TGB (The Great Battle) (2006)(2007)(2008)

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I know there s been also a 2006 edition with KOFXI ( Here some videos and here too ) and KOF98OG ( here some videos ), and of course a 2007 edition with the beloved KOF2002OG ( more than 2 hours video ) and again KOF98OG ( here some videos ) !!

What do you guys think of this competition? Worth a look? To me yes, there are a lot of interesting stuff going on in there! Pity that there won’t be anymore TGB :frowning:
Well enjoy them all!! :lovin:

I remember uploading the kof98UM tournament, only to get all my videos muted by youtube because they happened to be playing Nickelback in the background.

It’s China, yes? I just noticed that KOF 97 is involved.

Is it SNK-only? Looks like there’s a Chun-Li in the posters/promotional art. :rofl: Thanks for sharing!

Not only snk but also capcom and namco :slight_smile: if you want i can give u the links for street fighter TS and tekken6

fuck youtube

Hmm so when is TGB '09 gonna happen?

if 97 is that huge in china then why nobody play it on ggpo

It was more “casually” popular. balance issues of 97 kept it out of the competition, but who doesn’t like to infinite a cpu?

there won’t be any TGB09… Who knows…maybe next year…anyway nowadays there are plenty of KOF2k2UM tourney in China,mostly in Guangzhou… a TGB10 would be great though if they put KOF2k2UM and KOF12 in :cybot:

hey fiol just wanted to thank you for uploading those 97 vids… haven’t seen good 97 footage in like forever… i swear 97 is the most fun kof ever… just soo much rape… hey who r the top-tiers in 97? i never knew about forums or frames or tiers back when i used to play in the arcades… so me and my friends guessed iori, kyo, terry, goro, clark, o.yashiro, athena & beni…

Yamazaki has to be up there cause he has a braindead easy infinite that can be done midscreen and started from a c.B or s.C. Terry also has a midscreen infinite that easy to setup and relatively easy to execute. Kyo has a corner infinite from qcf+D.D but it’s not that easy to do. I’m not sure if Iori can infinite with Scum Gale in this, but he’s already pretty damn good without that (can do s.C into Scum Gale at the least).

Other than that I’m not too familiar with '97. Mary seems pretty good in this.

You are welcome even though i didnt upload anything, those videos are from other accounts…unfortunately, i dont have one on youku :china:

On youku there are plenty of kof97 related videos, you just have to know what you are looking for (pity it’s not the same for kof12 :crybaby: )

About the tier list… if you want i can try to ask in some chinese forums i know since they still playing it in arcades/tournaments :china:

IIRC 97 had the best version of Benimaru as well. Very safe qcb+p and a very useful air drill as well. Plays not too differently from his 98 self.

I was expecting Ioris and Benimarus in the 97 matchvids.

well i wish i knew how to read japanese/chinese… or actually lived there… cause i think that’s the only place i’ll ever find any 97 footage… and ya yamazaki, mai, robert were pretty good too…

anyways ya it’s sad to see 12 not getting that much love… honestly it’s a very very solid kof imo… it’s just after so many different kofs super cancels, strikers, max mode, tag systems a lot people …specially the ones who play the most r having a hard time accepting the fact that this isn’t kof12… this is kof - re-designed and re-invented from 94-96… just the simplicity of this game is turning away people who r too used to 2k2 or xi…

honestly if u take simple combo system from 96-97… only keep advanced mode, just make 1 dm available… since there is only 1 gauge …give every character b+C+D instead of guard then C+D, tone down the characters to basic movements like 94-95… and make every character as balanced as possible… add a counter hit stagger system… ad a CC system and a bar… make everyone do fair damage in combos unless they hit with it… and make C+D combo-able …and forget 97-XI existed… i think everyone would be happy with XII…

edit… 4neqs is right… insane jump b priority, big damage combos, safe qcbC, safe drill, a command throw & a command throw dm u know what that means in 97 terms beni had it all… and if i remember correctly if not iori …i think o.iori could infinite with his command throw…

that move where he jumps back away at the end,haha so good

too bad snk removed it in 98

well if you want i can send you an mp with some video links about kof97 :slight_smile: just let me know i will do that for you.

