Texas Showdown 4 Team Results


Friday Night: Team Tourney Madness

MvC2: 16 Three-Man-Teams

  1. Matt “Repulsorgiest” - Storm/Sent/Cyc
    Peter “Combofiend” - Mag/IM/Psy
    Justin “JustinW” - Sent/Storm/Cap

  2. Duane - Mag/IM/Sent
    Chris “MagnetoX” - MSP
    Rashaan “ORG” - Storm/Sent/Cyc

  3. Patrick “Vegita-X” - Rogue/Storm/Tron
    Eddie Lee - Mag/Cable/Doom
    John “Jumpeee” - Rogue/Cable/Cap

  4. Daniel “Power-dn” - MSP
    Joe “Snareboy” - Storm/Sent/Cap
    Venie “Vinnyman” - Row

  5. Ivan - Storm/Sent/Cap
    Eric - Storm/Cable/Cap
    Ricky “Skimitar” - Cable/Sent/Cyc

  6. Brad “Carnevil” - Sent/Cable/Cap
    Potter - Storm/Sent/Cable
    Daniel “Ruin” - Storm/Sent/Cap

  7. Jose “Static-ex” - MSP
    Mike Lu - Storm/Sent/Cyc
    David Hem “AznHitler” - Storm/Sent/Cyc

  8. Mopreme - S/D
    Kevin “Kensou” - S/D
    Mike O. “KSTEP” - Sent/Cable/Cap

9-13. “The Rest” - :rolleyes:


ruin/potter team mex


3S Team Tourney
12 Teams

  1. Team Austin
    Ryan “Fubarduck” Harvey - Chun Li
    Hsien “Hsienshoryuken” Chang - Dudley
    Mark “mopreme” Rogoyski - Ken

  2. Team In Yo Mouth
    Jason “AfroCole” Cole - Urien
    Peter “Combofiend” Rosas - Elena
    Edward “edma” Ma - Ken

  3. Team NY
    Robin “Nibor” Tucker-Drob - Ken
    Justin “JustinW” Wong - Ken
    Eddie Lee - Chun Li

  4. Team EX Scrub
    Simon “YooYoung” Yoo - Ken
    Cameron “BloodUrien” Buckner - Makoto
    Jamarr “JaMarvelous” Lewis - Necro

I think this is right. Ok time for me to finish my exam. Stupid statistics…


GGXX Team Tournament Results - 3/12/04 (Double Elim Format)
14 teams

1st : Team HTown’s Finest (Houston)
John “Genius” Bunn
Kevin “Shin Kensou” Turner
David “AsianHitler” Hem

2nd : Team Vegas Cuties +1 (Vegas)
Martin “Marneto” Phan
Daniel “Ruin”

3rd : Team Cleveland Steamer (Cali)
Peter “ComboFiend” Rosas

4th : Team We Dont Give a F**k (Louisiana)
Duane "Marvelous One"
Chris “MagnetoX” Creecy
Stone “KenMastersX”

5th : Team Donkey Punch (Nebraska)
Andrew “RacerX” Marks
Jamarr “JaMarvelous” Lewis

5th : Team Capitan (Houston)
Darrel “Onion Boy” Wiley
Jimmy “Water” Tran

7th : Team Hot Pot (Austin)
Mike Lai
Mark “Mopreme” Rogowski
Jake “R0B0T” Green

7th : Team Victoly (Austin)
Ivan Caceres
Tony “DDR Gakusei” Huynh
Ryan “Fubarduck” Harvey

Overall records for team matches

Team Htown’s Finest vs. Team Vegas : 2 - 1
Team Htown’s Finest vs. Team Cali : 1 - 0
Team Vegas vs. Team Cali : 1 - 0



wow potter sandbagged hard and lost lol i got shot ( big surprise ) in mvc2 potter said something about that evil rashaan guy backing out on the bet i dunno. He seems like a very charming fellow.


I fucking suck =\ let everyone on my team down ;( won my money bets though ;D ggxx on sunday = whatever =`(

weee ;D everyone at stargate is fucking chill as hellbig ups to Genius/Kensou/AzNhitler for owning up peace!

p.s joey and jeremy are the fucking shit!


eddie fucking lee!!!


I guess team h-town was just hungrier. No literally. Kensou told me he needed money from this team tourney to eat. I guess broke niggas=#1 victoly!:lol: Good job guys! Also, now I see why everyone is on Ruin’s dick. To Ruin I say “Are the seats on your cock fat people friendly?”:o


dont even start that sandbagging whatever bullshit now i ll kick the shit out of you when you get back to vegas if you do.
<3 p-evil

P.S. if you win we ll throw a chicken wing and ultimate bacon cheeseburger party too good.


CvS2 team results??


Justin’s team got first, I forgot to ask him who was on his team