Texas conservatism may be coming soon to your US history textbooks!


Texas never ceases to amaze! lol @ dropping Latinos and hip hop from text books. FUCK YEAH, WHITE PEOPLE! Somehow none of this comes as a surprise to me.


Would rage again.


THIS is what texas is all about? holy shit im moving there

Well that made my day a little less good

yeah… i got to love their reasoning as well as their rationalization.

in the article i read this in initially had the 7 more clique-ish conservatives on the board quoted saying “liberal academics wont like this but who cares”

ugh… how is it that facts hold 0 sway over the right wing?

Note to self, don’t have kids.

Damn… What’s next, history books telling me that Larry the Cable Guy was the first president… fuck that.

no doubt, like the text books used now all over the US aren’t biased or push an agenda

difference is this is an agenda you don’t agree with

yeah, damn reality and it’s liberal agenda! and damn facts and their liberal agenda too!

You mean to tell me that people have different opinions on what they want other people to know?

shut up yankee clowns get a life

Current agenda: Pro-America bias with slight conservative leaning.

Future agenda: Huge Pro-America bias with large conservative leaning.

I’ll take the one that is more factually accurate, please.


lol way to imply texbooks aren’t already conservatively biased aahahahhahahahhahah

yep christopher columbus was a great man and he didn’t come here and rape and pillage. he saved the indians from their horrible lives

the north were all in the right with the civil war, they did it to free the black man even though the working conditions for the immigrants in the north were worse than the blacks in the south - it wasn’t over money and power. nothing to do with the south voting down tariffs on importing goods which hurt the north since people were importing and not buying american. i’m sure this isn’t responsible for a sense of entitlement black people have from white people.

revolutionary war was about taxation without representation not that the US borrowed tons of money from britain and didn’t feel like paying it back

FDR was a hero, he didn’t prolong the depression with his policies. Big government saved the day!! What was the depression during Hardings administration that was worse than the Great Depression and was solved in 2 years due to lack of government intervention and cutting spending. Everyone knows FDR is the best because we learned it in school!

Face it, they’re not going to teach you the real things in school so who cares what they teach.

How the FUCK are you gonna try to flip the script on Thomas Jefferson? No I mean seriously! I can see them hating on black and latinos and all that would be considered left, but how the hell did the idea to change up the perception on Thomas Jefferson come around at ‘the round table disccussion’? Am I missing something here!?

prolly has something to do with the fact that he was in fact a diest and they have been pushing this “we were founded as a christian nation” bullshit.

Both sides have an agenda and teaching kids is not #1 or even on the list at all.

seriously though, texas is to america as the middle east is to the world

lol learn politics

Yeah what he said, we should all be Mets fans instead

Glad to see the conservatism of America festering the academia of our country even further.