Unfortunately, at least in HK, people stuck with kof2k2og and kof98og/um … they feel like kof12 is nothing compared to combomaniac game such as kof2k2og… very few touch it at the arcades (mostly because it’s expensive…about 4HKD a credit) and very few play it at home cause of the online. It’s hard for them to switch from the kof2002 system to kof12 system :frowning:

about kof97…there is no chance to find it on any arcades in HK (unless in those multigame cabinets) cause they don’t play it anymore, so the chinese kof97 scene is just in China…and they LOVE Mary … anyway if you want i can ask about their tier list, just let me know. :china:

that would be awesome man… if u could find me some good 97 footage and the actual tier list… do u have psn? if so add me… and we can play some xii…

and its exactly what u said that turns of most veterans from 12… no super crazy ass combos outside of CC… unless u count someone being able to do shen’s JFs and actually after the psn patch the online has been alot better… hopefully xbox gets it soon… but honestly for me i never really got that deep into 2k2 or xi… just messed around with it… mostly cause i couldnt find anyone to play with… but the kofs i mostly played were 97, 01 but never used strikers …just clark & goro, 98, 96, 99 & 95… so since i wasnt really all that wowed at the later kofs getting more and more complicated, i was happy to hear the director of the game on an interview said "fighting games these days r getting too complicated, so with xii we decided to just bring back simple gamplay like old kofs so people can spend more time having fun play the game and figure out how to beat the opponent with mindgames rather than spending days learning combos and be on point to execute this big ass combo at will… not exact quote …but moral

well pal unfortunately i don’t have any nextgen console yet ( :wow: :crybaby: ) so i can’t play any kofxii BUT if i had one most probably we couldn’t fight each other since i’m from Italy and you from Canada :chat: ( i had some good lag free games against canadian on 2df though (if you have 2df we can arrange something but our timezone is pretty different) ) :shake:

anyway no problem about the kof97 thing i will find some interesting videos tomorrow (it’s night here in italy) and post em here and send a mp to you… as far as the tier list is concerned,i will ask about it tomorrow hoping to receive an answer for sunday!
Besides your request about the chinese tier list i will ask also how the chinese (in China) feel about kof12! I know about HK but China could be different… stay tune! :china:

thanks a bunch man… i actually been playing 2df for about a month now… if i knew before what 2df or ggpo was i would be playing for years so far i’ve been just playing metal slug or cadillacs & dinosaurs… just mostly beat em ups till i figure out how to get my ps3 controller working in my pc… then i’ll be playing kof and lb2… and maybe some waku waku 7 as well …lol but ya my id there is t3h_mastaroth

King Of fighters 97 Music Video Combo (13mins)

King Of fighters 97 Combo Moive ( i know it should be Movie but it’s Chinglish so… :smiley: ) (19mins)

King Of fighters 97 Another CMV (9mins)

King Of fighters 97 Another CMV (37mins!!!)

King Of fighters 97 All Daimon (5mins)

Some Games from an Arcade (casuals,no tourney)(28mins)

Kof97 QinHong VS GongrenLujiang (1st match)

Kof97 QinHong VS GongrenLujiang (2nd match)

Kof97 QinHong VS Jufan

Kof97 She VS Wa (1st match)

Kof97 She VS Wa (2nd match)

Kof97 Tianjin Chakin VS Zhengyangyaolin (25mins)

2008 JiangYin Kof97 Competition (49mins)

Kof97 Wuzhihui VS Yaxiaoba (54mins)

Kof97 Some Games hosted by Vamei Vga Community (arcades)

if you want more…just give me a shot! :china: