Texas Showdown 5 DVD release parties

Friday 5/13/05 - Stargate Arcade, Houston
Saturday 5/14/05 - Animation town, Mexican Mall, Dallas

See everyone there

Mexican Mall lol.

Hey Lay,

If we preorder the DVDs already, can we just pick them up at the party?

Sure thing, I’m trying to avoid paypal with local sales (paypal subtracts a % of my sales) but I’ll definitely have enough copies when I come to dallas.

Shhhhhuhhh - Weeeeeeeeeettttttttttt!!!

Party as in hoes (besides Joe) and biotches and alcohol? Or party as in… playing games? Either way I’m thurrrr

Sorry no bitches or alcohol, just some games and lots of dvds.

We can preorder DVDs already? Where?


what time?

I’m guessing sometime around 8pm til it closes as usual

since when were there hoes at SG…especially if Lay is there… :clap: :razzy:

i’ll be there…

That was uncalled for, I get mad hoes…maybe not

Deleting Vinnyman matches off the DVD as I type…del del del

vinnyman has matches on the dvd??? he made it on there?? not in marvel!!! where was this happening??? hahaha :encore:

The dvd’s are great, Lay. excellent job!
what happend to the crow noise though?

Yeah that was my bad, I had all the microphones in place unfortunately the mixer wouldn’y work with me that day (probably had something to do with 3 hours of sleep). We will definitely have crowd noise next year!!! Thanks for your support again.

I’m not a hoe, or a biotch (most of the time anyway) but interested in going anyway. Are there really no girls that go there?


Hey peeps! The online catalog is up and ready to take orders! DVD’s, Posters, and T-shirts are all available for purchase online!

Click here for the online catalog!

let me just be the first to say that these dvds are sick-

lay did a badass job doing these.

p.s.- don’t watch my match with fubar…AHHHHHHHHHHH I HAD THAT @#$)%(&@#$%(@&$#%(@&#$%(@#&$($&^T(#$&%(!@#&$(&!#(%$!#&$(& AND THEN I HIT UP CHOKECITY.NET @#(&%$@(!#&$(&$!@(&$(!(&$(!#$(&(!#%$(&!#$(%(!&#(%$& DOUBLE KO MY @#)%$(@&#)%(&)@#(%&(#&$(*!@#&%$
ACKKK and i do’nt look that retarded in person.

actually, props to fubar, he held down two major comebacks between hsien and myself. good shiet.