Texas Showdown 5 DVD Trailer

Before you buy the Texas Showdown DVD, Go to Preppy’s site to grab the trailer. http://www.zachd.com/mvc2/

Dream Theater music = awesome

Those females that were escorting the finalists were butt ugly.

they looked better in person imo, or at least from what I remember, I think the one is the black dress had nice legs, not sure…

I liked the trailer… looked better then the Evo one for his year IMO :pleased:
and Bas pulling out those 1 frame link Sak combo’s on Arturo was pretty sick :wow:

I hope this time around they will actually have enough DVDs to pass around.

When I ordered TS4 DVDs, it took about a month and a 2 weeks to get to my house and thats because I live about 4 hours away from houston. Not only that, but when I got the DVDs they were all buggy (random footage screw ups, random DRE, sound would off sync, etc…)

EDIT: Saw the trailer.
Men… watching the GGXX#R footage made me feel really bad. During the tourny I did BEYOND awful and I know I could’ve done alot better… and I mean ALOT fuckin’ better :sad:

Still, nice trailer tho. I’m having second thoughts about buying the DVDs after seeing that.

EDITx2: But then again… I was actually glad I was able to make it.

Hopping for a TS6, maybe this time around ill do better at #R :tup:

love the dreamtheater music

nice trailer


…and yeah, all of them were butt-ugly.

THE ONLY hot female there was a black girl (model) who rolled with her H2 girlfriends…most of the time, she was just hanging around, disinterested…BUT HOT! :wow: :wow: :wow:

I think you mean A LOT better actually.


Liked The BGM :slight_smile:
Can Anyone Tell Me The Name Of Both Songs

I’ve never heard of a fly who won’t eat shit.

Seriously, lay off the girls. I know all of you on the internets have studly bodies, a Jaguar, and makes 100k per year… but the ladies did a nice service for us.

Fuck the bs Vanessie i personally think is really cute <3 thanks for your time guys and ts5 <3

and javi

yes yes

Finally I can buy this thing.

sup bitchesss
sup hooooooes

ordered my copy yesterday

Co-sign. Vanessie is cute. Ts5 owned. Trailer owned. Ruin is nice =]

ts5 was the shit :] and thx kak (that sounds bad) >=)

-waves to vanessie-

stop lying niggas i seen those pics of her she ain’t cute