TGS 2009 Jeuxactu interview with Masaaki game on the way?


Can someone translate this? oO

I think it’s this:

You know maybe not but this year, SNK Playmore has not seen fit to install a booth at the Tokyo Game Show 2009. The lack of new titles and the need to make some economies are undoubtedly the main reasons for absenteeism. This has not prevented Masaaki Kukino, the branch responsible for Research & Development at SNK Playmore, and incidentally the producer on the game The King of Fighters XII, to be back at the show. Her presence did we not escape and we are eager to interview him about the future and the next episode in KOF coming soon. This is a little restraint that evokes the forthcoming The King of Fighters XIII in front of our camera. It signed an exclusive JeuxActu.

All it means is that, despite being late once again to the party, there’s talk about KOF XIII coming soon.

Alright crazed fanboys and disappointed gamers… start the flood.

I think that guy was too eager to hear about KOFXIII. Seems logical that the next game be the one that Trieu was talking about earlier this year.

Which was?

So uh…is this a teaser to a interview with this guy and a reveal of XIII or at least confirmation that its coming?

I just hope all the missing characters whose data was on the 360 disc are in XIII. Specifically Vice.

So if XIII is really coming soon, that means that all of the features/characters/stages we will get there should’ve been on Kof XII.
I hope they don’t fuck that up again.

I expect more stages and “features” from any game (Even though I really couldn’t care less about that)

But you expected more than 20 characters for a complete re-haul of a game like this?
It’s only got a few less than the first KoF, and 10 more than Blazblue, when you have a huge roster like KoF it’s impossible to give everyone every character they wanted, so they gave (mostly) everyone some characters they wanted.

The only people who got every character they wanted are the generic Kyo/Iori/Joe team users, god I would have loved this game so much last year…

kof12 didnt go smoothly though, so who knows what snk’s plans are now

That’s unfair. You forgot Robert and Ass Crimson. Generic scrub users love those characters too man.

tbh i could almost be happy with basically the same characters and moves if they added in
loads of
story,quest,trial,challenge,good online,varied online,competetive online and etc…

the install on this game is 700mb.

fill up the disk with something ffs.

Quest? Varied online? WTF are those?

If they intend on re-hauling the engine then I think it will surly merit a new installment, but if we are just getting some new characters, and a few new modes then they just need to call this KOFXII: UM or something.

Regardless I love this franchise too much to turn away a new KOF.

samspi vs. last blade?


This is how it’s been since KoF Began.

XIII won’t be a hit. 480p sprites will never be accepted by casuals - even a lot of fighting fans nowadays make fun of them. Even if XIII played exactly like 2002, i bet people won’t support it.

i don’t know…the problem of KOF12 was the gameplay not the graphic … ppl still playing 2k2 (og/um) and 98 (og/um) not because of the graphics but cause of the gameplay (even though i can’t see much differences between KOF98 gamesystem and KOF12 gamesystem)… in HK ,ppl are not interested in a new gameplay such as “CC” they want something like the BCmode… i think that if SNK succeed to put also the BC mode in the new KOF13,a lot of ppl (to casuals it doesnt matter) would buy/play it. If the problem is just because with the new graphic (no casuals inside) seems too new,well the problem is not the SNK but the players,so shame on them, to me the new sprites are excellent (yes i hate the BB graphic/movements) and very smooth…love em.

KOF12 gameplay wise is perfect to my standards (remember that my favourite KOF is the 94 og/rebout :china: ), if they put the run+grab to Clark, the grab to Ralf, Mary, Chang,Choi,Vice,Jubei (from FF) and keep the same gameplay to me KOF13 will be the best …

Yeah, to KoF fans here the problem is “it’s not like 2k2,” actually, that’s their problem with EVERY other KoF after 2k2 >_> The problem with casuals and people without arcades is “not enough content” or “online sucks”

agree :frowning:

You know what the problem is? There’s no HEAVY D. We need HEAVY D to make a return. As a boxer he’s better then Balrog and Dudley.

yeah him too…not bad…why not…vanessa and heavy D together? :lovin: oh wait…why dont they put the boxer team in :
axel (FFS),vanessa,heavy d :lovin: ?
rick (RB2),heavy D,axel ?
:wgrin: would be awesome