Thank You Sakura Users of SRK

Original Title: G1 Sakura Players: I need you

Hi everyone I am new here.

1st post!

I couldn’t find an introduction section sorry.

Anyway, I am trying to get my Sakura to a high level of play to combat my friend who recently managed to bag himself a G1 Akuma player to give him pointers.

I have watched a few videos on youtube but it would be nice to spar with someone who really knows what they’re doing and can point out my flaws and bad habits adn maybe show me some tips and tricks.

Right now I struggle alot with the FA and my block strings.

My PSN is Mr_Flowers_-

and my xbl is Colonel Lore.

I play SF4 on both consoles but I am more used to the PS3 controller. I also have a stick on the PS3 but I suck major balls with it.

Hope to find a good and helpful friend here. And if there is a section already for this stuff please point me in the right direction. Thanks. Cheerio!

EDIT: Current Level: G2-E but quickly advancing to G2-D. I have been known to win against G2-A Players and lose to G2-E so my level can fluctuate between G3-D and G2-A lol


Welcome. I’m not at G1 yet, I’m at about 13500. I play for about an hour everyday from 5 to 6pm eastern time. My PSN is whattaboywikked. Add me if you wanna spar some.

I’d suggest getting used to the stick (and getting a convertor for it ;), more than anything having all the buttons on the face and basically having 4 buttons covered at any one time is a huge help :slight_smile:

I may not be G1 or really good but I’d like to think I’m good at analysing so should be able to give you pointers :slight_smile: More than anything else though, if you’re from London, England we’d have minimal lag since I live just north of London :slight_smile:

If you want hit me up on 360, my gamertag is the same as my name here :slight_smile:

I’m not a G1 player (I don’t play CMode) but I know a bit about Sak. I’m from London too so we could get some matches in.

Cool beans! I will add all of you!

But Sugami let me say this.

I knew that getting a stick would not make me become a pro. But you have to understand ergonomics and anthropometrics. IT is easier to reach all of the buttons, yes. But trouble is I am right handed and I can’t move the stick quick enough to block a cross up etc.

I practiced three weeks and I barely improved. Going back to the pad I feel more in control than ever before.

Still, maybe someone here can convince me that there is a glass ceiling with the pad and I won’t get ANY better at all unless I switch right now.

Also, where do I find a converter because I do like the stick better than the xbox controller.

EDIT: Jons which console are you on?

And here is my youtube link. Watch any of the last 7 or so vids uploaded to see my current level at a glance.

I don’t want to start another stick vs pad arguement as I know people have strong feelings/opinions on the matter. What it comes down to basically is what you are most efficient with, I’d give the stick a bit more time and if you still can’t use it then the pad is for you. I thought Super/Ultra motion would be quicker on pad at first but I can do it faster on a stick :slight_smile: c.MK xx Haru Ichiban on stick, no problem, on pad, no chance :stuck_out_tongue:

My first impressions are you should use Japanese Sakura :stuck_out_tongue: As far as dubbing goes the English Sakura isn’t bad but the Japanese voice is just super cute :slight_smile:

You’re very aggressive on opponent’s wake-up, which isn’t bad but try not to get too predictable. I’d also be careful when using those air Shunpuus, I think it’s punishable on landing if. Maybe a bit too keen on using random Shououkens.

Don’t just spam jabs, you want to make some sort of plan around them. If close enough you can link into a c.HP xx EX shunpuu, if not you can probably c.MK xx Shou. If you’re unsure about making the link c.MP xx Hadouken is pretty safe besides a reversal. I generally use the first two light pokes to decide what to do next, that also means slowing them down to give me more thinking time.

Other than that it seems your gameplay is pretty solid :slight_smile:

Aye yes you are right about everything. I hate that I sometimes do shouoken by mistake and I mash the jab button when I’m desperate at times. I like Jap sakura but I like the quotes in English so I switch between them alot. I noticed the air tatsu was getting me into trouble so I’m trying to cut down on that one. As for the two jab thing slowed down to link into stuff THAT is one of my main problems. In training mode no problem. Online I rush. I need someone to train me to slow down and open my eyes to dangers and opportunities. Which vid did you watch btw?

Thanks for your comments. I will look at this again when I go home to practice :slight_smile:

Just something you need to get used to doing, over time it’ll become second nature :slight_smile: It’s partly to do with how I do link combos as well, I try to time it so the time between the first and second attacks is the same as the second and third, essentially linking all 3 attacks rather than chaining the first two and linking the third. This technique helps me be (more) efficient at link combos, it also means any random poking I throw out is done at the same speed so I can hopefully turn counter-pokes into a link combo :slight_smile:

i was watching a few of your videos.

this is based on your video vs that bison.

learn her combos, and get them down all the time.
learn what to do in certain situations and at certain distances.

for instance, you blocked bison’s ultra, but you punished with hard kick.
you could have done cr forward fierce uppercut.

you also do that spin kick in the air a lot, most players would punish that shit quick, but he was getting hit with it so that’s good.

your training video with ryu, you understand how to do the cross up, but people don’t really fall for that anymore.
and after you do the jab dash under, you go straight for fierce punch to the spin kick, or cr jab. the thing is, those can be blocked high. if you want to be tricky, do cr short instead of jab, or maybe just grab.

just work on your combos is what i have to say.

and as difficult as it is, a stick will help you over a pad.
but if pad helps than stick with it, but yeah =)

Thanks again friends! This stuff is gold! :slight_smile:

I tried to but it said your ID is invalid. I used two 't’s and two 'k’s just like above so I don’t know what’s wrong.

hmmm, seems weird, I’ll add you then.

im currently g-1, but ive taken a hiatus from sf4 for blazblue, but ive been getting back into sf4 also… you can add me my psn is shytzoo

1nce again I’m waiting for you to add me.

shytzoo. Thank you! I will add you.

So happy!

Also. I’m G2-D now yay!

Got some new vids up.

2x Sakura
2x Rog
2x Ryu


Hey, I’m a g1 sakura, but I’m from Connecticut, I have about 20000 GP and right when you get to g1 it kind of all changes. Get ready to lose for a bit, I know I did. My win ratio went from 78% to 75% in like one night and I’ve fought alot of matches. If you’re interested I can teach you everything I know. I am most recent with my ps3 so add me there if you want. :slight_smile:

Is Sabre the best Sakura player or does anybody know of others?

Aha! At last! It’s all happening now! I will add you tonight. NEver mind your location. I don’t get much lag from American players. Will also add you.

dude, with the joystick problem
try different grips (hold like wineglass/between ring and pinky etc)
maybe even swap hands (like seth killian does)
get used to it, seriously dude, it feels so much better once you’ve got the hang of it
i mean, using entire hands is much more efficient than a few just thumbs/fingers

and doesn’t matter if you’re right handed/left handed lol
it’s pretty much designed for right handers (more coordination is needed for buttons -links, drumming, kara etc), and more specifically for street fighter

i don’t think anyone who has converted has turned back


I move my whole hand alot slower than my thumb and I use many more muscles moving my whole hand. I can’t do Sakura’s dash forward then Ultra with the stick. I don’t know how everyone can be expected to do this! lol. Anyway, I want to mod my stick now but I don’t know where to find a converter so it works on my xbox aswell.

dude, don’t go straight into comboing into ultra
just practise with the stick, do SIMPLE combos
like say, cr.HP x hk tatsu do that a hundred times on each side. just work on combos and simple motions. dashing, and liking into ultra will come later
get a feel for the stick. once that’s done, everything is easy

Well… I’ve ordered my mod parts today. Getting an octo gate, new sanwa stick and buttons. I’ll lock away my controllers when I get these parts. Can’t waste all my money lol.

Otoshi do you not have SF4? Its not in your siggy.

and jOns I’m waiting for you to add me.