Thank you Volunteers and Judges

While I was able to thank you all towards the end of Sunday night’s festivities, I wanted to again thank the volunteers for all of their hard work over the weekend. So many people stepped up in helping the staff out with setup, tear down, stuffing bags, and even getting food and drink, and it was a great help to the tournament. Your help will always be welcome and appreciated!

Judges, what can I say. From first-timers to power judges, you guys did an excellent job in knocking things out over the weekend. Dealing with no-shows, streams holding up your bracket, and general saltyness, you all did a great job. I hope that you all would be willing to help us out again, and thank you guys tremendously for all of your hard work over the weekend.

Judges did pretty well, all things considered. Sure some of them didn’t know exactly what they were doing, but I appreciate that they all made sure to verify rulings before they issued them. Staff was all very helpful and very nice.

Only major complaint involved people continuing to bring wireless pads and DS3s. I didn’t know if they got permission or not so I didn’t say anything (one was a Madcatz pad with a dongle and another was a DS3 with micro usb adapter).

yeah good job guys very good work, much faster year than previous

no problem, i had a blast. unless something really important comes up you can count me in for next year. also i was the judge with the mowhawk