:Tetsu's Request Thread:

oh i didnt know you wanted it animated >.<
if its cool with you i dont really wanna redo it.

Nah, it’s cool. I know you have others to finish. I was just wondering if it was possible. How do you make avatars anyways? If you could tell me how to do it, what programs,etc, I could animate it myself.

I bet Tetsu is gonna forget about this thread and leave hella people hanging. I give it 3 weeks tops ;p

last time tets had a thread, I was like the 2nd request, and he left me hanging. lol.


haha im sorry guys i play cvs too much. i for real am gonna try this time to get all these done. i pwomise…^.^

those links dont work.

daddy needs urien av.

Something simple with just my name andthis picture would be cool, thanks

make asap thanks

please make me one using the sprite i have already as my av, but bigger and a red glow or something, and i would love it if it would start with his eyes glowing in the dark then the red glow beginnings and you see his image.

and this may be to the extreme, but if possible can it then zoom really fast into one of his eyes then all you see is red. thanks if you can do this

Tetsu does good work? This looks promising…

lol if your judging me saying that im a bad artist im sorry you feel that way.
you have no clue what work i have done and you have never seen my art besides those few ava’s. dont come into my thread and bash my work you dickfuck.
im sure you have no clue in depth the elements to what makes art a beautiful thing. dont judge my shit before you see what artistic background i have.

thats a very old tag, it was originaly a splash. i know you dont understand what makes that tag art, can you see the depth in that tag, how the colors flow with the negative space behind akuma, im sure you question why the text is placed there…you dont understand that it keeps from flattning the image from where it was placed, thats not a great tag…its alright nothing great that i have made. what key elements can you recognize in this tag? you bash my work so i assume you feel that you know more than i do so explain to me what you see in this tag??

there are millions of awesome artists out there, im not that great i just have fun making art and enjoy making shit for ppl.

No bash I did. No judging either. I quoted SF III: SI Ken. Sorry if it sounded that way. I just did not see anything you’ve done, but this ^ is an awesome articulation of the Master of the Supreme Fist. I should not have asked the way I did. Apologies for any rudeness on my part. Your work is great and I don’t judge books by covers.

hahaha BURN bitch you just got told Ryoma

Yeah. I earned it accidentally.

na man dont worry about it. ^.^
i just want ppl to respect what im giving for free, sorry i called you that name Bear R.

hey tetsu can you make me something with Yun on it??? not one of those i whatever ava’s just somethign else??

haha ya.

k thanks man

Haha this guy.