Texting while using 360 TE stick

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to send a message from a 2nd xbox controller(with the text kit) while using the TE stick in the first player slot. Whenever I fire up the second controller, it won’t let me send a message from my primary live ID. Just for reference I generally need this when playing SFIV

Dumb ass question, this I know, but whomever can help me out on this I owe great amounts of e-beers

Your account is assigned to a specific controller port. For example if you sign in with controller 1 you will only be able to access your account on that controller.

In order to send messages with a second controller you will have to sign in to your account with the second controller.

And of course, doing that will sign you out of your account on the TE. :party:

Best solution would be to get a USB keyboard and just plug that into the 360. The Windows key on your keyboard acts as the Guide button on the 360. Or you could use the TE with the on-screen keyboard, though you’d be typing a lot slower that way.

unplug the te stick before you turn the 360 controller on. the controller should connect to what the stick was assigned to. if it goes to a different port then you have to restart your xbox.

It’s that of a long progress for 360?
For PS3 you only press the PS button on your normal controller, and go to your friends list and send the message (You can send it to anyone, not just your friends btw.)… you don’t have to login with the account on the other controller :S

Unfortunately, yes. This is because the 360 allows to have more than one XBL account signed in at a time (in case 2 people want to get achievements together or raise their place on the leaderboards, etc). This is also why you cannot switch controller ports easily.

For a person like me, I much prefer the PS3 method because I have maybe used the multiple log in feature on the 360 like 1 or 2 times (excluding times when my friends log in as guests). And a lot of times I am using my GH controller and it’s a pain in the ass to message with it so i use my DS3. Also I have had to change controller ports a lot in the past.

But for a person who has friends over all the time and they both have XBL gold accounts, they would prefer the 360 method.

xbl is pretty damn lame the more I’m using it,

no sent message folder??? What!!???

Cannot text from a separate controller without signing out and re-signing in afterwards??? Did the developers completely disregard any type of optional controllers? (ie TE stick HRAP etc)

you can sign in and send messages on xbox.com while playing.