TEXAS BAR FIGHTS TOURNAMENT (Dallas, TX) January 15th, 2011 Results

Thanks to everyone that came out and made Round II a huge success! I saw a lot of new faces this time, and I know I will see you in the future at Round III on March 5. Remember to let all your friends know how much of a good time you had here in DFW.

Here are the Major Tourney Results:

SSF4 69 Entrants

1: FindMyFarms ($483.00)
2: SoSickNashFan ($138.00)
3: Tostitosalsa ($69.00)
4: Hendrixplayer
5: Ryan A
5: Bardo
7: YungB254
7: House
9: Futile Silencer
9: Zohta
9: br00tal
9: Chaotix
13: VF Guy
13: JW
13: Cpt Buggy
13: Alvarez38006
17: Mel Bipson
17: MistaKlutch
17: Dungeonman
17: Carbocation
17: Chuvylicious
17: DFW Jay
17: Maximo254
17: Demarcus
25: Inebro the Amazing
25: Hyper Surge
25: Hackuma
25: JagoMidnight
25: Bunny Foo Foo
25: Pez Radar
25: DMGBurnyourbra
25: Sibona-Alucard
33: Skatemonkey69
33: Amp
33: Okifresh
33: Angel
33: DZ
33: IRuu
33: ZBeast
33: Massive
33: Lan Di
33: The Simulator
33: A&M John
33: ARK Misfit
33: Fallen to the Dark
49: Felatio
49: identi7y
49: Trey
49: Rotendo
49: B-Rabbit
49: Spazo
49: Sephiroth in HD
49: B-Nasty
49: HAIR
49: 200X
49: Cordero
49: 1221
49: Jamikaze
49: Dances with Ninjas
49: Aaron
49: MrLeopoldBloom
65: Pimp Hand Strong
65: Jumper
65: XTrickshotX
65: Chief
65: coosco

Tekken 6 had 14 entrants

1: Jinkid ($98.00)
2: Machinez ($28.00)
3: Raybonekilla ($14.00)
4: DVK
5: Ice Cold Edge
5: Hyper Surge
7: BT
7: Rising Phoenix
9: Hardwire
9: fuzion
9: FunkPanda
13: Futile Silencer
13: Zohta

Blazblue had 8 entrants

1: Dances with Ninjas ($56.00)
2: SoSickNashFan ($16.00)
3: XTrickshotX ($8.00)
4: Takeurlife
5: Angel of D3th
5: ADX
7: Amp
7: ARK Misfit

We had 14 Teams in the SSF4 2v2

1: Team JOP (Adnan and JW) ($98.00)
2: Team Fresh (Nick and DJ) ($28.00)
3: Team IHOP (Mike and Joe) ($14.00)
4: Team UFO (Ryan A and B-Nasty)
5: Team Silver Dollar Pancakes (Andre and Steve)
5: Perfect Strangers (Bardo and Jago)
7: Team YungB (Chuvy and Brian)
7: Team Fuck da Free World (Zohta and B.Rabbitz)
9: Team Wilma Dicfit (Kerry and Ian)
9: Team Gareee (Identi7y and dungeonman)
9: Team br00tal 200 (Busby and Clayton)
9: My Couch Pulls Out but I don’t (House and Backslap)
13: Ro Ro Fight Da Powah (Jamikaze and Carbo)
13: Team Fececation (Misfit and Mel Bipson)

We ran two Redemption Tournaments and the Winners were B-Nasty from Austin and Demarcus from Killeen. Congrats to them both.

In our “Beat the Pro” Challenge, 15 people attempted to beat SoSickNashFan, but none of them succeeded. So congratulations to Nick for a fine performance

We will soon post up the videos from SSF4 singles, so keep checking back here for updates.

The Bar Fights Coasters were a big hit too. If anyone would like one to be made for you for the next bar fights, shoot me a pm and I will see what I can do for next time.

***In addition, Texas Bar Fights Round II was the first tournament to launch the first season of the ‘UPPER’-CUT Circuit (UCC). Here are the points awarded for this tournament.

