TGA Ranbat #2.4 Results (7/21/07) SEE YA'LL AFTER DA EVO AND DA SBO!

Street Fighter III: 3rd strike Singles

  1. KOfiend [YA]
  2. Jjuice [UR]
  3. dXp [KE]
  4. Wall [GO]
  5. Nestor [YU]
  6. Flare [RY]

Street Fighter III: 3rd strike Teams**

  1. Team Wall-ocious (Da Wall/Jjuice)
  2. Team I’m Scared of Black People (KOfiend/Edpachi)
  3. Team Surprisingly Good (dXp/Supaman)
  4. Team Splash Attack! (Nestor/Mr. Quotes)
  5. Team Curry (Andy/Lilbunnyfufu)
  6. Team Bloody Tuna Melt (Chibi/Zar)

Capcom vs SNK 2**

  1. T Rex
  2. Da Wall
  3. Ernest
  4. Weak Sauce
  5. Jjuice
  6. JCaddles

Guilty Gear XX AC**

  1. NerdJosh [FA]
  2. Azn Dave [PO]
  3. Moeun [SO]
  4. RedBeard [AX]
  5. T Rex [TE]
  6. Gavin [ED]

Super Turbo**

  1. dXp
  2. John Rambo
  3. Da Wall
  4. Nestor
  5. Supaman
  6. Gridman

Marvel vs Capcom 2**

  1. T Rex
  2. JCaddles
  3. dXp
  4. Weak Sauce
  5. Xeriak
  6. Jjuice

Tekken 5: DR

  1. Nelson [Steve]
  2. Jjuice [Hei]
  3. Moeun [Hwo]
  4. Xeriak [King]
  5. Gridman [King/Drag]
  6. Quotes [Yoshi]

**Melty Blood: AC

  1. Zar
  2. Dippy
  3. Korean DJ
  4. Da Cheebz aka Chibi
  5. Spithicus
  6. Kayin

I want to thank EVERYONE that came and supported us in this past season especially for the guys that help me run tournaments: Phil, Mr Beard, Wil-San, Ness, Min, Dwayne, Brandon, EVERYONE! We will be continuing with our ranking battles after Evolution (probably start around late September/early October). Season 3 will hopefully have MORE new games, players, and direct feed for other games and have outside/crowd audio mixed into it, cuz this shit is TOO HYPEEEDDDD!!!

So i hope to see everyone come back next year and with new faces so that we can build our community to an even larger scale! EVERYONE TAKE CARE AND BE SAFE! WE’LL SEE YOU AFTER EVO! :CHINA::CHINA::CHINA:

With :lovin:,
Tokyo Game Action Staff

p.s. Team tournaments are too GDLK, we need to do more of these even if it is free entry. Next we should do ST and then switch to other games in a rotation format; sound good? GOOD! :wgrin:

p.s.s. Video footage of our Ranbats and other TGA recorded video look here:

TGA Rankings for Season 2

**SFIII:3rd Strike

  1. Jjuice - 28 pts
  2. Smoothcat - 11 pts
  3. AneurysmX/Da Wall/KOfiend - tied 10 pts
  4. Js Master/Hector Santiago/Nestor - tied 7 pts
  5. Edpachi/dXp - tied 5 pts
  6. iLL wiLL - 4 pts
  7. Dark Dragon/Gavin/Colin/Flare - tied 1 pt

Capcom vs SNK 2

  1. Nestor - 30 pts
  2. Smoothcat - 17 pts
  3. Black Ino - 16 pts
  4. VDO - 13 pts
  5. Ernest - 9 pts
  6. Da Wall - 8 pts
  7. Min Masters - 5 pts
  8. JCaddles/Weak Sauce - tied 4 pts
  9. Ratio 1 Beat Down/Jjuice - tied 1 pt

Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection**

  1. Jjuice - 34 pts
  2. Nelson - 22 pts
  3. Josh Wong/Gavin - tied 10 pts
  4. Xeriak - 9 pts
  5. Moeun - 8 pts
  6. Chad - 5 pts
  7. Pancho - 3 pts
  8. Taye/gridman - tied 2 pts
  9. Plural/Sabin/Quotes - tied 1 pt

