Texas: Candy Cabinet sale!


I have some extra Japanese candy cabinets for sale available for pick-up only in Austin, TX. This is the thread you’ve been waiting for, no more expensive shipping from California. I am NOT planning on selling anything else in the future, so once they’re gone, that’s it.

  • The cabinets are now available.
  • You have the option of either a 1 player or 2 player control panel with the cabinet pre-installed for you. Only one panel per cabinet.
  • Machines are all in used, good condition. Some will have burn-in, but as you know, this is always unnoticeable when a game is on.
  • All sales will be final. No warranties expressed or implied, you know what you’re getting into :slight_smile:
    - Serious inquiries ONLY please!
    - No, I don’t want your PS3, used car, or Nike shoes you stole from the mall. Good old-fashioned United States Dollars only.
    - Out-of-staters: I can ship to your state via North American Van Lines only. I do not ship from other carriers. You are responsible for arranging shipping and all charges incurred. This sale was intended for Texas residents.

Up for grabs:

1 x Stand-up Dynamo “American-style” cabinet

  • Yes, I know this isn’t a candy cab.
  • Good, used-condition cabinet. Monitor looks great, no burn-in.
  • P360s with modified actuators for accurate diagonals and Happ Competition buttons.
  • Wiring: JAMMA and JVS (Used for Naomi/MVC2 so JVS adapter is included)
    Price: $300

1 x Dynamo Showcase “American-style” cabinet

  • This is one of the famous cabinets used at Einstein’s Arcade as a Street Fighter 3 machine (previously Street Fighter Alpha series) for over 10 years. The monitor is a bit old so the picture is slightly dim, but still perfectly playable.
  • If you ever played on the large American cabinets with a 33" monitor, plenty of shoulder room, and Happ 360 controls, this is it.
  • Separates into two parts for loading and moving purposes. The control panel is 140 pounds and the monitor portion is 550 pounds. Requires a moving truck with a hydraulic lift to move safely!
  • Wiring: JAMMA, Pre-wired for any CPS2 or CPS3 game (Super Turbo, Darkstalkers, 3rd Strike, etcetera)
    Price: $400
  • Will include Super Turbo for an extra $200 or 3rd Strike for an extra $300 as a package deal.

1 x Capcom “Mini-Cute”

  • Wiring: JAMMA (kick harness pre-wired)
  • Cabinet is worn, but monitor is in great condition
    Price: $300

3 x Astro City (info: Candy Cabinet City)

  • Wiring: JAMMA
    Price: $600/ea

1 x New Astro City (info: Candy Cabinet City)

  • Wiring: JAMMA
    Price: $650/ea


Q: What is JAMMA/JVS?
A: JAMMA is used for most arcade games. JVS is used for some newer stuff like Taito Type X2 (SF4, BlazBlue) but is also used for Naomi (CVS2, MVC2 etc). Pretty much everything else is JAMMA. If you have any questions, just let me know which games you’d like to get running on your cabinet.

Q: Your prices suck, in California I can get X cabinet for Y amount of money.
A: This is Texas. Move to California and triple your cost of living. Or, feel free to pay $400+ shipping for a single cabinet from California.

Q: I’m going to be sneaky and wait for the price to fall on X cabinet.
A: You’re welcome to wait, but it’ll probably be gone. If any of them don’t sell right away, I have free storage for them, so I’m in no rush. The prices are non-negotiable.


I would most def be interested in buying one versus or net city, but its gonna be a few months before i can get the money.

*just read that sale starts in Jan, so i do in fact have a few months…prob be around march before i can buy

I am going to shotgun the new versus


Hey Poon any idea on the cost of bring one of those puppies to South Florida? Anyone wanna drive with me to Texas, I can go visit Sileighty, while I am it :wink:


Grrr, this, and the other thread too - sheesh. My problem is getting out to pick it up (any of these locations). Crying shame living in the middle of this country. Actually, the thread says YOU are in Austin, is it fair to assume the cabinets will be in Austin as well?