SSF4 69 entries awards top 8
1st FindMyFarms - 8 UCC points
2nd SoSickNashFan - 7 UCC points
3rd Tostitosalsa - 6 UCC points
4th Hendrixplayer - 5 UCC points
5th Ryan A - 4 UCC points
5th Bardo - 4 UCC points
7th YungB254 -3 UCC points
7th House - 3 UCC points
9th Futile Silencer - 2 UCC points
9th Zohta - 2 UCC points
9th br00tal - 2 UCC points
9th Chaotix - 2 UCC points
13th VF Guy - 1 UCC point
13th JW - 1 UCC point
13th Cpt Buggy - 1 UCC point
13th Alvarez38006 - 1 UCC points

Tekken 14 entries awards first place
1st Jinkid - 1 UCC point

Blazblue 8 entries awards first place
1st Dances with Ninjas - 1 UCC point

Videos are finished uploading on YouTube now. The links are below.

Here are the BB:CS videos - not very many

SSF4 Vids

Were the matches recorded?

The last matches from the SSF4 tourney were recorded. Going to bed now, but they should be up sometime Sunday or Monday.

Good shit bardo, maybe i’ll stop trolling you now

GG’s everyone! Shout outs to nick, grand finals pushed me to my limit, good stuff man.

Good seeing everyone again! Thanks kent/jeff for runnin everything.

Bar Fights 4 lyf.

Good shit findmyfarms on taking the tournament. Shoutout to pkrstdnt for getting great turnouts. Hope to see some of you all feb 12 =]

Very hype finals. My rose leveled up just from that amazing fight. Ill see you at bar fights 3 buddy. :slight_smile:

i’m surprised i did so well. tied for 9th? damn straight. did beter than my brother. next time, i’m goin for top 8.

Nick I want that salty runback! I just couldnt adjust to those setups and I dropped everything. You better come to the UFO tournament and learn how to use a ps2 pad!

Great tournament guys. Had lots of fun. Definitely need to come to fight club to level up my game though.
And were ALL the SSF4 matches recorded, or just top 8/grand finals?

Yeah Thanks a LOT to Jeff and Kent for their hard work!

We had a lot of fun for sure! Being my 2nd offline tournament, this time around I felt a lot more comfortable playing.

Super Good Games to everyone, especially the Grand Finalists Nash and Adnan. Wow man… those were ggs! I recorded them on Alvarez38006’s camera, so lets hope he uploads them for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope to see everyone in March for DFW C - BF III

Big props to Jeff and Kent, had an awesome time. Looking forward to being able to make it out to whatever event I can that you guys are in charge of.

Shouts to Brent, my best match of the night was facing you in tournament. Learned a lot about the Abel matchup, and had some fucking HYPE at that ultra at the end of the first set. If it sounded like I was talking shit a few months back in the DFW thread it’s all good, that’s not what I was trying to get across.

Also big shouts to the other two Guy players I met last night, though I don’t think I ever got names which is weird, good to see the power of the Bushin represented.

Probably the most hilarious moment of the night was the two dudes trading the same $5 back and forth for every set of the Super finals. Time Warner best downstream, indeed.

Finally, GG’s to anyone I played in tournament or casuals last night, great times had by all.

Good shit Jeff and Kent for doing a great job hosting the tournament. It was a lot of fun.

Glad to see more people outside of Dallas showing up. Hopefully this trend will continue into the end of the tournament season!

GG’s to everyone I played. I tied for 9th again, just like I did the last barfights. This time I actually felt like I deserved to be there though. I’m aiming to make top 8 for sure next time amongst fiercer competition.

Missing a white TES stick. If anyone accidentally picked one up from Bar Fights please PM me.

I got a lot of the last rounds of losers and winners final, plus the badass grand finals. They take forever to load, so be patient.

Thank you guys so much for coming out to Texas Bar Fights Round II!!! We are so happy that our attendance was even bigger than last time! Many more out-of-towners which was super awesome.

I really enjoyed watching so many guys shaking hands after their matches. Really good sportsmanship guys.

Jeff and I have some more surprises for Round III March 5th, and some way cool stuff lined up for The ‘Upper’-Cut Southwest Championship Tournament May 7th!!!

See ya there and @Fight Club.

Good shit Jeff/Kent

I suck ass in SF…