TGA didn't happen and I need something to do at ORBIT on 04/14 (CvS2/MvC2/3S/A3)

ugh … damn exam week …

if u can hold off anything till 6 i can make it otherwise no dice

Odd twist; I’m blowing off my own tourney I made because everyone blew off the tourney I wanted to attend.

Jays game > ORBIT

LOL now THATS Justice :rofl: :lol:

the irony :rofl:

well if anything goes down saturday somewhere or wtv and its reasonable distance from scarborough and other random factors that may prevent me from going, someone send me a pm

so is this canceled or we still gnna run a mvc2/3s tourny?

Yeah Im confused whats going on offically on friday and saturday now?

friday is ranbat, it has nothing to do with this tourney.

Ranbat is for sure. This tourney is still a go if people show up. I’ll be there to help run stuff, I dunno how much that matters though.

Anyways, Clock Jr. is gonna be in town, gotta show him to all the players he didn’t get to see at MAT (nobody. . .).

Pretty sure Gerjay or I will run Marvel if there’s at least 8.

all marvel heads make it to this!


I forgot the CD too.

This is Payback posting on behalf of Clock Jr because for some reason he can’t seem to post in this thread from where he is.

ClockJr would like for someone to contact him at 1-514-295-1808 before 1:30pm if there is a tournament today (you can text message him if you dont want to pay for long distance)
If a girl answers the phone please do not refer to him as ClockJr but rather Kenneth otherwise a great deal of drama will ensue

No one will know by 1:30 whether or not a tourney is happening. We won’t know if there will be enough people to run a tourney until around 3:00.

But I will call and ask for ClockJr because that just sounds like too much fun.

omgasl if girl answers.

my understanding is that his gf is opposed to him playing video games
but i guess you can go ahead and pull an april fools prank on him