TFNS: Super Street Fighter Grind Week Registration


You guys know the drill by now.

**1) **Pre-registration on this thread ends on April 30th at midnight. You’ll avoid causing line blockage on the day of if you sign up now. Even if you’re not certain about coming, pre-register anyway. You may also sign up for your friends.

**2) **On the day of the tournament, registration occurs between 12pm-2pm. Unless you talk to Dice or myself beforehand, then there is a chance that you may not be able to enter the tournament bracket once it begins.

3) Price Break Down
Super Street Fighter IV Team Tournament: $10 per player
Super Street Fighter IV Singles Tournament: $10
Tekken 6 Singles Tournament: $5
Soul Calibur IV Singles Tournament: $2

Venue Fee:
Entire Day: $7
4 days/sessions (can be used at any time): $20
8 sessions + free customized T-shirt from our sponsor GDLK: $40

4) Remember to bring exact change on the day of the tournament. It makes my life and your life easier. (But mostly mine.)

As for this thread please keep all spam messages out of here. If you have questions or want more information, you can look here: TFNS Information

Please follow this format when registering:
Gamer Handle:
Location: Please be as specific as possible for those organizing brackets.
Game(s): List all that you will be participating in. (Super Street Fighter IV, Tekken 6, Soul Calibur IV)

Name: Emily Chow
Gamer Handle: Emlarr
Location: Toronto
Game(s): Soul Calibur IV

Thanks guys and Nagata, could you please sticky this thread?


I would certainly like to attend the singles tournament, though unfortunately I can’t commit just yet. Here’s my info for now:

Name: Matt Chan
Gamer Handle: laughingMAN23
Location: Toronto
Game: SSF4

Assuming the venue fee refers to the casual play sessions, I’d love to grab one of those 4 day session tickets too.

And a personal thanks to all the organizers of this. I could never make it out to Hamilton due to lack of a car, so I’m very happy someone took the initiative to make something happen in the city.


Name: Vince Hui
Gamer Handle: RXS
Location: Hamilton
Game: SSF4 Singles

Can i just get a t-shirt for free (Dice you know you love me, come on please send me one for a bribe). LOL No really i just want a t-shirt. How do I gets one.