Texas High School sophomore turns out to be 31 year old woman


Black don’t crack. You know a 31 year old white woman couldn’t have done this




Bitch was just trying to get an education. Whats so wrong about that?


Other than the lying part not much, went to High School with a 42 year old man who was getting his education, but he didn’t act like he was a fourteen year old hustler in the process.


Bitch was tryna get the free lunch. Not to mention her High school “bestfriend” is gonna be scarred for life


Kid needs to stop being a pussy if shit like this will Scar her/him for life.


She looks older than her actual age. I don’t know about this black don’t crack shit.

And so long as she’s trying to better herself, who cares? It can be embarrassing to be that old and still having to go through high school. I didn’t read the story so maybe she did it because she was lonely.


Ok, if a girl lies about her age to me, can I have her arrested? Getting sick of all these broads pretending they’re 22 when they’re clearly 35.


The creativity black women come up with regarding their hair is… interesting to say the least.


Fuck, all I know is that if I still bought cigarettes I would still get carded. That means I could be a few fake documents away from all that glorious high school pussy…



Then she gets a boyfriend and shit really hits the fan.


The video says 34,not 31. Bitch ugly… :wasted:


What is your big grown ass doing in high school? You in school messing around with someone’s child? Oh, you’re done, you are so done, bitch. They ain’t gonna let this side in prison. You gonna get your ass beat the fuck down for such foolishness.

I… I can’t even right now.



Wasn’t this a Law and Order SVU episode?


YO i was just about to say that.


“I keep getting older and they stay the same age”



That bitch just pulled the biggest CATFISH in history!


Have seen this before with a white woman, sure.

So, Pau Gasol is traded already? No number or team name on him laid out.


I’m starting to feel like my avatar goes with literally every OP I read on here now.


I… I… I don’t know what to say. Though, i quote serpent. I want girls lying about their age (be it "I’m 20 whey they’re 16 or “I’m 25 when they’re 40”) in jail.


I’m pretty sure they’ll let you go to high school even if you’re really old provided you have a valid reason. I remember seeing something a few years ago where a 83 year old woman had just gotten her high school diploma.