TFNS Toronto Presents: Pre-T11 SSFIV Teams 7/31st


TFNS Toronto Presents Pre T11 Super Street Fighter 4 Team Tournament

I talked to TFNS about this and they seem to agree in a Pre-T11 tournament rule practice. I want to test out SBO rules to familiarize players with it.

When: July 31st, 2010
Where: 1444 Dupont St. Unit 15, Toronto On M6P 4H3


If you are coming by TTC you have either the option to get off at Lansdowne STN and take the 47 north to Dupont and just walk 2 mins west or you can get off at Dupont STN and take the 47 going west and get off 1 stop after Lansdowne.

Parking is available right in front of the venue so all is good.

Sat: July 31st
1:00pm - Registration begins
3:00pm - Super Street Fighter 4 (Xbox)

Super Street Fighter IV Team Tournament (X-Box360)
$10 entry
(Xbox only)

Team Tournament Rules:
Double Elimination Bracket
SBO Rules
Character Lock
Ultra can only be changed when you lose

Example of SBO Rule:
Team 1 has player A, B, C.
Team 2 has player D, E, F

Player A can take out Team 2 just by 1 player beating all of them. This will advance them to the next round. Team 2 can still come back from the Loser Bracket after that. Also keep in mind that the match between players is not best of 3. You lose 1 match, the next player from that team plays next. If there are no players left on the team, that decides the winner.

Grand Finals is the only exception to this rule. The team that makes it out of the Losers Bracket will have to beat the Winners Final Team twice. Winners Finals team only needs to beat you once.

The only difference here is that its a double elimination bracket. SBO is clearly all single elimination process but to be fair, double elimination is good enough.

Casuals stations will be available for players who loses early in the tournament. So don’t worry about losing, just keep playing to get better. That is the only way.

New Venue fee for Tournament Days:

Venue Fee will be $10 with some of it being saved for a bigger event the TFNS staff are planning. This is only for tournament days and does not affect the casual sessions.

I expect this tournament to move along rather quickly because of SBO Rules. So if there’s time, there maybe a Singles tournament after.

T11 SSFIV Bracket Organizers: Please try to make this tournament. I want you guys running this. It’s not only for players to familiarize but you guys as well.

Vince: If the cable is good (I have to confirm), please also bring your Stream Equipment if possible. You can make necessary.

Tekken 1on1 Tutorial Session: @6p

Have you ever wanted to play Tekken but need someone to show you how to play?
During the SSFIV Team Tournament, I will be having my own monitor to teach anyone who wants to play. The Tekken community needs young bloods and i’m sure some of you would like to learn another game other than SSFIV.

The tutorial is 1on1 so it would be just me and you for about 15-20mins. It’s free so no need to worry about payment.

If you have any questions about the tournament or 1on1 session, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Gentlemen, starts your teams.



FUCK the ultra lock rule. Ultras significantly change certain matchups, and there is absolutely no reason to handicap a character by forcing them to stick with an ultra. If the rule is in place only because the Japanese do it, please, PLEASE, PLEASE drop it.


yes please take off the ultra locked rule that is stupid


neo russel: i’m assuming its $10/player to join?


Sorry, I thought Ultra Lock was the standard rule. If most of the tournaments in Toronto does allow Ultra change, I don’t have a problem changing that.

Eric: I’m always worried about people who can’t come because it’s $10 entry fee plus the Venue fee as well. I’m leaning towards $10 entry fees for SSFIV now. Regardless of it being Singles or Teams. I know it sucks and people will bitch but it’s a tournament and the entry has to say that you commit to spending that money to be better. Atleast that’s my opinion.



In a team format, an Ultra Lock Rule would cripple a lot of players considering the matchup changes twice within a team set.

That rule should really be adjusted/scrapped.


Isn’t this the date that you wanna move the T11 tourney to accomodate an american player that got bodied by Adon?


This is July 31st.


im going back to sleep. . .


I vote ultra lock. If u allow ultra changes, you might as well let the winner change characters.


I agree with this post

lock them ultras downnnnnnnn


I agree with whatever Teddy has to say


To Neorrussel

While I am fairly new to the game and never been to TFNS. i would like to voice my opinion on the entry fee
while yes we should pay the venue fee i really dont think we should have to pay an extra 10 for a practice tourny just to have people familiarized with the rules.

you may have other plans for this date i don’t know
but you never mentioned it in this thread ( Maybe have prizes. I Don’t Know. I May Not Be Joining Anyway )
i’ll be waiting for an update on this post.

also how many casual stations do you think will be set-up?


Mickeyds: Regardless of the SBO rule practice, this is still a tournament. SSFIV tournaments are always $10 in Toronto. There will be 8 stations at our disposal during that day. I’m sure we’ll only use half of that for tournament after a certain time. So you’ll have casual stations to improve your game.

I’m double checking the Ultra Lock rule.



What? This doesn’t even make sense…


SSFIV Rules taken from EVO website. Since everybody is following EVO rules, no reason to make up our own.

Rules: If the players do not agree on a stage within 15 seconds, the match will be random stage select.
Winner must keep the same character, but can select a new ultra in game 2 or 3, but has to pick the ultra before the opponent picks theirs.

As long as the 1st match winner picks the Ultra first, he can choose to change his ultra to their liking. 1st Match Loser can pick whatever he wants after his opponent has chosen.



this is just a random question
and im sorry if i wasn’t clued in on this earlier
but why only xbox 360?

whats so bad about the ps3?

and neo
If you still need and extra ps3 BB:CS

Im Your Man


I vote on a nagata lock on them ultras


Dang, I might be on vacation when this goes down. If not I’ll try to make it down, especially for the Tekken 1on1 thing. I just got the game today, so learning the basics from someone would be godlike.


we have no issue with ps3 its just that we have more sticks, boxes etc for xbox.