Texas Hold 'Em @ Evo 2k4


There is a lot of downtime between matches at Evo. So, I’m SURE that some of y’all out there are poker addicts/fanatics/pros/noobs/etc. that would want to play while in between matches.

I’D BE DOWN TO HOST A MULTI-TABLE TEXAS HOLD 'EM TOURNEY during Evo. However, I can already forsee a lot of problems with this (i.e. attempted mechanics, time conflicts, legality on the campus grounds, etc), so I’d be interested in some feedback from people with answers that matter.

Here are my major concerns as of now:

  1. This is directed towards the PEOPLE RUNNING EVO. Would a tourney like this be permissable? And if so, is there any chance we could get equipment such as chairs and tables, and space for us to play? (I am not doing this shit outside, spare for side games @ hotel rooms maybe… but this is independent of a tourney DURING EVO HOURS)

  2. Can anyone besides myself front game equipment (i.e. Clay chips, Kem cards, buttons, poker tables, etc) for use during the tournament?

  3. Can I find an appropriate amount of people to be trustworthy dealers for this tournament?

… There are more issues, but these are the most pressing IMO. Of course, if number 1 comes up a negative, then I can’t really do shit AT EVO (but after Evo hours and off campus, perhaps).

I want an OK on this from ADMIN before I begin to seriously plan this out.

Side note: If there is any interest in Omaha, 7-Stud, or the split-hi/lo versions of each, then perhaps someone could get that going as well.



sounds good


why not just goto a casino or something you know things that cater to texas hold 'em instead of a video game tournament


I think you’re on shaky ground here. I don’t know what the university’s policy is for gambling on campus, but it’s probably not favorable.


Yeah, I though so… =/

This seemed to be a popular idea though, thought it’d be great for the downtime at Evo.


It’s a kickass idea man, poker is fucking awesome. I’d have to say if it can be done at all mainly stick to Hold Em, but in any case absolutely NO HI/LO!!! Hi/Lo is just plain not good man, I don’t know why exactly but it just is like the ugliest variation on any game ever. Aside from maybe Chinese Poker…


OoO Hold’em. We have weekly tournaments here…well just gatherings…i remember SooMighty wanted to do something like this last year…Well if i go to EVL this year i’ll bring my clay chips and throw a tournament in the hotel room.


if we play hold em tourney style then its not gambling. wats the difference in a video game tourney and a hold em tourney. NOTHING. so iono wats the problem here. if this dont go down me, soo, and jaminis is down to play at the hotels netime. tell me wats up.


Assuming I can make it to evo and stick around after I get knocked out of marvel, I’ll be there with my chips and kem cards for hotel games. I’m a marvel scrub, but I’m not a poker scrub :evil:

My friend in Davis said a lot of the wanna be G-Unit poker players in Norcal were interested… shit, maybe I can hold multi-table in the hotels :cool: … that seems like a better plan in fact.


if i can make it to evo count me in. havent really played the cali style yet in poker. played a couple people from vegas but thats it. i play in ac. if it does go down make it no limit hold’em. thats just the only way to play.


i agree no limit is the only way…if you cant hang you a n00b…i’m most likely to go i’ll have my chips and all, there will be a few others that gamble with me. I have a 500 chip set only, but know another person with a set of 300…so it’s going to be fun…


Mmm… yeah. Tourney hold’em is generally not played with limit. And everyone sees no limit on TV, so its more popular with the less experienced people.


Hell if we are talking about card games , Hell, why not rent this baby out, that would maybe kill some down time no?


Yeah, that was my original intent… but I don’t think its allowed on school grounds.

So it looks like we just gonna run some good ol night games that last til 6AM :smiley:


tournament or not, I want to get some games in.


:frowning: Evo and Texas Hold 'em at the same time is my dream come true

We should hold alittle game at the hotel that everyone stays at maybe like a 20$ buy in for all the cheap scrubs but im willing to up to 100$


who are you kid? this is a game that requires skill. some luck but mostly skill. and you have neither of them. you should just stay in florida and dream about playing me. if you go you will get raped by me and i will make sure of you losing your money.


I already took your money BITCH YOU PAID FOR MY TRIP


ohh hell yeah:cool:

im hella there me and striderboi will bring chips i know alot about the game/decisions and how 2 deal.

so if you guys need help holla at me:cool:


kid you only took like two bucks off of me holding 2,4 offsuit. i had A,Q and you manage to flop a fuckin straight. just you calling with 2,4 shows you dont know what you’re doing.

and if i go i can bring a set of kem cards.