Texas Regional Oct. 25-26 RESULTS!

Oct. 25th Texas Regional 3S Team Tournament RESULTS!!!

Ten teams entered total.

1st - Team Austin - Ryan “fubarduck” Harvey (Chun), Eddie Williams (Hugo), Mark “mopreme” Rogoyski (Chun)

2nd - Team Greenbar - Tuan “Vigorous” Phan (Makoto), Joe “Jeaux” Congdon (Yun), Chris “Crow” Villarreal (Chun)

3rd - Austin Rogues - Avierille (Twelve), Sin (Ken), Raul (Alex)

4th - Team Ken - John “DarthSalamander” Minco, Tony “ddr_gakusei” Huynh, David “AsianHitler” Hem

t 5th - Team Caveman Pr0n - Ian “Cylus” Rogers (Chun), Harvey “Iled78” Chang (Urien), Khaang “GhengisKhaang” Le (Alex)

t 5th - Team N.O. - Duane (Urien), Rahsaan, Ricky Kimball (Makoto)

t 7th - Team Scrubley - StreakSRM (Q), SlimX (Hugo), Mike Lai (Alex)

t 7th - Bull Rush! - Adam “Kamui” Deats (Remy), Logan “amodf” Sharp (Elena), Joe “Dr. D” Epstein (Ken)

t 9th - S.A. Fighters - Juan (Akuma), David (Dudley), Cory Sullivan (Oro)

t 9th - Team 3S Scrubs - Stone (Ryu), Irvin (Ryu), Nick (Ryu)

Team tourney was a lot of fun! The next time someone says “Hey I’m not gonna run the team tourney!” and I say “OK well then I’ll do it!” I want someone I trust to murder me. If I didn’t put your whole name I’m sorry, I don’t know it and am too lazy to go look it up.

3S singles mopreme won, Asianhitler second, fubarduck third. CvS2 singles Brian Tyson won, Ashley Hernandez second, then other people. Dunno what happened with the MvC2 team thingie. Someone else who knows can post more complete results. GGXX and MvC2 and other crap are tomorrow. Time for bed, and all you fuckers suck ass for not finding a place for me to drink. I certainly didn’t come to Houston to play games.

1st Brian Tyson
2nd Ashley Hernandez
3rd Martin Phan

3rd Strike
1st Mark Rogoyski
2nd David Hem
3rd Ryan Harvey

1st Chris Villarreal
2nd Brian Tyson
3rd Phil Salazar

1st Nitsurugi
2nd Crow
3rd Mike Zavar

Puzzle Fighter
1st Daniel Nguyen
2nd Ranma0005
3rd Sharon Yin

team nWe member, nick is beasting? what? too good.

I used Hugo, not Elena in the team tourney! :stuck_out_tongue:

i wish luis came to this tourney would have been an interesting sc2 finals crow and luis tag team vs the moster known as NIK!
hey cna anyone post top 5 3s results?

Did anybody happen to record my Q against turtler’s Ken in the singles tournament?

the team tourney was fun as hell! I’m glad we ended up doing it. Good games everyone. Thanks for taking one for the team and running it Joe!


Congrats to all who attended.


if anyone has footage of me online… pls send it to me. kthx.

aim - mmmitzmarteen

Why would anybody want footage of Martin?

1st Rahsaan
2nd Daniel Nguyen
3rd Duane
4th Ivan Rivas

1st David Hem
2nd John Bunn
3rd Jake Green
4th Ryan Harvey

SvC Chaos!
1st Ryan Harvey
2nd Tony Huynh
3rd John Minco
4th David Hem

How was the SvC tourney?? Does it look like its gonna be a good tourney game??
Was it any fun to watch??

hey i placed pretty high in mvc2. can we get some full results? i got 4th in puzzle fighter too. :cool:

Good job John and Jake. This was by far the best play I have seen out of houston ever(my play excluded). You fuckers even managed to get David raged. By the way Jake, how many goats did you sacrifice before this tourney? :lol: Good shit h-town!!!

Can we get some team tournament results for mvc2 and guilty gear please?

/me throws up the nWe sign…whatever it is
Kevin…it’s Niksurugi…:o :cool:

great tourney guys. A lot of GGXX players improved a lot.

Jake, Martin, Chief : way to show your skills guys.

Sidenote : i didnt lose to jake! =] It was close, but i didnt know jake sacrificed goats. Damnit, i only sacrificed some chickens… =[

WHITE POWERADE >>>> Goat sacrifices.

Mad props to Tony, Kensou, Creecy, Duane, Fubar, and Harold for making the tournament tense as hell.

Really good shit to everyone, mad skills in a lot of matches.

Chief v Kensou was rushdown at its finest. Ive never seen chipp run before.

GGXX Team tourney partial results

1st : Team "Um didnt we also win the singles GGXX tourney?"
David Hem (AsianHitler) - Johnny
John Bunn (Genius) - Dizzy
Jimmy Tran (Water) - Axl

2nd : Team "Fuck you for OCVing us the first time, now we have to let david loose on you"
Mike Lai - stupid Chipp
Harold Tran - testicular Testament
Jake Green (Robot) - i sold my Sol to Satan to beat David in the tourney.

Oh and Vinny is a Marvel scrub =]

And shout-outs to the out of towners as usual.
(First, the got-damn sexy mutherfuckers)

Ochoa : in the words of Deelite…you got that “eddie bauer mountain man look” =]
Deelite : good gawd, i could hardly concentrate on my matches, thanks to your sexy ass!
Logan : lets have sex!

Chief, TFW, KOD, Brydon, Tony, Fubar, Adam, Mopreme, RiddleBox, Roger, Minco, Creecy, Duane, KenScrubsX =]

Sidenote :

Tony is a R.O.O.K.I.E.!!!

Quotes :

Ochoa : “I like to wear a Mr. Karate mask while Im with two girls”

TFW2K3 : “damn Stiggz had to comeback from 1938 on that one. How much gas back then?”

Me, Jimmy, and David : “White Powerade!”

*Originally posted by Dr. Deelite *
1st Rahsaan
2nd Daniel Nguyen
3rd Duane
4th Ivan Rivas

O shit rahsaan finally won a tourny… O yeah that’s right I wasn’t there:lol::lol: :lol: Anyway good shit u fucking sentienl scrub.

Duane WTF man, why o why, you know what I’m talking about.
chris what happend what place did u get.


3rd for GGXX team

Ricky/Duane/Martin …
Sidenote: Duane loses all his matches and leaves it up to me and ricky :o