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I’ll make some random avatars whenever I’m bored. They’re free to take. Just follow the rules.

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1. Do not ask me to design you an avatar. This is not a request thread.
2. These avatars are exclusively for use at SRK Forums only.
3. Post in this thread if you decide to take an avatar.
4. Please credit me in your signature or title if you decide to use one of my avatars.
5. Save and upload the avatar to SRK! My server may go off-line thus breaking your avatar.
6. You may not modify any of the works presented in this post.

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2/19/2011 - More avatars coming soon! Maybe even some non-prem ones.

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2 Sents 1 Avatar is 2 Good. (Wishes he had prem).


You and me both. :lol:


Using that Kefka one :cool:


Sweeeeeet. Enjoy. I’ll probably be making some more Final Fantasy ones in similar fashion.

Oh yeah, and if someone could tell me the exact Premium avatar file-size limit, that would be great. I’m guessing 75kb.


Taken from the setting screen:

Note: The maximum size of your custom image is 160 by 100 pixels or 73.2 KB (whichever is smaller).

Be sure to do a Sabin one :wink: maybe a Bum Rush loop if possible :bgrin: