Thank EVO STAFF thread!


I was told numerous times throughout the event that it was a “thankless job”, and that they just did it to see the scene grow. But the amount of effort and time they have put into this is beyond anything I can understand.

So, once again, Thank You!

p.s. i will buy you guys some candy for next year k?

Thx for making me play the same guy twice in pools for 3S. :wasted:

Seriously…this topic speaks truth and the guys that run this shit…like that’s a lot of dedication. Taking time away from gaming and getting wasted to put this shit together without a lot of sleep I’m sure. Definitely they have a true passion for fighting games that keeps the scene alive.

first evo world event and wont be the last thanks guys for a great experiance

Didn’t get to go this year, but thanks to all the fellas that allowed us to watch it (live feed), listen in (Alphaism), and read it play by play (mirc). Good shit. Almost felt like I was experiencing what you lucky punks were experiencing over there :smile:. Keep it up.

you’re welcome =

Pryde, i understand you had to do what you had to do and DQ’ed me and i think i found out why i didnt hear my name being being called when my name was called incorrectly in semis, but you were a professional about it all when you told me to speak to one of the Cannon brothers to plead my case. I thank you very much for letting me have that second chance to kick ass in Pool D of ST

I apologize and I’m sincerely thankful that you understand what you had to do. I was very lenient on most of the part, but once I moved past a certain bracket, I had to do what I had to do or else I would’ve let you back in.

I felt bad on the most part. I DQed so many people and I even waited up to 30 minutes for them. I had to DQ KSK as an example. I even DQed Mardig who is a deaf CvS2 player, but he I let him back in after talking to the Cannons. It is a thankless job, but hey, it was all for fun.

Thank you once again for understanding.

Thanks a lot Wizard, Sirlin, and the rest of the guys.

Many thanks to all of you for putting on the BEST gaming event anywhere!

I especially appreciate your willingness to experiment with new ideas and listen to the players & fans.

Overall, this was up there with 2k4 for best Evo IMO. The 1-game thing was the only downside, everything else was above & beyond awesome.


I hate you, Pryde. <3 Thanks for not banning me like you said you would.

Oh, and good shit DQing a deaf person. You’re going to hell. =p

Anyway, good shit on running the chaos that is EVO, guys. Good stuff all around. I would have loved to have had 2/3 CvS2, but it’s understandable. Time constraints and whatnot usually cause these things to happen. I SHOULD have won my matches, but I have no one to blame but myself. I’ll get revenge next year or something. =/

A big thanks to everyone for making EVO happen. This was my first year there too and I had a total blast! I can’t wait for 2k8!

Dude, I loved EVO. I had a blast.

I am sorry to see many threads with unhappy ppl.

Anytime you get that many events going/ with that many ppl/ there are going to be problems.

Shit dude, I did not even get my second match of the ST tourny. Somehow I was ‘skipped.’

I talked to Inknblot about it, he said he would find a way to get me back in. But I declined, figuring they are already in the 4/5 round… I undersatnd that nothing will be perfect… He said he was thankfull for the understanding and we moved on.

Overall, I understand everybody will have some problem with EVO. But I also understand that things can go wrong. I am just greatfull that ppl take the time to put EVO on.

Hopefully the kinks will be fixed next year, but then something else will happen. Something ALWAYS will happen. It is just the way it goes, and I will be greatfull then too…


I don’t know if anybody is truly unhappy. I think people just complain about the little things because they take it for granted that everyone understands that we appreciate everything for the most part.

This is a good thread though. Gotta let everyone know how dope it all is, despite the tiny gripes.

Thank you EVO staff for treating me & everyone else good~!!!:lovin:

and keep it going good, and i’ll be coming every year!

Thank you guys for, despite a few bad things, making my first EVO a great EVO. I definitely want to come again next year.

Thank you all for making my trip a blast and even allowing me to run my SNK tournaments…be it now that they are growing to the point where you got people bitching about them in the BYOC or whatever…

I owe my thanks to you guys in opening up the BYOC section…

Also thanks to Seth Killian for announcing the games for us, Thanks to James Chen for all the combovids etc…thanks to all the staff members…as the organizer for the SNK tournaments I understand the hardwork you all put in that at times goes unnoticed.

Well not this time at all.

And for those that wanna complain about the “side tournaments”-

I told EVERY CONTESTANT (SNK) that if they had a Major tournament that it would take precedence over anything I ran…

Hell I INTERRUPTED MY MATCHES if they had a match in ANY SRK game.

I would pause the game and leave it in place/skip them.

If they were in a pool and told me they were I’d skip them come back to them as EVO pools took priority over anything else.

-Dark Geese


been going since evo was in my backyard at cal poly and ill still keep going cause its always the shit.

Evolution = the best thing to ever happen to street fighter.


i helped the staff with carrying empty tv boxes to a u-haul at evo west on friday :tup:

Wait, you were at EVO West?

Many thanks to the staff. You guys are fucking champs for getting so much shit done.:tup: