Texas Street Fighter League Proposal

Texas Street Fighter League Proposal

Teams so far:

  1. Dallas Team 1(Team 3 Dollah) - ddr_gakusei, Buktooth, amodf, total toanage, JOP

  2. Houston Team 1(Top Tier Whores) - AznHitler, Crow, Joe R, Ashley, Marneto

  3. Sugarland’s Team Europe - Sugar Land, Dutchforce, DarkChylde, Slayer Alex

  4. Team “Unknown” - Ill E, Alex(not Slayer), Evil Dictator, Kakarotte, BENZO

  5. Team K-town(Kileen) - Clever, Dreamfire, RagingStormX, NoiNoiPinoy, JR

  6. San Antonio Team(No Name yet) - Legendary Gokou, Ultimate Czar, Combofriend, HEBizzle

  7. Team Central - Buckethead, Ron-O, Rudy, Kensou, Jan-Michael

  8. Team Louisiana - KingofKod, Magneto-X, Vegita-X, Stone, Marvelous One

  9. Team Don’t give a fuck - Ranma0005, Power-DN, Vinnyman, Big Gus, Dirty Sanchez

  10. Team Austin?

  11. Team Waco - MeLiketoSmash, Nmbr1krush, Yungb254, OrochiRyu, Mp3burn

Have yet to hear from Corpus/Harlingen, surrounding areas of Dallas, and El Paso.

Any team that does not have a game list under their team name indicates that they will use the default list(MvC2, CvS2, Reload, 3rd Strike, Tekken 5)

League Info

What - This is an idea that I have had floating in my head for a few years now. After conversations with Cmutt and DDR Gakusei, I decided to go ahead and try this out. If you are interested in competition, especially a team-based competition with your friends or teammates, rather than individual competition, then this will fit right in. If you are interested in having fun and competing with friends, this is also perfect for you. Think of this like a bowling league for street fighter players. The more serious guys will play for money; meanwhile the less serious guys are playing for fun. This almost has no difference from the team tournaments we held in the past, except now you KNOW who your teammates are and dont have to go around asking people to join your team. I believe team tournaments as we know it have become played out. This new league offers a fresh new start to the team competition genre, and offers a greater payout. Its a win-win situation for everybody.

How - Teams will be formed consisting of 3 starting players, and 2 “bench” players. Each team will consist of a 3v3 round robin format. One team will be designated the Home team based on the schedule. Each team will play the rest of the teams at least 2 times in the season. At each contest, every team will be required to play at least 2 matches; the maximum number of games will be determined by the total number of teams that enter the league. Before each round of the match, teams are allowed to switch in a bench player. A Bench player may be replaced by another bench player. In each match there will be a maximum of 3 games chosen. The Home team gets to choose 2 of the 3 games played. Games include, but are not limited to:

Marvel vs Capcom 2
Capcom vs SNK 2
Tekken 5
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Guilty Gear XX #Reload

So long as a venue has access to the game requested, any fighting game can be chosen. However, each team is required to announce a list of 5 games that they are considering for their matches before a regional. All games chosen must be on that list. This ensures fair play by giving each team a chance to practice for their matches.

When - We plan to hold these contests at every Regional in Texas. Preferably, the events will be 2 days, giving us time to hold the League matches so that they wont interfere with the actual singles tournaments.

Who - This is an open-invitation league. Anybody can enter, but it is their own responsibility to obtain their own entry fees and transportation. Once a team has been formed, it is that teams responsibility to attend all their matches in order to receive the maximum amount of games.

