TGA Ranking Battle 2.3 Results (4/14/07)

**Capcom vs SNK 2 (20 entries)

  1. Captain N
  2. VDO
  3. MinMasters aka Mr Fantastic
  4. Smoothcat
  5. Rob Stevens aka Weak Sauce
  6. Ernest

SFIII:3s (27 entries)**

  1. Mr. Jjuice aka TRAPICANA [UR]
  2. Ricky Santiago [HU]
  3. Edpachi [HU,KE]
  4. Captain N [YU,KE]
  5. iLL wiLL [MA]
  6. Smoothcat [CH]

Tekken 5 DR (17 entries)

  1. Mr. Jjuice [Hei]
  2. Nelson [Steve]
  3. Xeriak [King]
  4. Gavin [DJ]
  5. Taye [Jin]
  6. Arturo Sanchez [Jack5]

GGXX Accent Core (25 entries)**

  1. Homer [SO,ABA]
  2. Azn Dave [JO,PO]
  3. Moeun [SO,CH]
  4. T REX!!! [TE]
  5. Jjuice [Ino]
  6. Nestor [RoboKy]

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (13 entries)

  1. DXP
  2. Captain N
  3. JCaddles
  4. VDO
  5. Weak Sauce
  6. Paul B

Super Turbo (no AE?!:looney: ) (22 entries)

  1. DXP
  2. Arturo
  3. Nestor
  4. VDO
  5. Smoothcat
  6. Alex K

Melty Blood Act Cadenza version B. (13 entries)**

  1. Zar
  2. The Cheebz aka Master Chibi
  3. Dippy
  4. Tinshi
  5. King Dooky aka Retard Tom
  6. Kayin
  • All i have to say is :wgrin: :rolleyes: :looney: :wink: :rofl: :lol: :sweat: :annoy: :wasted: :lovin: :lovin: :lovin: Shoutouts in a few days! <3

Oh just one thing, this tourney was pretty god damn random with the upsets :looney:

Ok I am going to go cry now and go emo for several weeks :sad:

Ok in all seriousness, Nestor is a much better Guilty player than I thought. He sports a pretty damn solid Robo-Ky but I never got to play him because JJuice 2Ked me like 904948035098 times in a row with I-No and I died a rather miserable and embarrassing death. I WANT MY SOUL BACK MR TRAPICANA! I didn’t get to do that money match, so next time I want some matches! I have no I-No experience and I bet you can tell.

Random shoutouts:

Azn Dave: Wow, you’ve been doing your homework. It shows. A lot. I’d like to say I was just tired going to this tournament(I was running on 40 hours of being awake because I didn’t want to sleep through the tournament), but the simple truth is…you just beat me fair and square. I can safely say your AC Johnny is miles ahead of mine.

Nestor: Again, just impressed. You were better than I thought, not an insult but I thought “wtf, Nestor doesn’t even play the game…he can’t be that good” I was wrong, good shit you should definitely play AC Robo-Ky.

Jjuice: Ok it pains me to admit this but my pride actually took a pretty serious hit losing today. I didn’t expect to lose to you, and not only did I lose but I lost in a pretty big way. I want a rematch mang, I need I-No practice. You said you wanted to play me to “level up” lol then you turn around and beat me :frowning:

Kayin: Nice meeting you. I’m sorry about pronouncing your name wrong a million times, really! I just kept forgetting. KAY In, not KY IN.

Gavin/Ill Will/Vyers/T REXX and the rest of you top tier players: Keep up the practice. Honestly people have gotten a lot better and it definitely showed this time. I did not practice since the last ranbat, I let my guard down, and I got fucked up. Good shit :rofl:

goodshit everyone

Wow, 3s results quite different from usual. Good shit guys.

I have to ask though… how did my boys from Maine do? Pete, Knucks… and did Ricky Santiago come w/ them? I’m really excited if that guy is Sidewinder/Sandybags cause of his finish.

Good shit Rob, top 5 in two games… you a beast! (Start playing ST)

good shit VDO! the year of the P continues, lol.

ggs everyone. good times.


ill will aka Willy F. Baby: You too nice.

(real shout outs later)

good shit on helping me level up on jap sticks @ tga guys, your place is too nice, and yall are beasts. That tekken cabinet has godlike sticks (except for the fact that it ate my card) :looney:

I was fucking on POINT in marvel but i had a REALLY close match with Caddles and one key match was both of us having cable vs cable, about even health, me with 1 meter, him with two, and him chipping me with like 8 seconds left. Time ran out and i lost.

Smooth, i’m gonna have my goddamned revenge in cvs2 next time. Be ready, i’m not gonna fuck up easy shit and i’ll be a little more patient.:lol:

Good shit to everyone. Real shoutouts someday soon.

This tournament was good practice for MvC2 and ST. and I think with a little more time I’ll be there in 3s/CvS2. I dunno why but overall I had a better time this time than last…probably because we took out shitty ST and put in AE, which INSTANTLY doubled the entries…people were literally running to register for ST when they heard it was put into the cabinet :rofl:

Good shit to everyone. Also I guess I will make it 100% official here so there are no questions: I will not be entering the SBO qualifiers for AE. I do not like the game at all, and I do not have the time/money to take off to go to Japan for a trip where I will be primarily forced to play a game I dislike. If SBO was having ST I would be there in an instant. But I cannot honestly say with a clear conscience that if I won the qualifier, than I would go to Japan and try 100% to focus on learning the game and beat the Japs. Honestly, when it comes to AE, I just don’t give a shit.

Good luck to whoever does enter the AE qualifiers and if you need any tips feel free to ask me.

gavin or whoever is responsible please get those vids up! if u have any of mine i wouldnt mind seeing them (tourney/casual)

good see you art you need to come down more son

Good shit at this tourney, I had a great time. Good matches to all I played~

I deserved to loose at that tournament. I got a little too cocky with Nestor. I knew i could beat him in AC, but I got cocky and was ready to talk shit to him if i won. I thought I won, but ended up getting up out of my seat at the wrong time. What a god damn idiot I am. That was sad. lol

I take no pride in myself. Abstract has been shut down…will be reborn. My own costume has been taken a BITE out of.


JJuice…mad respect for ya. Your I-No is smart. Good shit
Redbeard…as usual you are a God. I learn something new everytime. Sooner or later i will be able to beat you. That is my goal.
Homer…glad to finally get an understanding of your skills. All this time I missed out on how BEASTLY you are in that shit.
TonyB…what happened to that beastly Testament?
Captain N…bad shit…very bad shit. lmao. I need more chicken.
Moeun…wow. Great fucking casuals man. really good learning from you.
Weak Sauce…you now officially have my utmost respect. You came hard that day and alot better than before. What happened to Craig? And John and Alex did their shit too.

accent core is too fun! i need to get a jap ps2 or moded one when it hits console! ggs to all who placed and played! you guys are what makes the ranbat worth it everytime i go. and that goes for all the games. until next time, peace!

I was doing more entertaining things.

good shit to everyone i played and met up shouts lata

GG to both people I played in GGXXAC. Can’t wait until the next RanBat.

im actually at the wallcade right now, shit is off the hook son for those of us that remember walls original underground lair :looney:

yo how long you going to be there for. i might come down there and play and shit