Thank you to all who showed up--SVGL 7/26

So I won’t be making it to Evo this year because I couldn’t get the time off from work. Whatever. This being the case, I decided to call in sick today so I could play in “Stage 2,” the last tournament before Evo. I thought about posting results and stuff like that, but I figure someone else will do that.

Thanks to Campbell for showing up at 3.

What the hell was up with Larry???.. and myself, for that matter?

Ricky, we’re even after your ghetto throw in Castro Valley. Not holding a grudge, just the last time I remember playing you. By the way, good job in SVC.

Choi…Damn you for being the best in these parts. Very good matches, as always. I think I’ll stay away from Akuma next time, instead of walking into a combo that takes me from one side of the screen to the other. Oh yeah, not getting dizzy might help too.

Jon C, or N, or B, or whichever Jon went off with P-Groove. Very nice. I miss the A-Groove Chang, though.

Where was Dr. B and his crew? I actually like watching the S-Groove craziness. By the way Buster, sorry about not responding to your PM from the beginning of this year, I wasn’t familiar with how this system works. It’s a little late now, but had I read it in time, I would’ve given you a ride. Sorry.

Zhen and Oliver…I got lucky…or was it just Kim? By the way, Oliver gets the credit for my choice of using Kim. He used to beat the crap out of me with him.

Kim…Stop with the “Eric Leezy” stuff. Keep hyping my team though, even if you don’t mean it.

Robert, stop it with your Korean theory. I will not use Chang.

I guess that’s good enough. A few more words…

Did anyone else go home smelling like ass from a crowded, under-ventilated room crammed full of dudes?

Why are Campbell and I (Buk’s OG, of course) the only ones who play with the little Batgirl??? She’s not that bad…unless you’re playing that P-Grooving Jon fella. (If anyone does want to play her, please learn THE combo before attempting anything competitive. It tends to win, or at least keep you in matches).

Kim is Godlike!!!

(Not Ohayo, the character.)

Good luck to everyone at Evolution…except those East Coast guys.

–Eric Lee (Which apparently is one word now, because not one person said my first name without my last name connected to it today. Oh well. I always wanted a longer name.)


1st John “Choiboy” Choi C Guile Chunli Sagat/ C Akuma Chun li Sagat

2nd Eric “Eric Leezy” Leezy K Kim Morrigan Cammy

3rd Jason “xrolento” Nelson K Bison Sagat Blanka

Eric Lee beats hella people including Ricky ortiz, Oliver Tavis, and Jason Nelson, and also beats Choi one set, what a beast I want to have his kids. Larry S. continues his streak of randomness, beating Ricky Ortiz in cvs2, top-player.


1st Randy “Rushdown” Lew C groove Cable Sent Commando

2nd Ricky “I was BLOCKING THAT” Ortiz Storm Sent Cable

3rd Steven “Baller” Gonzalez Cable Sent Commando assist

Randy shows off to the world his great defense skills, and ability to get thrown 20 times in one match. Its cool though cause ricky was blocking that, its always the games fault, STUPID GAME SHEEEESH. And Steven continued hitting buttons hella hard for no reason, and pissing off the SVGL worker who looks like Collosus. Strider is dope.


1st John “Choiboy” Choi Ken or something

2nd Ricky “Yummypop” Ortiz Ken or something


I hope i didnt spell Joe Lee wrong >_<.


1st Ben “tragic” Cureton using that guy who looks like a fake strider

2nd Tom “inkblot” Cannon using that guy whos not a girl

3rd I dont know sorry


This isnt kim posting btw. HOLLA!

Buktooth, the 3rd place guy is from Reno, his name is Chris Campbell and his srk handle is “psychoballz”, btw, gj to the reno crew for putting up good games over there in SVGL.


Nice tourney…

Some crazy unexpected cvs2 matches…

Eric’s match with Ricky was off the hook… The whole arcade was focused on that…

Larry beat Ricky… … … … … wow…

I didn’t go two and out… WOW!!!

But thanks for a good tourney to everyone… Choi, Buktooth…

Yeah, this tourney was some crazy isht…
Had a whole bunch of matches that went down to the wire and stuff…
LOTTA upsets too…

People were crowded like mofo’s to watch the finals.
Thanks to everyone who made way for the camera though.
I think Kim might be posting some of the matches up, so wait for that…

ericFreakinLee hit like every damn combo using any one of his three chars
guy had crazy execution in the tourney

don’t even play jChoi when he chooses akuma
it’s gonna be like ps2 training mode for him to show off combos and stuff
straight up juggled eric almost the entire length of the screen

nelson beasted with his k-team but couldn’t stop eric’s combo madness

craaaaaaaaazy ass tourney to prep up for evo
now let’s all go to the berkeley weekly on thurs
single elim
you know u want it…

Anyone know why Ricky Ortiz placed so low in cvs2? I do realize that people can have bad days, was this the case? Or was it something like faulty sticks, or playing really good players?

HA HA! Ricky lost to Larry!! once again HA HA Ricky :stuck_out_tongue:

Good shit my black brotha way to hold that shit down with your mighty randomness.

You to Ericlee (yes its one word now). Represent K - Groove baby!


Very interesting results…(Walks away)…

  -B.:confused: :D

nice tourney

hey to whoever was taping at the tourney, please post a link here when it up, thanks

ocv highlights, 2 that i know of 1: me vs choi (rc.c.guile) and 2 : zhen vs eric lee (

nelson’s k bison seemed to be on both sides of the screen at the same time.
eric lee, props, low short pshyco combos,
eric lee vs nelson, never seen jd ass much, they were both raged all the time.

oliver, u f*&k, i wont miss 1 out of 6 free supers again. jk

buk, ur prob thinking my a$$ got luckier then a mf, and …
that’s right then a mf.

ricky, that svc thru u off…

good luck to all at evo, just lose if i fight you, i’ll give u $$$$$$$$$ike.

John B …um…P groovy

Ricky got 9th? ouch. ;-;

someone post teams for cvs2? and anyone have vids?

heh screw you too, random guy. snugz

Random guy? I’m sorry, I don’t follow the East Coast players much…Who are YOU??? I tried to find your name in the East Coast tournament results, but you’re not there…anywhere. Are you even a scrubby player, or are you just trying to start shit? Ask people about me, a lot of people know me by now. I asked people about you, and no one’s ever heard of you…strange. If you’re ever in Sunnyvale, please stop by Golfland, I must meet you. If I’m ever over there, I’ll be sure to find you and introduce myself. I would hate for you to continue thinking of me as a “random guy.” :smiley:

The point I’m trying to make is, we should be worried about Japan instead of hating on each other. As it stands, we’re probably going to lose to Japan anyway. (in every game, but I’m talking CVS2 here.)

Not trying to start shit, but you’re hating for no reason.

Strange that you couldn’t find who I was though. No SVGL for me, since Evo is back by socal again this year. I won’t be hard to find at Evo, though.

Dam, Dam, Dam, Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Kid lee got shitted on. " I won’t be that hard to find at EVO, though. dam thats just gangsta.

Arturo stop listening to 50 cent. I don’t want no trouble when i go to Cali ( wit eric from Philly)

:lol: :lol:


James calm down, stop making a big deal out of nothing. I’m not gonna be hard to find because I’m going to be wearing my Empire shirt with my name on it. Fool. :stuck_out_tongue:

You have shirts?

where was the love for tekken tag or 4? i thought a tourny for them was going to be held.

Awww man i never get to have any fun. :bluu: :frowning: :bluu:


damn…and I wanted to join in…:frowning:

Yeah, you haven’t seen any ECC8 pictures I guess. They’re black T-shirts that have the empire arcadia logo on the back, and on the fron it says Empire Arcadia (with your nickname).