Texas Showdown 6 DVD on Sale

http://www.txshowdown.com/ to purchase
http://zachd.com/mvc2/#tx6 for dvd trailer (thanks to zach)


Well, hrm. I went to buy them, but when I got to the final screen (where it says "click the paypal button) there is no paypal button. The only button I see is for phone orders.

EDIT: Wierd, I just did this in IE and it shows the PayPal button right where Firefox shows the “Checks, Money Orders, and Phone Orders” option. Oh well, I got it working now.

Good shit

It says not recommended for use on PS2 dvd players. Does that mean that you can’t play it at all on a PS2?

I’ve had mixed results with ps2 dvd players, that’s why it’s not recommended.

Hmm looks sexy.

Yikes rather spendy. Maybe when I have some actual money.

If you are a fan of 3s, you should buy thsese DVDs.

Let me set the stage:

Two warriors, both fighting for the same thing, destined to meet in an epic battle.

Mopreme runs through the winners bracket undefeated with Ryu, defeating Cole, Combofiend, AsianHitler and others.

Alex Valle loses early on to Combofiend, but regains his drive and battles his way through the losers bracket, defeating Edma, Starboy, Fubar and others.

Two warriors, same character, same super art, same goal, both want what the other can’t have, fight an in epic Denjin Ryu vs. Denjin Ryu battle.

…but only one can be champion.

Buy the DVDs!

I’d rather make the purchase if you can buy individual DVD’s. It’s too much money otherwise.

$43 for 8 DVD’s is a pretty good price imo.

EDIT: It says 6 dvds on the front but when you click the dvd set to see the details it says theres 8.


Wow, looks HELLA professional! Really nice trailer…

You’ve got my order. :tup:

Yeah, it’s a good price but I’m broke as hell :looney:

WOW, amazing trailer.

Seriously, the number one reason I bought this stuff was the production value of the trailer. If the rest of the DVD’s are even HALF as good as that trailer, it would have been money well spent.

tear I’m tempted just to order it now.

Gah, must resist the urge!

Best trailer i’ve ever seen, already ordered dvd!

I hope this set works with my new dvd player, last set wouldnt work :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love to buy the DVDs but the players in MvC2 didn’t even have JWong, Sanford, Yipes, or Erik.

Sorry to say but those are probably the most exciting players to watch. W/o them it doesnt seem like its the best competition possible.

But I’ll probably end up buying the DVDs, maybe even the package with 2004, 2005, and 2006.

the trailer was top tier now if only i could afford the dvds :frowning:

what song was that in the trailer btw ?

Don’t you get tired of the same top players running the same teams? I cannot find Sentinel Vs. Sentinel turtle-off’s interesting, so I’m actually glad they didn’t really include them, as good as they are. Maybe we’ll see some team variations.

So I’ll probably buy it eventually. Or maybe just use my parents paypal account and not tell them. :sweat:

Their not only the most exciting players but their also probably the best. Why pay for people who can play like the best players but only half ass?

Analogy: I wont pay money for a NBA game but Im willing to pay for a High school JV basketball game?

Or, I’ll pay to watch karaoke night at Suger Slim’s Chicken House but I wont pay to watch Eminem live. :confused: :wtf:

BTW, Im getting the huge package, especially since the older DVDs have more MvC2 action then the 2006 cd.