Texas Showdown 6 Casual Matches! (Valle, Cole, Fubarduck, EdMa, Combofiend, Mopreme)

Just curious on what would happen if people submitted the videos anyways?


Try combo videos, they might be willing to host it.

Great news! I am in talks with a number of people who are willing to host the 400 megs file. Just stay tuned for it and it should be available to download soon.

Well, someone would probably ask the person distributing the movies to stop. If there is any sense of decency, they would be taken down.

If they were posted in a thread, a mod most likely will edit the post and temp ban the user?

Just out of respect of the Texas Showdown people who will need the money for the next tournament, just don’t post the videos.

Thanx for vids!

Interesting footage, Texas Showdown looks sweet. It was cool hearing the #R matches going on and stuff, thanks.

Those DVDs are gonna be sooo sweet =O

Time for another video!!!

This time we have some pool qualifying matches featuring:

Jason Cole
Dreaded Fist
Turtle Power

Marcus has a pretty sick Ibuki and of course Jason Cole’s Urien is always fun to watch. This video is about 35 minutes in length. Enjoy!


Is the 40 minute video only 3S?

how embarrassing :sweat:
5 hours of sleep in 2 nights for the win.

good shit-- thanks for sharing.

I honestly don’t understand some of mopreme’s denjin setups. :confused:

Maybe I’m just a total scrub.

i fell asleep after half of the first match, no offense to any who play this game.

Oops! Sorry gave you the wrong link for the Qualifying Rounds. The correct link is:


Good-Lookin’ Out for the vids!!!

So any news on the DVD’s? I know the Texas Showdown crew has a better reputaion for getting shit out on time faster than umm, those guys that do the the EVO DVDs(cough Cannons).

Me winning once to qualify = Winner…


3 weeks

lol got my urien mobbin on vid already nice. Mopreme, I will get my re-match at EVO. Fear me, I get elimnated by 2 denjin ryu’s (valle, mopreme). I guess I should get more consistant at parrying Denjin lol


Damn ppl getting hit by full screen Denjins?!?!?

No diss to Jason, but whoever those Akuma and Makoto players were should quit SF.