I am going to get this. I should have the money by mid JAn. My thing is, how do I pick up? versus are kinda big, and I am going to be driving from New Orleans. How am I going to pull this off? Got any ideas? I looked up U-haul but you have to pay 69 cents a mile, and round trip from new orleans, thats going to be 500 dollars (about)


Ryder has a web promotion right now where you get 1,000 free miles and a cheaper daily charge of $25/day. Make sure to watch your credit card charges though because they tried to charge me for mileage and I had to remind them about the offer. :roll:

It cost me just about $60 with tax and insurance and everything to rent a panel van for a day to pickup some cabs in NJ. I wasn’t going that far, but I definitely used some gas, but they didn’t even charge me for it. :slight_smile:


I am not a shipping expert, so I am not going to give you instructions on how to carry these in your vehicle across states nor am I going to tell you the cheapest way to do so. For those of you interested in out-of-state shipping, I can ship the cabinets through NAVL (North American Van Lines) ONLY if the buyer makes all shipping arrangements.

NAVL is an excellent and professional company to work with when it comes to moving arcade cabinets. I’ve used their service twice on shipments from California, and I can’t recommend them enough. You can expect to pay between $400 and $700 for a shipment with them depending on the freight and location. Of course, you would save on shipping by purchasing more than one cabinet at once.

Again: if you want to pick up a cabinet from out of town, you must make ALL arrangements. Either rent a moving vehicle with a hydraulic lift and pick it up, or call NAVL. Either way is expensive; one also saves you a lot of time (NAVL). If you want to ask somebody else about their arcade cabinet moving experience, I’m sure you can check one of the many other group buy threads and get good advice from the buyers in those threads.

And to clarify, yes, these cabinets will be located in or around Austin, TX. Pics coming as soon as possible! Thank you everyone for your interest.


Just wanted to bump and let everyone know that it looks like the container with everything isn’t hitting the ocean until early January, so I ought to be receiving it in early February.

Thanks everyone for your interest thus far.


cool…more time to get my money right

lol im not going to pay my phone bill for a month so i can buy this shit.


Astro City Cabinets and in Texas… I’m in Texas!!! @.@ So close too in fact!

Were not worthy! :pray: Were not worthy! :pray:


Yay, almost half way through Jan! I cant wait. Not going to get a chance like this in Texas any time soon. Great deals from a good guy. Wish I had space to get more than one! =)


Thanks for being patient everyone! The shipment of cabinets has finally arrived, and I’ve been able to determine which cabinets I will be able to sell.

I appropriately re-edited the first post with pricing and availability. Please reply to the thread with inquiries; my PM box is full.


Damn, those are good prices, i hope somebody does the same thing for the N.Y. city area, i want one of those Candy Cab so badly, but here in N.Y. thats just a dream, so bad that to ship one of those cab to this area is like $400 or even more :sad::sad:.


pics plz

lets see the new astros


No New Net Citys anymore? I kind of figured after seeing the new setup at UFO.


poonage, I’m interested in these two for sure:

New Astro City and Capcom Mini Cute. Any pics of the Capcom one? Size of monitor?

Any chance on a deal if I throw in the Versus City?


i totally want a astro city or versus man now i need to figure how to get it to arlington,texas lol pics please =) before i start making any arrangements


if there is still a new astro city left over by may i will definitely be down for this


Sorry to all, I’ll try to get pics of everything soon.

The Mini Cute, New Astros, and Versus City I should be able to get pics of next week. The regular Astro Citys are actually here straight from Japan, so they’re still wrapped up in shipping material from the container. However, I don’t think it’s worth it to completely unwrap them to take pictures since they’re just going to get moved again!

I’ll PM you this weekend DreamTR.

We ended up having to keep them and I’m really sorry I can’t sell you one. One of the New Astros is absolutely yours if you’re still interested.