:Tetsu's Request Thread:

decided ill take some request’s agian. wow its been ages since i took requests. :angel:


  1. if i dont want to make it, then im not giving you a reason ill just tell you i dont wanna make it.:wink:
  2. dont rush me EVER.
  3. supply the images. im not searching for them.
  4. ill do animation but noting retarded.
  5. dont give me like 5 sprites to work with, the maximum ill use is 3 sprites for a team ava.
  6. do not request something else from someone like a few days after i make your shit, wear it for 2 weeks. or blow me… alright?
  7. ill make tags too but give me the canvas size you want.
  8. ill make premium ava’s also.

umm that should be it i think.
request away.

:Pick ups:

Yo man hit me up with one of those ipod avas with the yang sprites. if you need them hit me up on aim. aight man?? good looking out

mmk np.

o shit tetz is back in business

Well here’s another request, will you please make an iPod av that has Makoto doing her uppercut punch? The background should be navy blue and the text should say iStun. Thnx in advance! :pray:

Here’s the sprite:

ya most deff. ill finish both of these tonight.

Could I also request one of those ipod avs?

This is the sprite.

See FadedSun

Do whatever you think looks good. Thanks alot!

mmk im done with yours makoto scrub. pick up first post.

Yo, Tetsu, wuddup, looking for a premium av with this image. I just want my name glowing, and that’s all. The image is the current one I have but I’m sure you’ll give it a different flava. Thanks a mil.

Can you make me a AV using this picture?


With text that says MH Mike. Thanks.

ya most deff. ill try to get a few of these done tonight.

:lovin: awww you’re back


back for a cage match me and you this sunday…sunday…sunday…

yo wuddup Tetsu… time to hook a nigga up with an Av lol
make it Urien-ish… do whatever you want, go crazy… I’m in no rush
I know your creative mind can make it look sick
later :karate:

welcome back, TetsuAKA/Trogdor.

I’d like to request that you enter the next Avatar Battle Challenge (ABC). It’ll be in January.

Here’s how the 1st 9 contests went:

ABC #9 - Time
ABC #8 - Rock n’ Roll
ABC #7 - Food
ABC #6 - Weapons (w/ a Soul Calibur Bonus)
ABC #5 - Street Fighter
ABC #4 - Darkstalkers
ABC #3 - Sprite Commercials
ABC #2 - Booty/Boobies, Sprites, & SRK
ABC #1 - Trial & Error


P.S.: That goes for you too, AsianDemon.

Thnx for the av man! That’s some good stuff. :clap: :clap: :clap:

i like how i was the first one to request an avatar and im the last one to get one :sad:

oh hell nah dog what up you did it lol anyways dude make me an ava with terry from KOF if you need the sprite ill give it to you on aim or something man i just suck at making avatars so your my pal ill get you to do it

haha alright np.
gotta get most of these done today.:sweat:

You didn’t give him the sprite though, did you?

@TetsuAKA-Thanks for the av, man. It looks awesome. Was it not possible to keep the gif animated when you made it? It’s not a big deal I was just wondering.