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core**

  1. Homer/NerdJosh - tied 20 pts
  2. RedBeard - 18 pts
  3. Azn Dave - 14 pts
  4. Moeun - 13 pts
  5. T-Rex - 11 pts
  6. Vyers - 5 pts
  7. Gavin - 2 pts
  8. Dark Dragon/iLL wiLL/Abstract/Jjuice/Nestor - tied 1 pt

SF: Super Turbo**

  1. DXP - 30 pts
  2. Black Velvet Ryu - 14 pts
  3. Nestor - 9 pts
  4. VDO/Da Wall - tied 8 pts
  5. Sabin - 7 pts
  6. Ernest/Smoothcat/Alex K/gridman/Supaman - tied 1 pt


  1. DXP - 10 pts
  2. Bacardi - 7 pts
  3. Da Wall - 5 pts
  4. Black Velvet Ryu - 3 pts
  5. Smoothcat - 1 pt
  6. Alex J - 1 pt

Marvel vs Capcom 2**

  1. DXP - 22 pts
  2. Nestor - 18 pts
  3. JCaddles/T-Rex - tied 16 pts
  4. Js Master - 10 pts
  5. Ratio 1 Beat Down - 7 pts
  6. Jjuice/Weak Sauce - tied 6 pts
  7. Paul B - 4 pts
  8. VDO - 3 pts
  9. Xeriak - 1 pt

Melty Blood: AC v.B**

  1. Zar - 30 pts
  2. Dippy - 17 pts
  3. Korean DJ - 15 pts
  4. Master Chibi - 13 pts
  5. Spithicus - 9 pts
  6. Damien - 7 pts
  7. Juice - 6 pts
  8. iLLwiLL - 5 pts
  9. Tinshi - 4 pts
  10. Kayin - 2 pts

alright, lets get some vids up, some of those matches were HOT!

Good games to everyone I played. See you all again.
Looking forward to the vids!

c/p from

Ok, Saiyd and myself had a good long chat on the bus ride back (thank you traffic ._.) and we’ve more or less decided that we’re probably (99% sure) not going to return to TGA. There’s too much stress just getting there, and then Saiyd and myself have to go through the fact that we’re STILL not used to the speed of the arcade version (in reality the amount of time we’ve spent playing at TGA doesn’t even add up to an entire day, where as you ‘local’ folk have gotten far, far more then that under your belts)? The hitstop is very much different, Saiyd (of all people) can’t do Aoko’s BnB, it took me three trips to TGA just to do Hisui’s. Shit’s just a headache. Zar was getting angry at you for a reason KDJ, you were pulling some stupid shit that he would have fucked you over for real good on the PS2, but his confidence is half that at TGA (hell, the first time we went he was worried he wasn’t even going to place).


The real kicker was the fact that people STILL love talk shit about the game, disrespect it, hell they talk shit about it while they’re standing right next to us AS WE’RE FUCKING PLAYING like I can’t hear them, walk infront of me as I’m CLEARLY taping matches, and the numbers have just dwindled down to the point where it’s obvious that noone at TGA gives a fuck for the game, and that Saiyd and myself have to bust our ass, make someone go out of their way to pick us up, house us, and that things will pretty much not change anytime soon. The cabinet would be getting so much more love in NYC, I’m sure the scene would have doubled even. At the very least, it’d be amongst people who could appreciate the game with an open mind to bother playing it at all.

With the PC version coming out this week, even if the port is half way decent, it’ll more or less be enough for us not to visit TGA again.

No hate to TGA as venue, nor Andy for ever being gracious enough to buy the game in the first place, or Dipstick going as far as he has to push it, or those few folks who have been playing with us from day one, but enough is enough. Wake the fuck up and give the god damn game a try already.

We’ll see, your next ranbats in three months anyway.

