Thanks For My Fun First

It was a fun first time for me. I met a lot of folks who I will keep in touch with and try to master my characters for the next King of Fighters XIII or Guilty Gear if we get that.

Folks may have seen an extremely loud, short black judge for Tekken Tag 2 and Street Fighter IV on Friday and Marvel VS Capcom 3 on Saturday; that was me.

It was fun getting my ass handed to me by Mago and Flocker. Will have to do better next year, provided that I am still living here in Las Vegas. I will definitely be judging again. I enjoyed it.

I originally came to compete, but heard that staff needed walk-in judges. I offered to help and jumped into the fire at Tekken Tag 2. I thank the other judges for back briefing me and helping me out. I was able to pick up on it pretty quickly. I also thank the staff for giving me the opportunity.

One advice that I will give for folks, it there is a neat volunteer opportunity that arises, take it. It’s often a rewarding one.