Texas MashFest Complete results

Street Fighter 4 - 40 Entrants

Final Results
1.) Tony - Cammy - $400
2.) Suaviano - Balrog - $190
3.) SinisterX - Dhalsim - $63
4.) Viet - Ryu - Handshake
5.) Panda, and BinhLOL
7.) Aleri and Adrian Degala
9.) Texas Power, Mexiwont, Adam Deats, Andrew P.
13.) Sarc, Mark, Tommy, Nem

Final 16 Bracket:
Available at texasmashfest.blogspot.com

Pool Results
Pool 1
1st.) Texas Power 4-1
2nd) Aleri 4-1
Ramin 3-2
Slaughter Lane 2-3
Mr. Bullwinkle 2-3
nmbr1Krush 0-5

Pool 2
1st) AndrewP 5-0
2nd) Panda 4-1
DLux 3-2
Ash2k4 2-3
Rabbit 1-4
Sweet Beard 0-5

Pool 3
1st) Adnan Degala 4-0
2nd.) Tommy 3-1
Big Blue 2-2
Mario 1-3
Capt Ron 0-4

1st Viet 4-0
2nd Mexiwont 3-1
Werner 2-2
Jaeger 1-3
Stevie 0-4

1st Suavian 4-0
2nd Nem 3-1
Jerry 2-2
Tasty J 1-3
Lets Be Ian 0-4

1st Mark 3-1 (match Win loss record 7-4)
2nd Adam Deats 3-1 (match Win loss record 7-4)
Winchester 3-1(match win loss record 7-5
Keo 1-3
Big Nasty 0-4

1st Sinister-X 4-0
2nd Tony 3-1
Ronald 2-2
Xtian 1-3
Prodigy 0-4

1st) Binh LoL 3-1
2nd) Sarc 3-1
Wookz 2-2
Kirovair 1-3
Gemini Knight 1-3

Soul Calibur 4
1.) Nori Cervy $132
2.) Whodat Algol $66
3.) CNP Voldo $22
4.) KPC - Seigfried - Pat on the Back
5.) Dan Man and SA_RoB
7.) Nacho and Ice Cold Edge
9.) Some Black Guy, BBoy Tekken, King Ace, Funk Panda
13.) Lord Champion, Jody, Bez Boy, Gemini Knight
17.) Agustin, C-Money, JD_Eliete, Batousai, Sweet Beard, Long

Blaz BluE - 8 Entrants
1.) PozerWolf - $70
2.) Binh LoL- $20
3.) Jerry- 10

3rd Strike 2v2
1.) Team houston - $40
2.) Blues Mafia
3.) Twelve CV
4.) Rico Suave

MvC2 - 9 entrants
1.) Toan $70
2.) PMD $30
3.) Jake
4.) Ronald
5.) Sinister-X and Chris
7.) Panda and Joey H
9.) Fonso and Adam

Brackets will be available on texasmashfest.blogspot.com

lol @ BB results, my name is Jeff =/

Truly, these results are vietnamazing.

I think a few names are missing from the results. I believe Adam Deats (me) and Andrew P made 9th place as well.


I disappeared! I was 9th!

GG’s To Everyone it was fun!!

The tourney was a blast, just wish it wasent so cramped and SF4 started about two hours late. Was my first tournament so to place even top 16 was an awesome thing for myself. I?m getting to old for this :slight_smile:

Good shit to the organizers and people who helped run it. Rob, Nori, Kyle and Brandon, you guys did a good job to keep it running smoothly and keep the action going. Was a good tournament, we shouldn’t wait too long for the next one. Took a lot longer than expected because of the pool play but I had a great time playing and rooting against Dallas. :wgrin::lol:

Viet - Damn you!!! You could’ve at least let me win 1 match. shakes fist Good stuff man, it seems that you’ve got that Fuerte match up down. I’ll be coming to Austin more often to get some games in with you and all the guys. :tup:

Anthony - Good showing man, you’ve been putting in some good time on the game and it shows.

Rudy - Wish I coulda stayed to watch the end, but you were tearing people up all day. Bummer that you didn’t win, but you at least made some money and let SA rep in the top 3.

Suavion - Good Rog man, had me on the ropes almost the whole time. Good job on 2nd and I’ll see you again I’m sure.

Tony - Congrats on first, you’re Cammy is damn good. I still haven’t gotten a chance to play you, but maybe next time. Good shit dude.

All the Dallas cats: Adnan, John, Binh, Andrew - Enjoyed chillin with yall over the weekend. The casuals were fun and the drunk MMs were pretty nuts. I think the only MM I won was the 69 cent random MM when I bet on Aleri :lol:. I hope yall guys had a good time and I’ll see yall when I see yall.

Winchester - Sucks that you got dicked by 1 game in the pools, but I heard you made quite a bit in the MMs at my place. Had fun in our epic matches, and that Twelve of yours is a bitch to play against. Hit me up for games whenever dude. :tup:

Aleri and Andrew from Austin: Got a lot of good experience playing against you guys and it was cool chillin with yall yesterday. I’ll be headin up there for gatherings so I’ll see yall soon. Good shit.

Can’t wait till the next tourney. Hopefully we can have some semi-regulars at Gamelot, was definitely a good venue. Once again, thanks to everybody responsible for putting this together. :rock:

Panda in pool 2 has 6 games in a 6 man pool! And Prodigy in pool 7 has 5 games in a 5 man pool!

rofl, 4th place got a handshake.

Wow, I can’t believe Cammy took first. I wish I was there to see it. Are there SF4 videos? Plz say yes.

I was talking with Nori, and November seems like an excellent time for the next big event, to capitalize on the Tekken 6 console release. We need to hurry with a date though, because Houston will want to plan something as well.

Ok cleaned up the mistakes

All brackets are available on http://texasmashfest.blogspot.com

Video’s coming as soon as we can get them up thanks!

GGs 2 everyone there that I got a chance to play.

Mexiwont - ggs man, you have a nice el furte. winchester had me nervous when he said you and him were pretty even in casuals.

Sinister x- As always man nice fucking dhalsim matches. I couldn’t expect less from you man lol. Damn I didn’t know you are near houston alot man, we need to game when u come buy.

I don’t know Tony’s srk handle so if he sees this, ggs man and congrats on 1st. You have a very good and solid cammy. I need a cammy player in houston now lol.

GG’s to the guys that entered BB. Sucks that not many people entered for it, I think only 2 guys from SA. Hopefully, we can have more players next time. I know some of my friends couldn’t make it to this.

Definitely GGsto the BB players. Had fun and I’m glad I got more matchup experience. Sucks that turnout was bad. Maybe next time.

Perhaps I’ll try to get better at SF4 and play that next time as well.

Had good time helping rob out with the shit. good set up. only downside was that sc4 took WAY WAY too long.i personally did shitty in the tourney.


my camera messed up during pool 5. And a buddy of mine only recorded some matches. the only people who brought cameras were the SC4 people. those dudes are SERIOUS!!!

ty you all for coming down. dallas, austin, houston, CC and other cities.

Spin: If it weren’t for the power issue, SC4 would have started on time. Lesson learned though. Sorry again, and you were a huge help w/running the tourneys. All the shit that happened w/SC4 overwhelmed me haha.

The good news is, the co-owner of Gamelot texted me today congratulating me on running the tournament, and I told him about you/sa_rob helping me out tremendously. And he said he knows a guy who owns a console place that might be able to sponsor us for next time. Shit would be hype as fuck if we could get that. I will let you know when rob/I have the meeting w/the 2 guys and keep you in the loop.

Good Shit to everyone that was at the tourney…Had a great experience being my first tournament…And Paul (Mexiwont) Thanks for everything man haha Hope to see you soon again so I can get another crack at that El Fuerte lol he gives me high blood pressure everytime I fight him

A little late on this but here is my feed back on the event.
Overall, a decent tournament at beast and was no where near a ‘major’ status, so I’m not sure why the Entry Fee was so much when tournaments held there in the past got away with something as simple as $5 Entry Fees.

Not sure why everything was ran in Pools, even games like BlazBlue with only 8 entries was ran in pools.
Speaking of which, a huge disappointing lack of support for the BlazBlue part of the tournament. Makes me want to ask myself twice before entering another SA tournament again, honestly. And to make matters worse, we had someone trying really hard to convince us of canceling the event for Blaz? Wow, what a dick.

Overall, it felt like a Soul Caliber tourny, with the side of SF4 and Blaz.
Lack of setups, and even lack of light made it harder for this event to ran properly.

Meh, whatever…