God New Yorkers always think they have it the worst, too bad Melty Bums!!!:arazz: I’ll be ready for you guys when the pc version comes out.:lovin:

You don’t do shit with MB Josh, I’ll put money on it. I’m not asking anyone to migrate over to the game, but don’t give me shit and give me a headache when I chuck $80 and take 14 hours out of my weekend just to get to you guys. Damn.

I’m not giving you shit at all but as a guilty player I’ve been given that from the start. Welcome to the street fighter scene, we love ya! Driving to the break from RI border leaves me at the same disadvantage if not worst. I ended up spending 80$+ this TGA trip also… so its not like were all locals getting an advantage. Also when I’m confident I’d be good with a money match with ya; STOP GETTIN DISCOURAGEEEED. Adapt, play, have fun, and don’t rely on zeee ps2.

I’m not relying on the PS2 (hello, that’s why I’m going to TGA), but I don’t like making the trek just to deal with childish shit like this.


last time i checked, it was a free country, and people can say whatever they want. especially about video games. not everybody has to like the game just because you do.

i really couldn’t give a damn either way, but seeing you bitching on here is pretty ridiculous. everybody has to travel a long ass way to get to TGA, not just you. are you maybe mad b/c nobody wants to play melty blood? well hell, weren’t we saying since the game came out that it will have very little appeal to the masses, b/c of the game design? deal with it.

you act like you went through some huge horrible mental torment at TGA…give me a break. the fighting game scene has always been full of shittalk and drama, and if you’re not used to it by this point, maybe you need to find a new hobby. please don’t complain because nobody wants to play that ONE game, there are only like 8 more you can play instead…

chi bitch stop fucking crying ok man. bye the way nice fucking avater son i am going to start playing melty ass

<3 chibi

It’s Andy again…

In case everyone missed my post on the other thread…

As I know Gavin is mad busy working on the results thread, I just wanted to post a thank you to everyone who attended. It was great to see everyone and as always it’s an honor to play with you guys!

The team tournament was fun, Juice’s Urien corner juggles are too good! And as always, Quotes’ Makoto was nasty!

I’ll be running around attending to TGA business, we have meetings with the bank for our improvement loan so wish us luck!!

As always it was fun playing with everyone. The team tournament was great.

I spoke to Tom on the West coast, I’m trying to set something up down the line for some Cali palyers to come out for a tournament. Would people be able to help with housing and transportation to help cut some costs for the Cali players?

This is very, very early in planning but if we can at least get a discussion going, I can do my best to make it happen. I’m planning on Fall / Winter for the event. Any commments / ideas?

Thanks everyone!

As for Chibi’s comments, I can understand your frustration. I think MB is worth playing, I started to pick it up when we first got it, but due to the 1 million other things I had to manage I never got a chance to really practice and get into it. That’s really no excuse, I know. It’s my own fault. So I will have to try to get some practice in and enter next time. I at a minimum need to get the basics down.

I hopped over to Meltybread and read something about the video capture not happening. I for one wasn’t aware of this, if something needs to be done to make this happen let me know, I’ll make it happen. I thought the videos were being taken, I actually watched some of the youtube vids and thought they were pretty cool.

The thing that frustrates me is that a LOT of the Bemani flat rate customers during the other 6 weeks or so between ranking battles love this game. How they don’t know about the MB tournaments is a mystery to me. Looking back, I should make more of an effort to promote them. For example the VERY NEXT DAY, I had someone say, “You should have a melty blood tournament someday, I’d do really well, I play all the time.” I was like, WE JUST HAD ONE YESTERDAY! IT WAS ALL OVER THE INTERNET!! But, see, that’s where I failed. Obviously we need to look into other venues for promotion purposes. Maybe the good folks at Meltybread would be able to help out, we can do a joint venture thing. Let me know what I need to do to get the ball rolling on this.

I think most people who play MB casually at TGA outside of the tournament regulars are not competition minded, they are just playing for fun. What I need to do is convince them to enter the tournament so they can see that competition playing makes the game MORE fun and meet the community members. Most of the players I’ve seen don’t have tournament experience, so we will have to get them to take that first step.

