Texas, take me out to sea

A poetic thread by me, a new member of the SRK family - I hope you all enjoy what I’ve written, as I plan to make this (this being prose, not poems) my life someday. And if you didn’t, then feel free to post so. I can take as much criticism as you can dish out.

The first couple are flat-out poems and the last two are songs I wrote on my acoustic guitar. Again, hope you enjoy them. :]

cruelty is the wrath of my instrument
gallons of pitchforks in the grille of a car
beaming the headlights of australian-orange sun
sawing the pavement with crooked nail feet
my entrails, the pillow; the yellow double lines, the bed
gossamer fills my skin
tarantulas of couch-seat graveyards
have never given their prayers
to the tire mark tattoos which bullet my face
they come from an isle of broken-off doors
to houses which bleed in carpets and nails
a herald of foxes, green fire in their throat
who summon by brick and by bell and by yell
eight legs like thunderclaps in a firework cascade
i try not to listen but they cannot be quelled
their voices the mirror painted black like the skeletal blade
top my lips they push the black mirror in
my throat is robbed and thiefed off in church
blessed be the wrong you have done
the scorpion loincloth they wear on their face
god damn this cold pavement, god flatten my eyes
in the last waking moment in this job, my life
the flies my mouth spill blacken the sky
if you consume me the rot will decay
your eight-legged voices scream blacker than rain
you fold the snakes in my gaseous blue eyes
god damn the cataracts in your hypothetical lines
if you consume me, the black mirror comes
to fetch the damned by soul and by tongues

multiple spouse wounds
youve got a lot of nerve to come in here
ive seen too many icicles to spare my head
from the traumas compared to yesterdays sun
that burned twice over in its burial ground
you fail to comprehend the damage my tongue
inflicts against the washer board sky
even the angels cant stand the earthquaking snake
the spilling murder of crows all cawing my name
against drifting clouds the farmers son breaks
his knuckles against his wifes shattered sigil face
she watches in glass eyes glazed over in plagues
too carrion to notice how frail theyve become
your silhouette on the edge of the door
strung highways from the sky
stretched ribs we can feast
i see crashing cars in your smile
and your chest beats dry leaves
ive got this match in my throat
ill vomit in venomous bile
up the match, up the heart, up the blood in the nile
strike against your shirt, foliage caught flame
its hard to see you in autumn blood flakes
you wave your fingers in chalkboard distaste
these flames arent my color, do you have them in blue?
rats in your throat, scream light forever more
come on, my love, give it to me
come on and die

my my my nails peel back
fumbled the ball in the dark alley?s bowl
come full circle now, break into the dawn
the eagles ditch skies for aquaeous couch cushions
blind, grind, wind into my arms
there are freckles on your face
the bullet holes of angels
i see harvest grain on your skin
the fingernails of dawn
and i?ll peel back all my skin
strip down to my very bone
you?ll see the frogs in my stomach
croak nightingale hellos
as bone passes to thought
frocked by dozens of crows
my heart shrieks love?s trumpet
twisting bleak in the gallows
i saw a cataract smile in the face of the dead
fetched glorious starlight in grips of a boy
this crimson cherub against my breast
feels to the angels like home
i?ll peel all my skin back
to show you my thoughts
etched on the veins of god?s white design:
?please let me comfort you
?come drown by my side?

just what i am
bolt the gate and run to the bone-laden tower
shut the curtains they?re outside our lawn
shamans dancing across the astroturf
setting fire to the pack of wolves on the catwalk
tape up the cracks on the sky
gluing the broken pieces of glass against your skin
we?ve made this art our body
our legs the audience in the burning theater
i?ll run forever
i am the eyes in the shower room
i?ll cut and sever
i am the snarling wedding groom
all hail the budding storm on our backs
burning brightly in times of distress
long live the prosthetic dirt wives
investing their time in the harlequin dramas
there?s a choir in my mouth
the black tongue proclaiming its truce
glittering teeth eyes brush the dust
they?re building an ark out of my insulation wire
i?ll stop at nothing
i am the horn in your pillow case
i?ll fetch the claws for cutting
i am the knife in your dripping face
i am the starving and starry-eyed
i?ll eat you alive
i am the mouth of the moon

