"Thanks for Playing!" The UMvC3 Tron Bonne General Thread



Fuck yeah I’m gonna see my Tron at Evo?! I’m excited. :smiley:


I’ll be down at EVO too. Trons represent! :smiley:


Rikir for EVO champ? o.o


ABEGEN pls~~


Hey guys, Churro wants me to tell you he looking to meet up with Tron folks, 2082498367
Any at EVO


good stuff Rikir saw your one match on stream. :slight_smile:

how were your experiences for those of you that went? hope y’all had fun


Had a lot of fun :3, got to meet some of the guys here. I even played ABEGEN (I lost 3-1, stupid Thor assist) which was pretty fun, got to perform a combo video on him but ended up dropping it because I forgot the last bit of the combo didnt work on Tron >_>. I should have moneymatched so that I could extend the set to 5, but whatever.


Was thinking about making a team with Tron on point. Would Dante’s Jam Session and Doom’s Plasma Beam be good assists with her?


Yes thats a great loadout. Alternatively Weasel Shot and Hidden Missiles would also work.


Been thinking of trying out Dante as well, though I would prefer Jam session especially when it comes to knocking out those zoners who love to stay in the air and annoy Tron. (Here’s looking at you Doom.) Gotta love Dante’s zoning capacity as well.


It was great meeting Taylor and Rikir down at EVO.

I ended up losing to Chrisis in loser’s semis of my pool (went 4-2)
But I was more than happy with my performance.

I also money matched Noel Brown, he won 5-1, I managed to take a game off, and he counterpicked me with Spencer, Dormammu, Doom. :stuck_out_tongue:

Playing Rikir was a different story lol
Sorry for the slop-fest, I guess I just wanted to get a beatdown from you :slight_smile:


Jam session is great, I caught Zak Bennett trying to fly around so many times with that assist.

lol, It was great meeting another forum poster/Fellow Tron player! Hope to see you next year! :smiley:


I was wondering. With this new capture glitch discovered… can tron bonne use it? And if so, how well can she use it with certain characters.


Hey guys,
I’ve been maining Tron since Vanilla, and I visit this thread a lot but i’ve never really participated.
I would like to be a part of it and I also think maybe you guys can help me with something?

I was screwing around with TACs and I found a potential infinite that only seems to work on sentinel.
Is it possible any of you guys can expound upon this?


I can’t seem to get another loop of this but the land cancels are there so maybe I’m just timing it wrong.


jH has grounded recovery so that move is out of the question

I already have something that sometimes worked on Sent [delayed jL (3 hits), jMM]xN, but the timing based on float is strict enough that imo it’s impractical.


So, I’ve been practicing with my new team (Tron/Zero/Dante). Since I’m new to Tron, is there any advice for her neutral game? I’ve got a solid bnb that does around 1 mil before DHCs, but getting in is a completely different story.


Wavedash/ IAD / 6H xx drill/ to close space. Get the first IAD and then keep pressure. IAD with j.M/j.S/j.H at mid screen. while using j.L close, and j.H for crossup.

Best poke is 2M. 2L is also good for opening people up and hitconfirming. 5L is your fastest poke and use that at close range to stuff your opponent’s slower attacks. 5H is your farthest poke but is the most unsafe/slow and I wouldnt really reccomend it often.

Use j.M to air to air at mid distance, cancel into drill to confirm.

Throw rocks and shoot beacon bombs/ servbots at mid-full screen to zone.

Anti-air with 6M, Servbots, and 236H.

End all block strings with 2H or 6H for frame advantage and call assist to continue pressure.

P.S, I think ive seen you on GGPO before. Do you play Vampire?


IAD, throw to catch the up-backers… but I guess that’s not really neutral


Thanks for the info! While I’m at it, since we both run Tron/Dante, what’s the best way to time OTG :d::h: xx Jam Session xx H Beacon Bomb? When following up :d::h: with the boulder it’s easy, but unfortunately boulder doesn’t work later in combos.

The main games I play on GGPO are MvC1 and Garou, but I’ve lurked around in the VS room just to spectate some, so you may have seen me.


After a hard knockdown just plink Jam Sesson and 2H and then link an H Beacon Bomb. Its pretty simple.