Where - Currently, there are 2 locations for the Regionals. Houston (Stargate Arcade). And Dallas (Wherever KINGDOM decides to hold it). Other possibilities are Austin and San Antonio. As long as the venue is able to hold 50 people comfortably, and can provide equipment to run the tournaments, any place can be under consideration to hold a regional.
Additional details:

Entry per person will be set at $5.  
Bench players do not have to pay if they dont play.  
Each team will play at least 2 matches, max games will be determined based on how many teams enter the league.
A coin-flip will determine which team gets to choose the first game.  The Home team ALWAYS gets to choose the 3rd game.  
EVERY team is required to have a list of 5 games they MIGHT choose for their matches at least 2 weeks prior to the regional.
Game lists may be changed from Regional to Regional.
All entries are to be put into the season ending prize pot.
Even though this is a Texas league, teams from out-of-state are also invited and encouraged to join, but it is still their responsibility to make it to enough regionals to qualify for the season-ending playoffs.
Teams are set as per city or region.  Example: Houston players must team with Houston players, Dallas with Dallas, etc.  
For out of state, they can team with other people in their state or region.  Example: New York can team up with other Atlantic north players if they do not have enough players from their state to make a team, but they can not team up with other regions such as California (pacific north, pacific south), southwest, Midwest, or Atlantic south.
Rankings based on the final records from the league will be used to seed for the Playoffs at the end of the season.
The Playoffs will be held and concluded at Texas Showdown 6.
DDR Gakusei, Kingdom, and I will be the league coordinators and organizers.  If you have any questions, want to register a team, make changes, suggest venues, etc., then contact one of us either on AIM or through PM's.

sounds like a good idea… let’s hope we have some dedicated players though :pleased:

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Aww city with city only? What if you live in two?


Do you want to play against Hsien/Fubar/Mopreme/David/Crow/Marn/JOP (pick any 5) as one team?!? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Think about it.

That works, but still do you really think the city thing is just going to stop hsien/fubar/mopreme/ +2 more from being on a team to begin with? Haha

this sounds like a relley bad ass idea

Three games are played. They would only win 3s!

At best they would win 3rd Strike, then lose MvC2, and choose a 3rd game? Maybe CvS2? Unless they’re a home team, that would still have limitations. Hence why we set up the choose people from your own city rule. We’re actually encouraging cities to make their own Hsien/Fubar/Mopreme team, of course Fubar is in Japan until Showdown 6, so the point is moot. We just don’t want an AznHitler/Buktooth/Hsien team or something extremly retarded.

Its a good idea. I’ll support it, but … a lack of a reliable car may limit things for me.

What about roster changes/trades?

Sounds great to me but I don’t have at least 2 other people to help me out here. I can think of one but I dunno… If I can get these people here better then maybe but other than that I’m gonna have to sit this one out unless someone wants to put me in their team.

joe you got aim or something? lets do some business…

Yeah that’s right totally forgot about the 3 games thing. :slight_smile:

I proposed that the roster changes/trades be held at the END of the season; a simple compromise would be a mid-season trade.

the difficulty of this being that the payouts at the end of the season still get in the way. you know = player 1 gets traded and contributed to Team 1…he’s traded to Team 2; Team 1 wins the pot…soooooooooo, does player 1 get any claim to the pot?

hence why i proposed trades only at the end of the season.

I’m sure chris thinks otherwise…

no shit. that’s our safety net; each city focuses on 1 or 2 games that they truly excel at…this gives their city to shine and be recognized as legitimate competitors…

BTW, the Austin 3s crew stomped the shit out of everyone at the DFW Monthly… :sad:
Mike Lai, Jaime, James, and Lee were in the top 4. :sad:

THAT’s our safety net… =)

uhhhhh, yeah :confused:

I can play #R/CvS2 ^_^;… I’m decent at 3s/T5/MvC2… So… who wants a team? :open_mouth:

Hmmm I might be down for this league stuff.

Marn I need a team! Team beast! Oh and plus Marn. I’m decent at CvAss2 and 3s as well as ggxx as well. :confused:

We’d like to have teams ready and registered by the end of June so we can start scheduling matchups and let people start practicing for them.

Sidenote: The max number of players you can have is 5 per team, but you can enter and compete with at least 3 players.

it should probably be like any other sport…if t-mac gets traded from the rockets and then we win a championship…does he get credit? nope…just an idea though.

I’d like these players on my team so speak up if you wanna team up bitches. David Hem, Crow, Kensou and Joe Reyna.