Tha fuck is a kara throw?


Search the forums/read threads please… the link below was found in a thread in this very forums…

Step 1: open up 3s general strategy forum in a web browser
Step 2: scroll down the page and look for the thread that has almost the exact same title as yours from less than a month ago
Step 3: Read it.
Step 4: Kara Throw!

edit: bah, or just follow the link in Yuk_Fai’s non-smarmy response.

Hahah… beat you by less than 60 seconds…

SuicidalGrandpa: Dude, I know you mean well… but please search a bit or browse around before asking questions that have been well covered.

Why arent some of these 3s basics stickied by now?

Good question. Someone should compile the main basic threads and get it stickied.

right I agree with this.

sorry to everyone about my lack of searching. I tend to be lazy, and I’m sorry I bothered ya’ll.