Texas Showdown Results - Live!


This will be the player for the paid player list, the games, and any updates. They will listed in a blue tab, so it’s hard to miss. Live updates will have pics and the stuff.

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Javi: Any chance of writing down characters/grooves for the live updates???

any chance official brackets can be posted if not after the tourney?

ORG beat potter? damn. I guess he proved me wrong…:bluu:

I’m trying my best. All machines are spread out in 3 separate rooms, so it’s really hard to keep up on everything.

(posting from Vigorous)


  • Harvey Chang (lled78, Houston) defeats Robin (Nibor, from NYC), in Winners
  • David Hem (Hitler) defeats Jason Cole (Cali) in Loser’s 2-1
  • Eddie Lee (NYC) defeats Tuan Phan (Vigorous) in Winner’s 2-0
  • Ryan Harvey (Fubarduck, Austin) defeats Peter Rosas (Combofiend, Cali) in Winner’s 2-1
  • Peter Rosas defeats Tuan Phan in Loser’s 2-0


  • Jason Cole (Cali) and Javi (Houston) Double KO’s, Cole wins 2-0
  • Edma knocked into Losers’ by Andres Escalante (Houston) 2-1
  • Hsien Chang (Austin) defeats Kennywood (Cali) in Winner’s

woo hoo keep them updates comin’!

-Combofiend defeats Robin in Loser’s 2-1
-Mopreme defeats Fubarduck in Winner’s 2-1

-combo fiend defeats Marneto in Winner’s 2-1
-Ashley (Houston) defeats Robin “Nibor” in Winner’s 2-1

very interesting results…too bad im not there :frowning:


damn these live results suck… taking way too long :o

eddie lee vs justin wong in Winner’s final

Loser will fight combofiend in loser’s final

This is for CVS 2 BTW

Eddie wins sfa3, justin takes 2nd

justin wins 3rd strike, combofiend takes 2nd

cole wins ST, justin takes 2nd




Hes being Lame,I KNOW he is!!
Thats right Eddie,show em how we do in NY,EastCoast baby!!

eddie beat justin in winner’s final

justin wong vs Peter rosas in loser’s final

edit: Justin wong beats peter

Love the Txshowdown page. That’s the way to do it. If the brackets were posted with characters used it would be perfect. As is though, it’s a real treat for those that aren’t there.

Props to Justin on ST, wow. Not to mention 3s and CvS2. Props to Eddie Lee for SFA3 and CvS2. Looks like the original east coast king is officially back! Props to Cole and Jesse for holdin’ down the old school. Sure looks like Justin was serious about breakin’ yall off! Gotta give more props to Justin on his SFA3 performance and I’d like to know who Robin is and who he used. I have to know who Cole lost to in SFA3 btw, heheh. Can’t forget Peter and his Elena(gotta be the best Elena in the US, no?) for takin’ Hsien down. That’s a rough one no matter which character is used. I’d love to see Hsien answer back hard at MWC.

Good Luck to all tomorrow, especially Peter(Suh) and Ruin-. Rep seriously fellas!


good shit.

Robin goes by Nibor here. He plays V-Cody and he’s known for never messing up the infinite nor the setup. =/

good job Combo, Elena top tier!

That texas showdown page is fucking dope. Same with the arcade.

CV2 2 Results!!
2nd.Eddie Lee

Alpha 3 results
Winner:Eddie Lee/V-Vega

Alpha 2
Thyere in the final 3
Eddie’s waiting
Cole vs Justin for for 2nd and 3rd


This is all I know!!