Thank you capcom 3rd strike OE is awesome

damn i missed this game. damn its fun and ggpo makes it even funner. 3rd strike got me into fighting games (back when i saw the daigo parry video). havent touched sf 4 or marvel 3 since i got it. good online makes a game so much better, hit me up for some matches. i main chun


No it’s not. 3rd Strike is awesome. 3SOE is garbage.

Third Strike works perfectly for me on Xbox with no lag. flawless matches that feel like I am playing at an arcade. thanks for 3S, Capcom. good thread

Threads like this are just going to fester with problems and drama, even if they are made with the best of intentions. I think we are at the point where most opinions have been expressed; we need to move on to where you either like the game and play it, or don’t like it and move on to other things.

this seems like an appreciation thread compared to pretty much all the other hate threads, and nothing wrong with that. The ONLY drama comes from posts like yours in which are completely inappropriate, and for anyone posting negative opinions instead of doing the one thing the thread calls for- appreciating Capcom for giving us 3SOE. If you can’t do that then don’t post…it is really a simple concept, yet so many fail miserably at it.

“Funner” isn’t a word.

However, I agree with the OP.

The second post in this thread is a troll/spam response, and if you are expecting posters on any forum to show discipline and restraint, than you are going to be a eternally disappointed. The best way to give Capcom your thanks is to buy the game, but if that is not enough for you, Capcom Unity is the forum where you want to be posting appreciation threads. I would encourage forum members to keep opinion posts on the game to the general discussion thread, if not refrain from posting them all together.

With all the bitching going on lately, I thought the thread title was sarcasm. Glad to see someone appreciates Capcom’s hard work.

lol…capcom unity is the cesspool for spoiled kids and the biggest trolls ever…you won’t see much appreciation there but from a few. most all members here that have been posting in this forum pre-3SOE can easily refrain themselves and show discipline, and you suggest this to be moved to the GD, not even the FGD huh…

and instead of going into another thread-one of the million hate threads out there-you choose to troll in one that is thankful for what we got.

Thank you, Capom, I for one am happy that they even released an arcade perfect port to recent consoles…that’s most I wanted…that’s what I got…and LOL at people talking about a new version of 3s and changes, when this game JUST came out. A bunch of people who don’t like 3s obviously, since they want it changed so drastically.

anyways, I understand all the hate the 09ers get, they try to talk smart and tough but are as ignorant as the rest of the “gamers” out there that couldn’t shoryuken throguh a paper bag. so respond to me all you want, I won’t bother anymore with replying to your stupidity, as I don’t want to be baited by your trolling and let this rest of this thread be for people appreciating this gem that Capcom brought to us.

Man my skills are pretty rusty, not like i was any good with the game before but execution definitely sucks. im getting by with footsies right now lol. i got a good streak going but as soon as i started fighting better people i got my ass handed to me and lost like 5 straight. the arcade port actually seems a bit different from the anniversary collection i played a long time ago. cant pin point the differences but its there.

You’re a fucking idiot.

And good job at flying off the handle at a simple request yet completely ignoring the moronic second post :rofl:

LOL but you probably have it and you probably play it religiously. 3s OE is still awesome for those of us who don’t live in So or Nor Cal or Japan.