and what you’ve become
rot the thorns that ambush the widow
crows are circling in the fracture skull
we are the boys trapped in a motherly stare
we are the girls beheading hopes at the foot of your bed
your consecrated chapels
are but a crown of maggots
on a glass podium in the hall
our lives rest in size 12 times roman font
we are the braille on your mnemonic tongue
we are the girls breaking the chalkboards in the school
all the webs you weave
are catching flies in the church
lies caught in the silk strands
blemish lines on the desert and the sea
sawing the pavement with fingernail bones
denting the bedpans to leave it bare
a murder of business suits on the sunlight anecdote
copulating wild on the hospital beds
we are the snarling and freckled cheeks
we are angels in a snuff film
you are the torn out wings
i?ll eat you alive

For those curious, I’ve been going through some hard times in which I was beaten into an emotional pulp by a girlfriend of two years and then tossed aside for an online bf. That’s the tip of the iceburg for those who wish to know where I’m coming from with this song.

inspired by thoughts of wednesday
if you could hold my hand
we could walk across the ocean and into the driftwood
if you could touch my skin
youd feel the leather on my bones, a purse full of skulls
if i could write a song
the radio wouldnt play it, for fear of sirens
if you could only keep my alive
then my pride would never kill this town
and then you could feel what ive been feeling
we could share in something more than what was
a summer love lasting twenty months too long
hot and arid, it hit us like a dangerous summer
love like a shotgun to the chest, and the lungs begin to collapse
i wrote this song for you
a dry punch to the face of those oblivious to pain
leaving scars like suns setting across an origami zoo
its not this pride that drowns my words
but all this doubt that replaced your body on my bed
a hot breath on the windowsill
your fingers tracing goodbyes to me from the car
i love yous never bringing you back to me
so i took my head in my hands and tore out all my doubt
i looked clearly at the sun and picked out the remnants of a heart
and all this cocaine hit my face
snowstorms in the middle of summer
a snowplow nose clearing my way to brighter days
while the rain wraps around me in a static lullaby
its how we deal with the pain of an amputated limb
late-night drives thinking of the bottom of a river, a hole between the eyes
and then i wrote this song for you
its not the words i should write but its the ones that got me out that night
when there were sirens outside my door and the snowstorm was so loud
but then the rain, it hit this town
and it washed away your scent from pillow sheets
like the sails on the ships of the dead
if you could hold my pen
then you could feel what ive been feeling
if i could understand
maybe my words wouldnt hang onto you
but then i wrote this song
and it was all for you

With this song/poem, I tried to discard the ambiguous and meaningless lyrics of my previous poems and just write what I felt in a language anyone could understand. It’s one thing to make complex metaphor and relate it to the destruction you feel after a relationship, but I think it takes a stronger writer/person to actually put it simply to words that aren’t overly (for lack of a better word) emo-tastic.

Yeah, a bit egotistical, but I’d like to think I reside in the latter.

And don’t try to convince me otherwise. :slight_smile:

tonight you took away a little more than just my breath
hold me down to this moment in time
where the setting sun is my torch
to burn forever more as a funeral pyre to times that will never end
now you remember of when i spoke
about the song i wrote for you
written in the scrawl of the dearly departed
fingernail unease scratching a lullaby to rock you to paradise
i remember what you said, but im still so proud
the sun is always setting on the things i do
ive never been as poetic as when im writing about you
words like a hard left hook into my speakers
i think one day ill die from all this litany
and ive said it once but it bears repeating
when i wrote this song for you i was mad
at the sunset for taking you away
at the words that never came
at the way you tossed what was aside and picked up anew
you cant stop me from singing this out
my lungs burn with things unsaid
my mouth is a flamethrower aimed at the dry leaves in your eyes
those big pools of love i cant get out of my head
but youve got your fingers on my wrist
feeling for a pulse in the dead of night
eyes drawn to the ring of a promise broken by nothing at all
it doesnt make a lot of sense, but thats how i am
i rationalize the dramatic while breathing this smoke across your face
so wheres my hope in all of this mess?
broken shards of glass to serve as my new shoes
and here i am with this pen in my hand
writing a soliloquy about sadness, with no happy ending in sight
but this is how we survive in the world
pain by pain, tear by tear
ill get through this without you
youve got your toothpicks made into your castle
and ive still got this fire in my stomach
and i cant help but wonder how much itll take to send it to hell