Thanks everyone here at!


About a month ago I posted a video for a chapstick contest and with your help it has reached the final stages and made top 10. This is where the voting matters. I ask for one last simple favor. Starting today until March 11 you can vote once a day for a video. Simply follow these instructions and help give me that final push! You can join the facebook event and share with everyone you love and hate!

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or you can just go straight to the video and click the special thumbs up button that appears at the bottom of the video.


if you want to see the other 9 finalist just visit YouTube - ChapStick’s Channel and click vote :goodjob:


hahahah chapstick.



I always get you confused with green trenchcoat who’s gay.


Don’t insult an O.G.

TGTC is the Rock Hudson of SRK gay.

This dude is the Perez Hilton of EventHubs.

As I see it.


ahahahahaha thats funny


1.) who are you in the vid? If you are the asian girl, say so and you’ll get 1,000,000 SRK votes a day
2.) post up how to vote
3.) Nice video, kinda catchy, digging the asian guy break it down in the end.
4.) I voted for ya.


asainthug dance moves like whoa


no, thank you for showing me such funky dance moves towards the end. imma use dat shit at the club this weekend.

aye bay-bay! :cool:


that’s a pretty weak attempt at being clever.


I voted last time & you promise more big boob asian pics, this guy is a liar & a queer…