see what we can make together. :tup:

It was more directed to a certain loli lover’s comment other tahn your own . . . . I tend to skip long posts on my psp lol. . . and it wasn’t a rival thing. . . . I just wanna give 100%. . . 200 even . . . . . .


ya most deff. :tup:
take as long as you need cause i know im slow as hell with making tags.
same rules as last battle besides no deadline, just whenever your ready. :looney:

i thinking of a urien tag myself, im hoping i can pull something off nicely.
do you have aim?

I never said I know what you do or how you do things, but I can sure as hell tell you it’s wrong. I’m not hating on you either, but seriously that tag is a complete mess and you’re just not putting two and two together when you make these things.

And drop the loli loving comment and just say my name already, don’t be a bitch about it.

I wanna do one of these battles,but i have to step up my brush game again. I especially like the SS4 Broly edit,just wish it was less blurry. That akuma is crazy smooth though and has very nice lighting effects.

What are you guys doing for your brush tricks and such btw?I can’t do that style of BG to terribly well anymore,I’d say my best was in my Cammy and Karin avs personally.I’d just like to get better

I’m typing way too much.

blah blah blah

Good job to both of you guys.

I think he made it blurry on purpose…


The Charlie sig looks better imo, but they both still look a little… mechanical…

Tat guy, your blurring “trendy airbrush beams of light” tags/avs would look alot better if you made your main focus clear and sharp. Right now your focus aint even there, it’s a mess.

The potential though, reminded me of certain tricks to photography. <- if that was even your goal.

Look in the photography thread for a good example cause i’m lazy to link it. Someone took a snapshot of an insect, and it was in the foreground clear and sharp, while everything around and behind it was blurred. Making the focus of the insect even better, and everything around it supported it.

You were on the right track with that Juggernaut av you had on a couple weeks ago.

If you weren’t so mass produced and robotic with your stuff you might be alot better. It’s looking like you just pump shit out just to do it, trying to get people to notice you and be popular.

IMO it shouldn’t be about that, cause people are gonna either like your stuff or they’re not.