Texas Showdown 5 DVD Kickoff Tournament!

Everybody’s been asking for it! Everybody’s been fiending for it! When is it coming out? When will it be ready?! WHEN CAN WE BUY OUR COPY OF THE GREATEST DVD TO EVER COME OUT!!!1 OMGWTFASDFGHJKL!!!11111111111

On Saturday, May 7th the TS5 DVD’s will be ready for sale. To mark this day we will be holding a weekly. MvC2, 3rd Strike, CvS2, Reload and Tekken 5. As an added bonus, random prizes will be given out for the tournaments, including a bonus prize for Best Overall Tournament Performer.

Location: Stargate Arcade
When: Saturday, May 7th
Time: Approx 2pm
Entry: $7 to SG, $10 per game
Games: MvC2, CvS2, 3rd Strike, GGXX #r(PS2), Tekken 5(PS2)
Format: Double Elim, 2 out of 3 winners, single game losers

2pm CvS2
4pm MvC2, Reload
6pm Tekken 5, 3rd Strike

Prizes: TS5 Posters, Tag sets, and a Japanese PS2 stick for the Best Overall Tournament Performer.

The overall prize is determined by a point system. You get points for getting top 5 in a tournament. Players with the most points get prizes.

1st - 10 points
2nd - 8 points
3rd - 6 points
4th - 4 points
5th - 2 points

Overall prizes
1st - Japanese SvC Stick
2nd - Showdown Extras DVD
3rd - Showdown Extras DVD

Individual Tournaments
1st - 80% of the cash pot
2nd - T-shirt
3rd - Poster

DVD sets will be for sale as well as T-shirts.

T-shirts are here!
$15 for Small - XL
$17 for 2XL

$40 TS4 dvd set
$45 TS5 dvd set
$75 Double pack(TS4 & TS5)
$55 TS5 Shirt(S-XL only) and TS5 DVD Pack
$45 TS4 Shirt(XL only) and TS4 DVD Pack

If you want to order anything but aren’t able to come to the tournament, contact me on AIM or PM.


about how much are you going to be charging for the DvD and he shirt? maybe a discount for those of use getting both ^^

I’ll be thur!

Shirts for sizes S-XL will cost $15

We can order 2X and 3X but I need an exact number of what I need, those have extra costs that will be tacked on.

2X = $17
3X = $18

I think the DVD sets will be roughly $40, but I’m not sure. As for combos, we’ll see what we can do but don’t hold your breath on that one.

Are you really gonna give the stick away or is it gonna be like the one in dallas where they haven’t sent me my shit yet.

We have the stick, and it will be present at the event to give to the best overall tournament player

Alright now it’s time to go back to T5,MvC2,CvS2,3s practice cuz we all know #r blows and probably won’t even take place (awaits to be proven wrong so we can have a decent turnout). BTW T5 is the funnest game next to MvC2.

What?! #reload is great and people should practice considering it was the best game Houston was repped in at Showdown.
But yes, most likely the tournament won’t happen.

If people just wanna show up and buy shit but not play games or in the tournament, you won’t have to pay the SG or tournament fees

I think either way is fine. But for me I’d rather have a tourny. I wanna get better and what better way then to have a tourny and have everyone you play try their hardest to beat your ass. Just my 2 cents.

I need 3 3x’s, I have a few fat cousins that are houndin me to get them one. I work friday night, i’ll have to pick these up from you later ranma.

ive never been before do a lot of people go to this?

Yes… alot

Generally we will get about 30-40 people on a normal night

You’re right Tourny is the way to go…

Make sure you Kick ass :clap:

fuck, i’m really going to try and make it, but i doubt i can go since i work friday nights in austin.

however, i do need to meet up with either chris/ranma, javi, or sugarland/lay because i’m writing a feature article on ts5.
let me know if one of you guys is interested~

this sounds fun…

nonono, you ARE going to make it, and I AM going to mooch a ride/place to stay from you. :clap: Don’t worry, for compensation I’ll give you whatever I get for winning the 3s tourney. :encore:

i really hope the sfc comes to houston…

so i dont have to go all the way to austin to kick yalls asses!

just kidding dont shoot me! :sweat:
(but seriously, ill have my hitlist ready… :badboy:)

The DVDs will be postponed by a week. Sorry guys but please mark april 15th on your calenders