Texas Showdown AV: Help!

Hi everyone, can someone please make me a Texas Showdown 4 AV. Something bright and eye-catching. Don’t have any other specs, just: Texas Showdown 4: March 12-14.
Any creative stuff is up to you. You can add just about anything you like.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Hmm the av’s for srk right? Cuz i wanna try doing this so i wanna know the size and shit.

Yes, it is for SRK.

Thank you for taking the request.

Let me know if you want anything different.

Change the font just not feeling it. Sent pic is blurry too.

Could you leave out Sent and make the font larger? Want it to be as eye-catching as possible.
Hope that’s not too much trouble.

Ok then ill do it either today or tomorrow.

well here you go man tell me if u want anything different.

Sorry…just one more thing! Can you put Stargate: Houston, TX under the date?

here ya go.

Couldn’t use it cuz SRK said it was too big.

Well heres a smaller version.

Stargate not spelled correctly.

Sorry bout that here you go again lol.

Thanks for all the help! :smiley: