Texas MashFest Complete results

I think our tourney was good :lovin:

-Everything was ran in pools to run faster since there was more than enough people

-BB only had 8 people. That’s ridiculous for a tournament. I was the guy telling McClusky to cancel running it. There was no point in running it at all. Nobody showed up. That’s not my fault, nor SA Robs, nor McCluskys. I advertised, they didn’t come, so we move on to what was going on at the time, which was SF4/SC4, etc. If you’ve ever ran multiple tourneys with 60+ people there, you clearly would see my decision wasn’t “being a dick”.

-I originally had it under major because I was told I would get help from sponsorship. I didn’t, and I had SA Rob ask most, if not all the entrants, if they were still comfortable with $15. And they were. I knocked it down from $15 to $10 with SC4 cause that’s what most players wanted.

-SC started late because I wasn’t aware ALL the power was coming from 1 outlet.

Hopefully that answers any concerns you had. SA Rob/I/Spin have been running successful tournaments for years. No tournament in the history of games went perfectly, there’s always something unplanned that happens. The tournament being at Gamelot was last minute, and I still think it ran great. Food and hotels were very close and we did our best to consider everybody’s needs.

I think he meant the issue of being pools, along with it being round robin and 2/3 rounds 2/3 games. A combination of those things made a strain on the number of set ups available and made a 40 man tournament take longer than it should have been. This also let to confusion on how exactly tie breakers would be done as it had with the situation in the pool with myself, Mark, and Adam Deets. After we all took each other out in the single game tie breaker, rounds were taken into account as a second tie breaker, a concept I was foreign with. Also the losses were reset in the main bracket, which led me to wonder what was the point of second place in the pools. It was just a confusing set up, that’s all.

While I agree that pools weren’t necessary and took too long for just over 40 people, I actually liked it. Definitely gave me my money’s worth with the round robin and gave a lot of the other people (a lot of whom were attending their first tourney) some good experience getting a guaranteed 4 or 5 matches. I think any of the griping about it will pretty much come down to that it’s not the standard or what people are used to considering the turnout, but I think you guys did a good job to keep it running and keep things flowing once it got started. :tup:

I just feel bad cause i couldnt run the side tournaments to a success like i wanted to or should have. blazblue,3s teams, kof12… some buddies from austin came down just to play 3s and they ended up leaving cause it took to long. And if i recall it wasnt stated that it would be evo pools till the last minute. i just wish i was told ahead of time since i partially ran it. but i like the fact that we were able to play more in the pools but yet we could of played eachother if it was just double elim. oh well.

if we do have it again at that location we need to have it on the other side like we have in the past and less venue fee. cause i feel giving the guy that amount of $$$ for lil space and no fans(until i took some from the card gaming side) and our own set ups was a WAY too much. he made more than what he would of if kids came in and played WOW or something.

my .02 as a co-runner to the event.

people showed up nori for blazblu… pozer and his friends. sorry the scene isnt that good down here pozer…

Spin: For sure, the next tournament will be a lot better. As I stated before, we gave Gamelot very little notice we were coming there and really, it was the co-owners first experience with console gaming. And yes, I will make absolutely sure next time there are fans to make it cooler for everybody. And to me, 8 people isn’t enough when TVs are needed for other games. I’m just sorry so little showed up, that sucks for the people who came to play the game.

Hey guys, are there any get togethers going down in san antonio?

Check the SA thread, there’s one tonight.

It actually had the tournament run longer than usual.

So what if it only had 8 people? That’s enough to run a tournament, no need to stop it.
Also, it still shows lack of support from the SA side that the BlazBlue event got such a small amount of people. Seriously, don’t even try to deny that. And of course it’s being dick if you wanna go ahead and make such a bad decision.
Honestly, I run tournaments too, and you don’t see me dicking people. So don’t even start with that.

I’m talking about the Entry Fee, not the money that goes to the prize pot.
Like I mentioned before, the Entry Fee should have just remain $5, there really was no reason otherwise if the venue there host tournaments for only $5 anyways.

Just because you went ahead and slap the title ‘Major’ on it, does not mean you have to bump up the Entry fee for no reason.

And from the looks of it, there was some kind of card game tournament happening at the same time.
Shouldn’t the event been pushed back to another weekend so that way we could have had more room to run the event in the card game hall? It would have made things a lot easier.
Regardless of it being last minute, more planning and though should have been involved…

Yeah, I get ya’.

Pozer: How do we not support BB if only 8 people showed up? Do you want me to knock on peoples doors in my neighborhood and let them know about future BB tourneys in SA? I fail to see how I didn’t support the team. I have played in tournaments for years and never did I want to enter a tournament with 8 people. If you entered, then cool, wonderful. If I had the choice to do it again, I would.

Don’t get all keyboard commando for no reason. You should have spoke up while you were there. Not sit there silent and then run to the forums and call me a dick for no good reason. If you run tournaments like you say, you know people make mistakes sometimes, but staying silent then running to the forums and calling somebody a dick is very cowardly, so say what you want about me but if I have an issue at a tournament, I use my voice and speak up. If you have a problem, say something about it, and I’ll do my best to explain why something is the way it is, or help you.

The one thing I will agree with you on is yes, the Entry Fee being $10 was a little over the top. I assumed the $10 would give us more room and flexibility and I was not aware there would be a huge card tournament. I’ll make sure it’s cheaper next time

Yo pozer why dont you just drop it you know the only reason you are mad is because there wasnt a big turn out for blaze blue , complaining it was too dark and some dude is a dick because he wanted to cancel bb , bro you complain too much its not like you got hassled out of money or something how old are you bro, last night we went to the missisipi tourney they made some mistakes who doesnt but im not the kind that thinks ill get them back in the forums tomorrow , kind of childish isnt it …

You guys are not getting what I’m stating here, it’s like my post isn’t even being fully read. Spurs Yo, what the hell are you even talking about? I’m not complaining it was a small turn out for Blaz, I’m complaining that someone wanted to can it for no reason, which lead to a argument. No one complained it was too dark, WTF it’s like your making things up to make some kind of argument.

Whatever, bottom line is that it was a poorly ran tournament, a lot of simple things could have been better (and yes, I did make these complaints in person and fixed some of the issues myself seeing as how it felt like the players we’re running the tournament anyways) and it is dick to cancel parts of the tournament for no real reason (which I had to argue back in trying to get certain events started).

Honestly, WTF? It’s like I’m being mis-treated in-person and online?
It’s like telling someone to be responsible is some kind of insult as being childish? Some logic there…
Whatever, I’m done.

Pozerwolf: It seems to be a common trend here, so I’m catching on: You are making comments and assumptions and are mis informed. Spin4u and SA Rob were originally supposed to help me run the tourneys and they did. I find it amusing the comment of “it seems like the players were running this tournament anyways”. It just further proves my point you are misinformed, and since you are, I no longer take offense to any of your comments. If you are the only person out of 22 who thinks it was a poorly ran tournament, then sa rob/spin/myself did fantastic.

And no, you were not mistreated in person nor online. Offline, you could have came to me, you didn’t. Online, you run on here and call me a dick (I don’t remember going to any tournament and calling anybody who ran a tourney a dick) for attempting to cancel a 8 man tournament which almost nobody showed up for.

Again, if you have a problem, go to one of the tournament directors, it’s that simple and hopefully next time your information is correct before you call somebody out, thanks

i dont know whatever why dont we just all eat some jack in the box and laught :woot: