Thank you SRK



literally i have just finished building my first custom stick stemmed all by the sf 4 game and the mad catz stick that i couldn’t get my hands on and i never would want after seeing the potential of custom sticks. Thank you SRK for having this awesome resource and wussmonster, soarer5, theglow, woop mstr fresh, infamouskid, jcerwinske and others for answering my retarded questions (i have more already), and thanks to all those tutorials ie paiks etc on customs on this site!

very basic design but hereit is

  1. It looks awesome, man. Props and congratulations!

  2. You’re so genuine about this I can’t really get after you, but generally when people want to show off a stick we try to keep it in this thread.

  3. Cool phone, by the way!!! :rofl:


Really nice. :slight_smile:


nice rock can i have it


you’re welcome.