TFNS Toronto Presents Pre Evo Tune Up July 3 2010

TFNS Toronto Presents Pre Evo Tune Super Street Fighter 4 Tournament June 12 2010

When: July 3 2010
Where: 1444 Dupont St. Unit 15, Toronto On M6P 4H3


If you are coming by TTC you have either the option to get off and Lansdown STN and take the 47 north to Dupont and just walk 2 mins west or you can get off at Dupont STN and take the 47 going west and get off 1 stop after Lansdown.

PARKING: Parking is available right in front of the venue so all is good.

July 3
1:00pm - Registration begins
3:00pm - Super Street Fighter 4 (Xbox)

Super Street Fighter IV Tournament (X-Box360)
$10 entry
(Xbox only)

double elimination tournament
2 out of 3 games per match
3 out of 5 games per semi final match
4 out of 7 games grand finals (players may choose to make it 3/5 if they Agree to)

New Venue fee for Tournament Days

Venue Fee will be $10 with some of it being saved for a bigger event the TFNS staff are planning. This is only for tournament days and does not affect the casual sessions.

Good luck to the guys going to evo.

I was gonna say how can you have a Pre Evo tune up when you’re not including TvsC, than realized that from what I have gathered only 3 Canadians are representing TvsC at Evo…:sad:

Vaugh or Dice: If it’s alright with you, i want to run a Tekken Tournament on that day as well. We got a person from NYC coming down. Get back to me. You guys got my digits.


double post.

Russel no problem

I’m contacting Buffalo and Syracuse to see if any of them want to come for this.
Might make it more worthwhile for them if there’s a Pot Bonus.
I’m adding Pot Bonus for Tekken to get a few out of towners to come.


4th of July weekend. ouch.

this is very doubtful for me at least.

July 3rd are you insane. don’t you know Lesnar vs Carwin is fighting that night!

^ i have to watch carwin knock peeps out with 3 punches

Run UFC @ TFNS. I’ll chip in if I come.

SF and UFC would be godlike.

Dunno what I’m doing that weekend though. I’ll see if I can finally make it out to TFNS…

same night as ufc? …

i like the way you think Mr. Tik-Tok

Highly illegal. If you get caught you will be fucked. Though the idea is nice though.

:confused: What’s illegal about ordering a PPV? :confused:

I’m assuming you need a licence to use it to make profit at a commercial venue. You can’t just pay the regular PPV rate. Bars and stuff pay huge fees to air it, which is why all bars don’t air it.

If I understand licensing in this regard, TFNS would be accountable assuming they were a commercial establishment making a profit from the actual event. However, the venue would be making money from the tournament itself while a segment of the patrons (rather than the establishment) would be order the show for private use.

its a gray area, but i think you’d be fine…i mean, you could always just stream it so this is a much better alternative lol

WTF you talking about, how is streaming the PPV a better alternative solution?

get hyped

LESNAR FTW! any takers?

reading > you lol

i said this a better solution then streaming