"Thanks for Playing!" The UMvC3 Tron Bonne General Thread



set up I’ve been using for a few months now that I havnt seen anyone else mention or seen at all (I was the only tron player using it at evo) that is inescapable as long as opponent dosent have a few specific cross over counters

my team is magneto tron wesker

end a block string with shockwave, DHC to king kobun X factor raw tag back into magneto free unblockable setup

if you know an escape for this setup I’d love to know it

against solo character I believe its 100% inescapable and magneto can easily get a kill on thor with level one Xfactor combo solo so its GG if my team is still intact I kill the 2nd character and I still have Xfactor

I remember explaining the setup to rikir at evo but I was hella drunk and I dont think he really understood me :frowning: he also left the room I was in before I got to body his fraudulent tron


Do what you’ve gotta do to get the hit, but it’s more efficient to DHC into a whiffed super after Kobun activates.

Escape: if your blockstring isn’t airtight, they can jump and start pushblocking, and they’ll avoid the unblockable. Usually kinda hard to make the blockstring airtight, given King Kobun’s slow startup, but yeah, I suppose shockwave would do the trick.


why would it be more efficient to dhc to a whiffed super?

not really tracking the above set up kills a character off a blocked attack with Xfactor…I dont believe any mixup is worth more than that


I would alpha counter into Lariat. :3


Because X-factor is much more valuable than meter… of course, if you’re on their last character, go all in, but I’d be hesitant to pop lvl1 xfactor in any other instance.


No I remember that lol. And we WERE about to get next on the station until someone requested a MM >_>.


Also honestly i think calling is tron fraudulent i really out of line… unless ur joking (i cant tell online) because rikir is definetly one of the better tron’s i have played… not to mention he’s a really cool dude in person no need to be mean lol


Hey guys hope you can welcome a new member to this thread. Been a Tron player since vanilla. Inspiration for using Tron was ClakeyD. =)
Team I am running now in ultimate is Tron, Frank, Spencer.
Feels good knowing that there’s still Tron character loyalists out there even after the nerf (I know its been hard to adjust!)

feel free to add me up on xbox live
Gamertag: CrackpotFL1P


^ We should definitely get some matches in sometime.


Ya im down, always like to see new tron combos.
Also Tron/Hsien-ko/tasky is an odd team. Would like to see the team synergy in that.


It is odd yes, but somehow I make it work? XD


Sup, Tron player here since vanilla. Never post in here before.
Running Tron/Frank/Sentinel now. Thinking on changing frank but idk yet.

Want to contribute with something (idk if you all already know this)

First one is a reset (idk if its very good but its working for me)
after beacon bomb (L,M or H) you can do j.L and wait for the first two hits then do j.S. j.L will make them flip out and then you will hit mashers or people not blocking with j.S. then you can go for a full combo.

Second one is a blockstring which i thinks its very good (want opinions from you)
Cr.LM 6M TK drill command grab when you land.
Since 6M (gustaff fire) is jump cancellable you can do TK drill.
Since TK drill is +1f on block you can do command grab H or M and be safe. if they dont pushblock properly then they are screw.

Will post videos of the two set ups when i have the time. i just bought a cap card so im gonna record a lot.

Im from Argentina BTW.

Here are some of my matches im recording (im not very good but record sets are helping me a lot to get off bad habits)

Tron FTW!!!


oh, sorry for double post.

i have another video i want to share with you guys.


Tron+ shopping cart cross up + midscreen relaunch to frank level 5 + hsien ko golden assist. All in the same combo!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

want to try it with other power up hypers. anyone know which ones stays even after tag out and in again???


Pretty sure every one except Astral Vision and Spiral Swords. Oh and Kitty Helper.


Thanks!! will try to experiment with some, im thinking in an unblockable set up. lunch rush DHC to luminous body start charging the unblockable move!!!
might record later if it works (maybe do a video about lunch rush DHC into power up hypers, that might be cool)

Sneak peak of waht my combo video will be about: a tron lunch rush DHC combo video. Basically a tron sinergy combo



Whenever I feel in the mood to have Vergil on 2nd, Frank 3rd, or when my team happens to be in that order, I do use that DHC setup, anyone with a boost super that can stay saved after tag in/out can do this. Not only are you not wasting meter in this fashion (normally you’d waste the bar with DHC whiff) but sometimes having Devil Trigger can really help with the incoming (when new character has to come out)

The problem I have with that… should Tron die without leveling up Frank, I’d have to deal with incoming mixup with regular Vergil, worst case scenario, Vergil dies with a 1 touch kill combo, and now I’m stuck with level 1 Frank. Best thing that could come from having Vergil second is having them x-factor early to make sure he dies, but even then, it’s a good trade, I may have have level 3 x-factor, but it’s level 1 Frank. I’d rather tough it out with Frank, and keep x-factor for Vergil.

However, I haven’t spent enough time to really say for sure what’s best. I’ve simply spent too much time with the team order I use. I’m sure that’ll change though.

oh, and if you’re ever down for some games, I’d be more than happy to play, I do play Tron/Frank so I could show you a thing or two :wink:
PSN/XBL: ChurroEmiliano


Hey, I’m from Cleveland been playing Tron since Vanilla. Wish I had some matches to show but I don’t have anything to show I’ll make sure to record some later this week. Currently run Tron/Ironman/Akuma sometimes Sent comes in depending on the match up or even She Hulk sometimes. I think i’m solid I can usually hang with Andre when we play but he usually gets the better because Vergils retarded. Unfortunately because of my school schedule and what not I can’t travel much but I will be at Seasons Beatings in a few weeks and really wanted to chat with fellow players and exchange info to prepare to make a deep run at SB ( I was one game away from making it out of pools at Summerslam.) I have a lot of stuff with Tron that I would love to discuss with fellow Tron players!


Oh you were at Summer Jam? I think I remember seeing another Tron player aound the casual stations. Should have got some games in lol. I dont have any plans to go to Seasons Beatings this year so I guess im not seeing you anytime soon haha.


Welcome to the Tron forums, always nice to see another Tron main! I’m on Xbox too, under the name Tdogcubed (I would change it to York, but I don’t feel like paying the $10 dollars to change it…). My team is Tron/Viewtiful Joe/Haggar, and I’m hoping to make a combo video sometime in the near future showing some of the cool stuff my team is capable of.


I know that feeling. I was only one game away from getting out of pools at EVO this year, but the pressure got to me. Good luck at Seasons Beatings! Btw, when does Seasons Beatings start anyway?