Thank you.

I wasn’t able to make it to this years EVO, but I’m glad that Team Spooky and everyone else made a stream that was brilliantly done. We would have never imagined that something like this would have been possible a few years ago, let alone handled in such a professional manner.

Hats off to you guys. You guys did an awesome job and it’s greatly appreciated. Hopefully I’ll be able to go next year.

Thank you so much for the incredible stream!!!

I’ll be sending a donation to Team Spooky as thanks. I know Spooky and his team works so hard and they deserve it.

Shoutouts to Spooky for the absolute top class stream throughout the entire weekend, I’m going to come as close to proverbially pulling money out of my ass as possible to support this kind of work.

But also, for me; shoutouts to the whole community, not to be on some disney shit but this weekend showed just how far a common love the game and a little competition can take us. The camaraderie shown this weekend was like no other and I’m fucking proud to say I’m apart of this community. As for next year, expect the evo badge to be more proudly on my chest when I can be apart of the hype in person.