Texas Showdown 6 Results!

I’m gonna to U of H soon and find stuff out for you guys - I didn’t take place in Tournys today cause I damn near killed my 240SX last night.

just got off the phone with shadowcharlie

he said cvs JUST started about 30 mins ago

thats the only game he knows about

It’s official: Marneto lost to Ruin. haahhaahahahahahaha.


Ruin did not sound happy about the organization.



isaac qualifies winners
rudy from houston hella random in losers

wigfall in winners
skimitar in losers

cumbo in winners
carnevil in losers

joe reyna in winners
SF CHAMP alex valle or gonna lose to viscant’s nose DSP in losers

team tournament didn’t happen because of time


R u i n ~

Didn;t you read my post l could not go and shit because too many things came up so yep and l so wanted to go anyways iam one of the guys that plays at Culbera for your imformation:sweat: And yes iam one of these bitches that will kick your ass :rolleyes: So we could not make it maybe next year. aFiak as l know realkim is better than you guys and Chaos Kof all alone imo :wink: Anyways l wouldn’t say we are the best l don’t think that way since there are always better people out there but we will give you a run for your money and kick your ass and this is not directed towards the answer or The beast it directed towards the damn ass talking smack k4ever :rolleyes:

ok so marvel pools started like a hour ago…=/
choi wins a3 and valle gets second,not shure
marteen in losers? for reload

daaaaaaamn maaaaarny, in hs you were the man homie, that’s what a fan told me…

dont be shyyyyyyy, get your cake up.

apes own cows

MEH money matches <3 ruin geting that cake big ups to bagnus I repped your team today people didnt know what was crackin :slight_smile: I did pretty bad in slash/#R :smiley:


good shit ruelz


any other updates for anything?

Edma is in losers for 3s he lost to asianhitlers Hugo. Nestor is out of 3s,

Hsien is in losers got put there by a urien player (Dont know his name)

thats all =)

:rofl: … thats a good one man … :rofl:

I stopped playing 2k2 around october 2005 … but for me its no prob to catch up playing for like 2 weeks or so.

You say u want a money match ? … how much ? … when ? … location ? … :rofl:
Fuck that shit … we have been at EVO 2 times and no one of TX showed up … now the answer goes to TX to play u guys and what ? … " I couldnt gooo … I was so busy cleaning restrooms in McDonalds to go to the tourney or even casual play with u guys awwwww :sad: " … come on man cut the crap … u guys are all talk and play shit …

KForce dominate the US KOF scene (with me former best US KOF 2k2 : yamazaki, kim, billy player ) so just kneel and pay ur respects GGPO :wgrin:

i’m interested in hearing the top 20 results for 3s… i heard there were over 200 people that signed up for it? lol

83 People
8 Pools - Round Robin
Top 2 Qualify **

Pool #1
JoeR: 10-0
DSP: 9-1
Alex Valle: 7-3 (DNQ)

Pool #2
Wigfall: 10-0
Skimitar: 9-1
Ivan/Stiggz: 7-3 (DNQ)

Pool #3
Power-DN: 9-0
Liston: 8-1
Flash Metroid: 7-2(DNQ)

Pool #4
Isaac Graham: 8-1 (Lost to Preppy)
Rudy: 7-2
Ranma/Toan: 6-3(DNQ)

Pool #5
Veg-X: 10-0
Vinnyman: 9-1

Pool #6
Ruin: 9-0
Nestor: 8-1
Ron-O: 7-2(DNQ)

Pool #7
ComboFiend: 9-0
Carnevil: 8-1
Tin: 7-2(DNQ)

Pool #8
Mag-X: 9-0
JohnP: 8-1

Final 16 Reset in 16-man Bracket: Results Tonight

valle v combofiend
choi v nestor

smoothcat vs edma
jason cole v jeron greyson

2.nestor c.
3.john choi (nestor 2-0)
4.alex valle (nestor 2-0)
5.smoothcat (valle takes it 2-1)
5.jason cole
7.jeron greyson

starboy/david hem/combofiend/mopreme/
fubarduck/alex valle/zero-g/jason cole/

<Vigz> TS6 #R: Winners: kjunk/flash alexg/chaz, Losers: chaotic/combof, hitler/marn

1.alex g - dizzy
2.kjunk - jam
3.flash metroid - jam
4.david hem
5.chaz - ino?
5.combofiend - axl?
7.marn - eddie?
7.chaotic blue

[12:39] <DEADsonic> doa4 had like 6 people

NGBC 1. jeron Greyson?

go isaac. go nestor. go wigfall. go ec. yep yep.

** MVC2**
winners bracket of top 8 :
isaac graham d combfiend (2-0 isaac picks mst)
josh wigfall d magneto-x

RUIN d carnieval
vegita-x d reyna

1.Josh Wigfall
2.Isaac Graham
4.chris creecy
7.joe reyna



Isaac vs Josh should be going on.

ok damn just like that its over…
josh wins.

RuelZ takes it vs vinnyman for final spot in the top 8
vinny d. skimitar playing in yet another houston/houston(?) matchup
vegita-x d nestor to qual in losers.
joe r d power dn to qual in losers.
carnieval beat jumpee to qual first in losers.
ruin d powerdn,creecy d ruin in winners bracket.
dsp was 1 pixel away from beating vegita-x, and continue his streak almost beating well known minority players in the quest to break 5th.
isaac g narrowly beat joe r. in winners.

random note: there was one bracket with 4 mega man/tron players. CRAZY!
another with 4 rogues! nuts!

SmoothCat wear a XBL T-shirt when the Top8 start fighting :rofl: Good Shit!

Sure any time bitch don’t matter how much because if l would have got to evo l would have beat you guys easily that how come and didn’t but iam starting to change my mind and planning to go this year to shit your ass up:rolleyes: I told sometime came up man geez… Man l wanted to go but things came up that a good cause me working at Mcdonalds not but l bet your a fast food restrant busting your ass just to live . While l sit back and watch you:rofl: K force is still not the best since you have not played The Culberas players more the SA people . Anyways Excuse l haven’t played kof what you don’t have money to got to arcade sad man l go once l awhile but it going dead here that how come l want to go big events and go play better people. Remember be watching your back bitch cause this a war now and i usually don’t talk smack but you passed the limit bitch l hope the time we meet you better be ready to be beat :wink:

Anyone have ST results? Did it start yet?

See u at the next EVO … start saving some money for the trip to CA … and for the money match … coz Im serious now … its on bitch ! :lovin: