Thankless jobs....


…that deserve nothing short of a standing ovation.

Without the efforts of the tournament directors, the past weekends event could never have seen fruition.

Tom, Tony, and the rest of the staff, my hat goes off to you.


I second that.


yea it is much thankless job. However i must tell you true i think james chen deserves alot of credit i think he was very nice in try keep harmoney durning ST bracket and went out of his way to acctualy find people for the tournment.

he is best man.


tragic did a great job emceein that shyt, good job to the tourny runners this was definately the best one yet, cant wait till next year.



I was going to post something similiar but this thread will work:

Paul Lee: One of the many unsung heros of EVO - he ran basically all of 3rd Strike without a break on the 1st day.

Majestros: Ran hella CvS2 by himself on the first day also.

Pip: Ran all(?) of VF by himself.

Masaka: Ran a game he knows nothing about (marvel) for hours and hours. hahaha - good stuff old man.

Chris Li: Things like EVO would never come off the way they do if it wasn’t for people like him. Much love.

Black Gerald: Thanks for helping with everything during registration.

Jaha: Big ups to Jaha for doing more than any of you know, another unsung hero that always makes these things work without anyone truly realzing it.

Watson: So many things are done by people like Watson, Jaha, that I really don’t think we could keep doing these things without them. Always there when we need him and always goes out of his way to make sure things work, much love for the old man that likes beating up on the young kids. hahaha

B-izm: The mysterious man that shows up with the Japanese cabinets. Another key element to the success of Evo.

There are a billion other people that need to be thanked, but either I don’t know their name or I don’t know to what extent they did - such as Spotlite (I know he did hella stuff), but to everyone that brought a joystick and or a PS2 - much thanks.


Now with that out of the way, just want to thank the Changs (not you Hsien), the Cannons, the rest of the staff and if every year goes as well as this one, I look forward to being involved with every one long after I quit playing.

Derek Daniels


And from all of us who couldn’t make it, don’t forget to thank the ArlyCAM for giving us an awesome play by play in #evo.


big ups to all the srk staff. all you cats that was in there behind the scenes helpin’ out and settin’ shit straight, keepin’ shit in tact. y’all made it happen.


Thanks to JaHa for the ruckus check during the opening of the finals. No one sets down the law so smoothly.

Mad props to Chen for doing all you’ve done while stuck with a cold! I hope you get well soon.

Reading the ArlyCAM log post-tourney was just as good as film. Thanks for helping me re-enact the 3S matches. I hope you get to do the commentary for the finals via microphone next year.


i second that shit.

again i want to thank the cannons, they really helped me out this year, i cant thank them enough.

and big props to everyone whom everyones already thanked, that helped run the tournament. you guys are really helping out the community, that shit is much appreciated.

and to all the bitches, remember, if youre in a crowded room and you “find” something on the floor, and dont turn shit in, YES YOU FUCKING STOLE IT YOU FUCKING CROOK. GIMME BACK MY FUCKING IPOD.


thanks to all the tourney organizers for holding such a great tourney.

and thx to wizard for giving me a nametag with nothing to hold in it and/or marker to put my name on it.



thats what you guys get for getting there late :stuck_out_tongue:





Everyone who had a hand in running this tourney is my hero.

My Thoughts on Gouken Changes

I think it’d be a hell of a lot easier next Evo to do live commentary by Shoutcast instead of IRC. Wow, did my hands hurt afterwards. This also allows experienced players for each of the games to do commentary in their area of expertise (i.e.: Tragic for GGXX and VF4).


I want to thank all of the SRK staff, for putting together and pulling off a great tournament consisting of NINE GAMES… WOW!!!

And to anyone else who went out of their way at all to help keep this tournament moving forward smoothly throughout the weekend, GOOD JOB, and I hope you can all make it to EVO2k4!!!