I believed in the game so much, I bought the kit for the purpose of sending a team to SBO.
But then the whole SBO drama thing happened, I was told the US wasn’t good enough to enter for MB or GG so I had to stop the quals, but they ended up being run anyway at another location, so I probably should have done qulas anyway. But if I did so, I would have been going against what I was told to do. . so yeah, the fun never ends on the management side.

I know Winchendon is in the middle of nowhere, so I do my best to offset the travel pains by doing the $15 thing, staying open later and providing good food at a reasonable price. In my opinion, we do have a good atmosphere and it’s always a fun time, so I for one am glad you are here.

Well keep me posted I’m always happy to do my best to make the scene bigger, we can get the numbers up there, we just need to get the word out. Maybe even a Melty Blood promo day or something where we train people how to play, set up some PS2 and PC versions as well.

Thanks everyone and keep me posted.


andy, your arcade rules and i will do my best to make it out there for events as much as possible.

if you need ANY help getting West Coast people to TGA let me know, i’m sure i can help work something out. even if it means driving people to/from hotels. we can make this work.

can you say “major at TGA?”

Good. You can continue to listen to me complaining then.

I’ve never said that in the 4-5 years I’ve been playing MB. In fact I’ve never gone so far as to even try to ‘force’ people to play the game, nor make it as if MB is a better game then whatever they’re playing. So I don’t see where you’re going with this.

Well I’d love to be able to share my stories with someone else who actually gets to TGA by public transit, so please show me people who go through three other states from 5am Saturday morning until 2pm that afternoon when they finally get there.

No, I’m mad people are being hella fucking childish in regards to how they decide to treat the game, as if TGA would be better off without it somehow. You don’t have to play the game, but don’t give me shit for playing it. What are we still in middle school? Come on now. You don’t see me coming up to you and calling you a stubborn old fuck for playing ST, do you? I’d like just a tiny bit of decency in return when people already know I come up to my play favorite game. Otherwise I’m free to bitch about people bitching to my heart’s content.

Well you people are still stuck on the game design, no matter what I’ve said in an attempt to show folks there’s actual worthwhile gameplay behind it, but that usually ends up being a lost cause. Nothing new.


That’s ok, I’m fine actually playing MB and ST (even if I suck ass at ST) and everything else under the sun. So I’m not about to give up just because people love to be dickheads about other people enjoying a game they don’t like.

Which I did anyway? Why tell me to stop playing the game I enjoy most?

@ Andy:

You don’t have to do anything. I’ve tried to pull people up to TGA from NYC, but it’s usually just the two other people I come with that are ready and willing anyway. You’ve done more then enough, and the drama with SBO has come and gone, but we hope MB is in SBO next year so we can aim for it next year. Just having it at TGA is more then enough, so don’t worry about anything else. I’ll just cool off and see what goes on with the MB community (especially at EVO world). Perhaps by the next ranbat I can bring up more people.


I have to agree with dsp stop complaining no one wants to hear it at all.

Why the fuck should I care what you want to hear, you were guilty of the shit I’m complaining about.

Why not say something to him there then rather than wait to post on the forums?


all of us walked in front of your camera (me, grid, and caddles). It’s not like it was to intentionally piss you off, but two of us had matches and the other one was going to watch/support. say something to us then and not on an online forum. thanks.


Nah I walked around it

cmon chib-nuts? atleast when u talk to me or juice or people who actually took time to sit down learn stuff about the game we have reasons for not playing it and not just the way it looks. im not even going to repeat my problems with the game cuz that shit has been said and over with no point runnin it back over and over.

and about just hearin the sf players shitting on MB everytime i sat down to play some marvel all i could hear were MB players talking about how marvel is just broken garbage or how 3S is only ken yun chun and how dumb it was.

melty bums ill try to play the game again for the ranbat just to help out the community for it and chibi ran away from our 25 cent money match he didnt wanna lose his call for help quarter

but good shit to everybody who showed up lots of good games

ps gavin cant play makoto for shit.

pps fuck cyclying around for team tourney games 3S 2on2 all day