Thanks for Evo,!


Hey guys, I don’t know a more fitting place to put this thread, but I just wanted to share my appreciation for everything the SRK staff has done to both helping Evo, and for providing the internet stream.

I wanted to make this thread after the first day, but decided it’d be best to save until after everything gets wrapped up.

The stream was amazing. I couldn’t have been happier with it. It showed the seriousness of fighting games and especially the fun people have playing and watching them. It was especially entertaining watching people bring out their characters (Marn, Juicebox, Daigo, J. Wong). Inspiring, really.

So anybody who wants to name names on who to thank but didn’t get a chance to, or just share their general appreciation also, feel free. In the meantime, I might sign up for a premium account because that’d probably be more supportive.

Thanks again!:tup:


i never got to experience evo in person i plan to next year!
the energy in the room from the sf 4 finals was insane i was gettin hyped from a video feed so it infected me to get there no matter what next year,
i’m gonna compete!!!

thanks srk much appreciated,

i had all types of people watching the feed and everyone loved it even people who dont know or dont like sf…
the seriousness and dedication of the players and the knowledge of the game from the commentary made it feel like a huge live sports broadcast lets hope it continues on this path and there is live tv for it sometime, it seems the only way is up!

hard luck to Jwong 2 it cant be easy performing under that much pressure and they were some close matches, suprisingly good rog!


Thanks, and see you in person next year!


It was a great success this year. Thanks to everyone involved. I couldn’t compete this year but I was at least a ref. I look forward to next year!


Thanks SRK!


+1 awesome being able to see it live over here in UK…

good job to Kiets, Scisonic and Seth and the other commentators too…


I too, would like to thank everyone for making my first EVO friggin awesome. Even though I got bounced 2 rounds before the semi’s, it was still incredibly fun.

Thanks! and see you next year!


Players that made my Evo Highlights:

Juiceboxx GG vs. Island Joe
Crackfiend Giving me someone to cheer for Repping NorCal on the 5x5
And Sabre showing us what a rush down Sakura is all about.

Even though I’m not a fan of Justin Wongs attitude, (I only admire people with godlike talent if they have decent amount of humility. sorry) good fucking show man. You got us mad Hype.

Anybody that enabled me to see that free, mad props. It was exciting at home. Too bad I work i soo want to attend next year.

And Daigo for taking America’s bike money. Does he pay taxes on that?


Thanks Evo and SRK that you made possible to (kinda) be part of that event. Net stream, commentators and the matches were all awesome.

Hope that the event and fighting games in general got some attention in mainstream media as well.


Don’t forget about the refs!




I wanna drop my thanks as well. The hype definitely echoed through the stream and it was just amazing and Exciting to watch at home. Thanks guys for making this the biggest evo yet. I’m hoping evo next year will be even bigger!!!


Thanks Evo Staff. Was a good time.


:tup::tup:SRK & Evo Staff, you’re all right in my book. :tup:


who disqualified juicebox at evo? once he beat joe, i think i missed the match or i dont know but he didnt make it to the finals


Thanks and hopefully I will join the tournament next year.


The only thing that sucks about evo is waiting one all year for the next one :confused:
Untill then the videos I got will do. Thanks everyone that helped make this evo such a great one.


Many thanks to for allowing people who couldn’t attend EVO 2k9 to watch it live :slight_smile: Doubt I would make it next year too (or the following years XD) so I’m relying on ya for it :smiley:


Watching the livestream was great :smiley: I can only hope next year to get a higher quality stream, or maybe even attend myself :smiley:


A dhalsim, I think his name was YDK.