Thank you, and Good bye!

I have decided to leave this forum.

You guys can start threads calling me whatever, start threads about how you can run a comic company better, or how you can do whatever stories all you want.

I originally has typed a long paragraph wanting to explain why I am not gonna post here anymore. But I ended up just deleting it. Why add fuel to a senseless fire? Afterall, if you guys can cheer on a 3 page thread mocking a fellow fan’s cosplay, or keep coming back saying you can run the SF franchise better and I am always doing my best to politely reply, while you call childish coz I used a bit of scarcasm to TEASE some upcoming projects, I rest my case.

For those who has been supporting us past, present, and future, thank you so much and we will most likely hook up in other places! For those who think we are doing a bad job, save up a few tens of thousands of dollars and take over the SF license when our contract expires and try doing it yourself!

EK out.