Thanks for getting to know a NEGRO


Yo Frank! It will have been someone else for sure. I only remember doing art for SF characters. I tried digging through old threads and it looks like it was part of the huge delete that happened. Kinda sucks as I some good gifs I wanted to find again.


I saved the posts in this thread to read a little later, and finally decided to dive in. So many great memories over the years.


hi. my name is josh. i go by j0shimitsu now.
my srk handle is gross.

i only signed up for srk in 2001 cuz @Deezo told me to post in his thread.

i met some of the greatest people i could ever meet through fighting games. people i can even call family. i beefed with hella people and surprisingly no one ever caught these hands. #noragrets

even if i fell out with some people, theres no use in living in the past. it was all cuz of the passion of the fight, right? 1-2-3 no beef any more. im too old for that shit, namsayin?

i used to be kinda good at CVS2 and soulcalibur 2. K-haomaru axe about me. also, the most legenday SC2 match between me and @PsiANyd. yoshi mirror runback in sc6? too many memories from silver coin, to gametown, to GGR, to family fun center, to lanwerx, to gameworks, and narrows.

i currently suck at sfv, dbfz, t7, mvci. but my samurai was in the 70th percentile in ffxiv.

currently focusing on my health cuz we dont live forever. thanks @originalkdawg for making this thread.


Hi all, Curtis AKA Murakumo here.

I joined in 2000 or 2001 (TZ was Jan 2000, and I signed up for SRK when I started playing Marvel). Mostly known for Lee in Tekken and Dhalsim in Marvel 2, but I played pretty much everything we had tournaments for back in the day at Lanwerx. Unfortunately, when I just finally felt I was getting good at a lot of things, I graduated university and had to move to Japan–it was the countryside and pretty far from any decent game centers or competitions.

I really miss the community of people at the Lanwerx tournaments, and the games back then in general. Current gen is all swill, and I miss the depth of the older games. My dream is that A3 will make a tourney scene comeback with the 30th anniversary edition, and I’ll finally get around to learning V-Rolento properly. That and a remastered Marvel 2, which is the single best fighting game ever created in my opinion. If that had a scene again, I would want to see what late, late game Dhalsim could really do and how he could stack up against the rest!

These days I’m not playing a lot–some T7 here and there, but I hate the simplified system, and the system changes hit my character pretty hard (as well as cutting away options for creativity). Just generally not enjoying current gen. Lanwerx era games were definitely where it was at!

So many great memories. I think what I miss most isn’t even the tournaments, but hanging out with good people while doing something fun and exploring the systems, post-tournament Denny’s, practice sessions, etc. I’ll be visiting back again this summer in August, so we should get some Marvel 2 going then–even modding my stick to work with DC. Let me know if anything’s going on, Preppy! =)


Did you get your srk handle from @Frank_the_Tank


I’m glad to see SRK has found a new host/forum base or whatever but I figured I’d chime in (rather than make a brand new thread or whatever) and just say thanks to everyone for being so great here on the forums and in person on those brief occasions I managed to travel to tournaments and get bodied for free by basically everyone.

I’m Jeff from Eugene, OR.
I still remember the one time I drove up to Preppy’s with Theo and some guys from Portland, got bodied all night and then slept in some back room in the basement. Felt weird really being there, having downloaded so many match videos from Preppy’s site back before the whole youtube and streaming services really took off the way they are now. I never really learned Marvel, even if I wanted to, but I watched the fuck out of it every chance I could get and Preppy’s site was an absolute godsend.

I made it to a tournament in Portland once as well, having practiced hard at 3rd Strike for a couple of months straight just waiting for my shot to test my mettle against actual opponents. Obviously I went 0-2 but it was probably the first time I’d really felt the rush of playing in a more competitive environment.

Hell, I even got to go to Evo when SF4 had just come out (fuck that game, tbh) and though I lost in pools, it was still such a trip to put a face to all the names I’d read and replied to here on the boards. Towards the end of that game’s life, I stopped really training and just went to the locals every week at Shoryuken League here in Eugene (now Game Pub) since it was convenient and I could actually beat people there (still lost to a few consistently) but when I finished college and moved up to Portland it just sort of fell away. I got my competitive kicks in CS instead, started playing rec league hockey, spent more time writing…

It’s weird to think about something that was so significant for such a long time for me as being in the past, and I keep thinking maybe I’ll come back and start really playing again but who knows? Regardless, I’m glad I joined this forum back in '04 when I was living in Mexico trying to learn combos on the hacked cabs that had like 1000 games in one there.

much love
(sorry for the necro, Preppy)