Texas Showdown 6 Planning

Yes, its that time again. Last years Tx Showdown tournament was the biggest and the best Tx Showdown ever! This year, we want to top that! Last year we had over 200 people compete at the tournament, this year we expect more!

Here’s some of what we are planning:

*** The Date is now set for March 17-19, 2006!!! ***

These are pretty much set in stone to be at Showdown as well as the platform they will be played on.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (Arcade)
Capcom vs SNK 2 (PS2)
Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike (PS2)
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (Arcade)

The following are proposed games that may or may not be at Showdown at this time. Some are due to pending console release dates.

Tekken 5/5.1/Dark Resurrection (PS2)
Guilty Gear XX Slash (PS2)
Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Arcade)
Soul Calibur 3 (PS2)
Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo (Arcade)

The pool system used last year was a successful experiment I think. This year we plan to use pretty much the same system. 8 round robin pools for the major games, top 2 in each pool qualifies for the 16 man semi-final brackets. Records for everybody will only be used in seeding for the bracket. All qualifiers will start fresh, meaning they have all losses removed.

Additional prizes will be given out, like last year we will have Qualifier dog tags for the top 16, shirts, posters, etc. We’re working on some new prizes to give out as well.

Unfortunately, due to rising costs to running a growing tournament, registration fees will have to be raised. Those who have been to previous Showdown tournaments should realize how much larger the event got last year and how much the cost must have increased. So with that explanation, the bad news is that registration will be raised to $20 at Texas Showdown 6.

People who can provide a TV(at least 20") or a PS2(preferably import) + games will have their registration fee waived. We will post up later exactly how many we need.

A couple of new wrinkles we plan to add are some additional games. This year we’re planning on bringing in a DDR machine and host a Beatmania tournament. Of course if we team up with MLG again(which I hope we do), then you can expect to see Halo 2 and Super Smash Bros Melee in action as well.

Check back to the first post for updated news about the tournament. A date and venue will be posted here in the coming months.

:clap: Chris you sexy man you!!

Guilty Gear Slash for TS6 and a DDR machine?!?!?

ooooh, shit :clap:

Already? Man Ts5 was THE SHIT. I’ve never had so much fun in my life. Sharing a room with my homies was just a small part of why Ts5 kicked so much ass.

Is it gonna be held at the Sheraton again? Btw, expect a tshirt design from me. :tup:

can i be MIA for a whole year and still be seeded? lol

I don’t think you should be allowed to play, period. :tup:

What if Guilty Gear Slash isn’t scheduled to come out till maybe a bit later than that? Can #Reload take it’s place, or are you going to just totally eliminate Guilty Gear this year if that happens?

Yes TS6 so chris is there going to be anther eating contest lol i do have a title to defend ya know lmao well expect a t-shirt design from me and well cant wait for it man lates

and i agree jumpee should not be aloud to play games

Sweet, I might make this. Ill put it on the calender. I’m bring Melty Blood

Texas Showdown Food challenge 2 will definitely go down, it won’t be burrito this year since big n’ nasty made a horrible mess last year. Watch out for future updates on TS6.


oh snap i challenge kindevu to ddr money match!

me and vineet got ddr on lock…i’m calling it…

kenmasters: according to japan’s release schedule we should barely be getting slash by the time ts6 comes if it is around the same time again if i remember correctly.

So Ranma when can we Submit Design’s for Tag’s and Shirt’s…
and how should i send them to you?

So do you guys plan on bringing jap players over again?

we’re working on it

Awsome haveing the japs there sure did make 3s and cvs2 alot more exciting

well i reccomend 1lb burgers :badboy: or maybe lots & lots of Double cheese burgers from mickey D’s there only a buck see who can eat a ceartin number of em in ceartin amount of time maybe :clap:

Very…intreasting.Hope this year turns out as good or better than last year = ).

when u say 20 chris u mean 20 for …cover + 10 a game correct? will the side games(a3 ^^) be 5 or ten also?
lay how will the dvd work be done this year i kno uv been gettin all proffesional on us and shit so im interested to know if its gonah be all in house…again -

both u stfu, i’m older than both of you… now call me daddy bitches!!

Can i call you daddy too :pleased: :cool:

hopefully i’ll can go next year to the eating contest, ya are in for a surprise, i luv food! :tup: