TEXAS and NM: Qualifer info for the EVO 5on5 Exhibition


After much thought over the past couple months. I have decided to run the qualifier thursday night(day before evo officially starts). I have also decided to cap the entrants for the qualifier to 5 people, per state. I know some people may not get in to vegas til really late, but unfortunately, we don’t have much choice. Especially considering that the main sf4 tourney is on friday. And with people running brackets or playing their pools/semi’s, it’s gonna be too much of a chore to hunt people down.

I havent decided the time for the tourney yet, but will keep everyone posted. But look for a 7pm rough estimate. It will be held in cigarbob’s hotel room, on a custom cabinet with japanese parts, of course you are more than welcome to use your own stick/pad.

The tourney will be single elimination. I havent decided if i should do 2of3 or 3of5 rounds yet. feedback is welcomed. we will play the brackets until top5 is determined. if there are duplicate characters in top 5, i.e. if there is a sagat in2nd and 3rd place, 3rd place sagat will not be on the team and the 6th place player is on. unless hes a dupe character as well. I know It sounds bullshit, but no matter how we look at it, there is no true way to get the best top 5 possible, and people will inevitably get screwed, unless I spend an insane amount of time. And let’s be honest, it is not worth the crazy amount of time, stress, energy spent for a “JUST FOR FUN” exhibition. So no, I will not do 5 tourneys to determine.

I will leave it up to fubarduck to determine the 5 best in texas

who from new mexico has a good understanding of their local scene and can assemble their top 5?


Would be nice to have a tourney to at least fill one of those spots. Give the underdogs a shot.


I know the New Mexico scene pretty well. Were you looking for a list of our top five? Because there might not even be five of us attending. Still panning out the details. Let me know what you need and ill see what i can do.


Side tournament for the TX spots in the Arcade UFO SBO Qualifiers please.


Tourney at UFO for SBO Qualifiers would be badass! i’ll give it a shot! ^.^


In all honesty, I think having one tournament to determine all 5 spots for Team Texas is arbitrary:

A side tournament seems like a good idea on the surface but there are a few problems.

For one, in a tournament setting pretty much anything can happen so to take 1st place - 5th place in one single event and say that’s our team might not be the best representation of skill in our region. Also, what are we going to do if we have 2 Ryus place in the top 5?

Additionally, even if we have this side tournament its not even guaranteed that these people will be in the SW 5v5 team - They have to compete in the qualifier again at EVO. I don’t know about you but this isn’t American Idol. Seems a bit excessive to have a tournament so people can compete in a tournament to compete in another tournament. Especially if they are after all just exhibition matches.

That’s why I think its a good idea to use tournament results and overall player agreement (if that’s possible) in which Fubarduck can determine the top 5. Tournament results usually provide an accurate depiction of who is consistent and performs well in a tournament setting. Although I may be bias, but I think Fubarduck is a good choice to gauge this sort of thing in the community.

But to look at the big picture this whole thing is just so that we can have the opportunity to have an ego circle jerk and nut on each others faces - but that’s neither here or there.

This is just my opinion, so please don’t yell at me haha.


hsien (akuma? if no, then ryan), jonlo, viet, jan, and decide on the 5th (if no ryan)

kevin would be a solid choice too. viper is nice


that post is hella confusing

ill stop mashing

  1. hsien chang
  2. hsien chang
  3. hsien chang
  4. hsien chang
  5. hsien chang


I vote for this.


Jonlo has the right idea. Pulling all 5 players in one tourney would do the team no justice. A few great players have already established their skills. Fubarduck is definetly the man for the job as far as knowing who is a the top of the game here in Texas. With only a month and a few days until EVO It may be difficult to round up another tourney. Perhaps it could be hosted the same day as BlazBlue quals.
By the way, Jonlo, If I am not mistaken we were conversating about SBO and I thought I heard you mention that you would not be going to EVO… maybe it was Viet. Am I right or wrong? Because if thats the case IMO a tourney would only be fair to at least fill one or two spots.


I’m still contemplating, its starting to lean towards a yes now since I have a job and money. Thank god for that.


Jon has money?~! BAULDERDASH. Don’t forget our Dallas representatives!


Haha I’ll reclarify it, just a tournament for one of the spots, not all 5. Fubar would have to ask who is actually going to be at Evo, plus who will actually make it to the qualifier that Thursday night, I think that would be the main concern in itself.


this team is buff… REAL TALKING!


You, John and I for sure. I think there are some people going from Santa Fe too that are competing. I think we have at least 5 going right now from our state.


By the way I already have a 2 bed room at the RIO between july 16th-19th. So far it’s just me unless my cousin changes his mind at the last second.

Anyone hit me up if you think you maybe interested.



Why not get all the players who actually think they deserrve to be on the team and 2 other people with the same character and have a round robin.

Sagat: Jonlo,Winchester,Luiz
Akuma: Hsien Chang,fubarduck,Adeel
Zangief: Jan,?,?
Ryu: Viet,?,?

And then do a round robin for the final spot with other characters:
Abel: Face
Rufus: Spin4u
Fuerte: Mexiwot
Viper: Kensou

All players trying for the team have to be going to EVO though!


Your idea is good but unfortunately in this setting it’s all about mirror matches (except for the case of the other character spot) - which doesn’t necessarily reflect overall performance (tournament results). In a Zangief vs Zangief situation, one gief wins - does that really mean that gief is better? That match up is pretty crazy, along with many other mirror matches.

This is why I kind of oppose a one single event determining all the spots sort of thing. I think having one or two spots open is a good idea however.


The only people in TX that deserve auto-spots for this are Hsien, Jan, and Jonlo. If you disagree, you’re wrong.

We will have a SF4 side-tournament at UFO’s SBO qualifiers for the people who are interested in this for the last two spots. I will also be participating in that. We’ll do 2/3 rounds, one match, double elimination (just one tournament). Remember that the 5 on 5 will be only one match per opponent, so it’s best to emulate that format.

I’ll post full details and start times on the SRK post at http://tournament.arcadeufo.com.

If Hsien, Jan, or Jonlo cannot attend Evo I will choose someone else or add another spot in the side tournament.